radical self-ownership for authentic intimate connection

You desire profound levels of emotional and sexual intimacy. 

You long to experience love in its purest form, to allow your heart to open to receive acceptance and compassion as you share your innermost truths. 

You can only allow the love of another to penetrate you as deeply as you’ve safely opened your body to receive it.

You’re here because you’re ready to open to connection, not only in relationship with yourself and your beloveds, but to a force and love greater than you.


about me

I’m a trauma psychologist, somatic intimacy alchemist, Shadow doula, love anarchist, and sovereignty coach supporting individuals AND couples of all multiamorous configurations to heal intimacy wounds in service of erotic life force, radical self-responsibility, and (r)evolutionary love.


Experience embodied, sovereign self-ownership of your inner landscape in service of (r)evolutionary relationships that heal.

Devotion is my signature mentorship program designed for both individuals and couples.

what people are saying

“Working with Isha has transformed my capacity for intimacy and connection in all forms of relationships. Levels of vulnerability that felt impossible before, now leave me craving for more, even amidst the difficulty of stretching and growth. Isha is a magician and bruja – I’m so grateful to expand in this sacred space that she creates and holds. And doing all this with someone who understands non-monogamy and relationship anarchy is an extra and rare spice, which lets me be more open exploring all of my space for connection.”

the podcast

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devotional anarchy podcast with isha vela

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