Co-create radically self-responsible intimate relationships drenched in pleasure.

There’s an emergent and revolutionary pathway to conscious partnership.

One that begins close in and ripples out energetically through your grounded presence and integrity of heart.

Journey home to yourself, through Shadow, returning to your spiritual core and tender, loving essence.

Become the divine lover of your inner world.


imagine devotion

Imagine what it would feel like to:

Surrender to love and feel like you still HAD yourself in the process.

Live at home in your body, creating the safety and trust to respond in alignment with your highest values and intentions.

Get triggered and know exactly how to meet to your hurt parts with compassion.

Connect to your needs and express them  directly and cleanly.

Trust the medicine of your emotions without getting caught up or stuck in them.

Bring your Shadow consciously and kinkily into your sexual life.

Devotion is my signature program designed to connect you to your deepest truth through radical embodied intimacy healing and emotional regulation in service of personal sovereignty and conscious spiritual partnerships.

Relationships are incredibly rewarding but trigger some of our deepest wounds.

When you’ve experienced attachment disruptions, the early priming of your nervous system can cause significant disruption in your life and relationships.

While you’re able to get yourself through it all, the wounds of rejection and abandonment continue to resurface like a skipping record.

Developmental trauma and the accompanying survival strategies can make it challenging to follow the sage advice dispensed about staying grounded and cultivating curiosity.

It’s important to honor the ways your survival strategies kept you safe in moments of vulnerability and overwhelm.

It was necessary then, and yet, so much MORE is possible now. 

Healing is a process of loving the hurt parts, safely moving the pain that was too overwhelming to feel then.

I’m here to support you in revealing, layer by layer, the essence of who you are beyond your survival strategies.

During our time together you will learn the language of your body and consistently apply pleasure-based somatic practices that support:

Cultivating curiosity

Alignment with truth

Radical honesty 

Boundary clarity

Relationship repair

Cleaner communication

Heart integrity


It’s absolutely possible to alchemize your past pain into leadership superpowers and divine gifts that you offer to your partnerships.

When you tend to your inner emotional architecture with radical embodied devotion you:

Increase the availability of your erotic life force

Up level your capacity to hold emotions with grounded presence

Meet and soothe triggered parts with compassion

Access your body’s innate wisdom to express clear boundaries

Open your heart to give and receive abundant love.

You’re everything you’ve been waiting for.

Our work together is an embodied compassionate reclaiming process that is centered on three foundational principles:


Grounding in what feels good, what’s working, and where things are aligned. Dropping into your 5 senses and expanding your capacity to receive attention, connection, love, and support. AND…sometimes we experience pleasure in patterns that don’t serve our expansion. Shadow work is a significant part of what we do together. It’s edgy, exciting, and beautifully human.

emotional regulation

Healing your intimacy wounds, or the early attachment traumas that live in your nervous system and obstruct your access to your fullest, juiciest life force. This includes the alignment of sex and heart, aka your spiritual and sexual power, which is one of the many places we get hurt and disconnected. Using intuition as a guide, I will teach you how to unblock trauma in your body using movement, breath, and the power of your own loving presence. 


Our brains do what brains do. They like to be comfortable and play the same broken records of our past. Mindset work intentionally and systematically inputs new stories that help break down conditioned, outdated, and harmful patterns of thinking. Mindset is how we create a new reality of what’s possible for you in life and love. 

what you get with devotion

21 50-minute intimacy alchemy sessions spaced over 9 months.

Between-session support over a secure and private voice messaging app.

Access to my self-directed, 12-module course, SOVEREIGN.

Individualized resources and action plans based on your aims and desires.


The full price for Devotion $9800.

Payment Options Available:

Pay in Full – 1 time payment of $9800.


3 installments of $3,270 each, paid every 4 weeks for 12 weeks ($9,810 total)


6 installments of $1,640 each, paid per month for 6 months ($9,840 total)


12 installments of $825 each, paid per month for 12 months ($9,900 total)

 (All $ amounts are in United States dollars and include tax.)

why work with me?

As a trauma psychologist, intimacy alchemist, and somatic coach, I hold bodies and the humans inside them with radical acceptance and potential. It’s only in the presence of this energy that nervous systems can relax, hearts can dearmor, and inner liberation can alchemize.

You don’t need to spend 10 years in therapy to figure this out!

I want to offer you a consistent and repeatable, 4-step process to compassionately meet yourself and align with love.  

Using your body as a map and your desires as a guide, we will gently uncover the layers of fear patterns and conditioning, loving you through each one and reconnecting you to the wisdom of your intuitive body as a source of healing.

With safety, trust, and courage you’ll access vital parts of your erotic life force and reclaim authority over your inner experiences.

Devotion is for you if:

You’re someone who cares deeply about the world, is committed to making change and understands that it starts with you;

You feel a lot and have been told you’re too much or too sensitive;

You’ve exhausted your options for talk therapy and/or have reached a plateau in your progress;

You can clearly recognize your patterns and strategies but continue getting caught in the same narratives and trauma loops;

You can’t seem to receive the deep intimacy, connection, or feeling of security you desire and know you’re capable of.

You are frustrated by doing the same thing and trying to get different results.

Devotion is not for you if: 

You’re not ready to invest in or commit to yourself;

You’re not willing to be in radically responsible for your own power, pleasure, and joy;

You’re in active trauma and/or have not established basic grounding;

You’re interested only in personal growth and not in how your growth is connected to the broader social context.

envision the possibilities

Owning and directing your playful (and fierce) sexual energy;

Cleanly expressing your vulnerability, truth, and mature needs in relationship;

Embracing your Shadow as part of your authentic expression;

Setting impeccable boundaries;

Connecting to the pleasure that’s readily available to you in every moment;

Holding more expansive space for difficult emotions and conversations;

Meeting relationship challenges with more trust and courage;

Creating relationships that heal and love that flows abundantly;

Anchoring in the safety of the Divine within you.


The answers are already there.


devotion for couples

DEVOTION is also available for couples

12 sessions

Payment options:

$7497 pif

$2499 x 3

$1249.50 x 6

stay connected