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Intimacy alchemy for INDIVIDUALS AND COUPLES

The pathway to intimacy and conscious partnerships begins with self-connection.

Learn how to create rich, intimate relationships that support deeper safety and trust by healing your intimacy wounds and building nervous system capacity.

Open yourself to give and receive more love (and pleasure) through the wisdom of your body.

DEVOTION is for curious seekers wanting more fulfillment, enjoyment and passion in their relationships. 

The 6-month mentorship I offer is designed to practice the body-wise intimacy skills in service of personal sovereignty and juicy, connected partnerships.

Imagine what it would feel like to:

► Surrender to love and still feel grounded and committed to yourself;

►  Respond to activations while staying in alignment with your relationship values;

►  Express your needs directly and cleanly;

►  Trust your emotions without getting caught up in them or stuck in a story;

►  Know how to meet your hurt parts with attuned presence and compassion;

►  Incorporate your shadow consciously (and kinkily) into your sex life.

You get hurt in relationships and your greatest healing can happen in relationships. 

Relationships hold the potential to be deeply healing but often activate some of our deepest wounds and protected places, leading to missed opportunities for connection and repair.

Your early attachment experiences also condition your nervous system to limit the quality and depth of intimacy in your relationships.

It’s important to honor the ways your relationship survival strategies kept you safe in moments of fear, vulnerability and overwhelm.

While those strategies were ingenious then, they’re no longer required and may actually be getting in the way.

SO much more is possible now.

During our time together you’ll learn to attune to your inner landscape and respond with practices that support:


Emotional fluency and fluidity

Radical honesty

Body listening

Relationship repair

Cleaner communication

Heart integrity


Our work together is a body centered reclaimation process focused on 3 foundational principles:


Grounding in what feels good and appreciating what’s working is often much edgier than moving towards what’s painful. Pleasure expands your capacity to receive attention, connection, love and support. And…sometimes pleasure lurks and patterns that don’t serve our expansion. This is where we transform your tender and vibrant Shadow.

emotional fluency

Deepening your capacity to feel and anchor in sensation is integral to the deepening of intimacy. Trusting your emotions and knowing how to move them through the body increases nervous system capacity, along with building self-trust and inner safety. Using movement, breath and sound you’ll dissolve any shame and fear getting in the way of expressing your truth.


Our brains are most comfortable replaying old painful narratives of our past. Mindset work separates story from sensation and systematically inputs new information that help break down outdated and unhelpful patterns of thinking so that you can release the past and create a new reality of what’s possible for you in relationships.

investment in your devotion

6 month mentorship

for individuals

2 50-minute sessions a month

12 sessions 

$2,400 total

$400 a month for 6 months

for couples

2 50-minute sessions a month

12 sessions

$3,300 total

$550 a month for 6 months

All packages include a PDF of the somatic practices for reference.

DEVOTION for couples comes with an email of downloaded session afterthoughts after each session.

(All dollar amounts are in United States dollars and include tax.)

If you’re tired of recycling and rehashing the same issues in talk therapy, it’s time for a deeper, body-based approach.

I don’t want you to spend 10 years in therapy figuring this out!

Why work with me?

I used to think I was broken, that I wasn’t capable of being in relationships.

I protected my vulnerability underneath perfectionism, even while feeling a profound longing to be met in deeper places.

It wasn’t until I began healing my intimacy wounds that I uncovered all the protective patterns that were getting in the way of co-creating the partnerships I desired.  

I learned to observe my defenses and work with my nervous system in order to bring radical honesty and depth into my connections.

In my mentorship I hold bodies and the humans inside them with radical acceptance and potential.

It is in the presence of this energy that nervous systems can relax into safety, hearts can dearmor and healing can happen.

If I notice you in a story, arguing for your limitations, or in a freeze response that needs thawing, I will go full domme on you in service of your full self-expression.

With simple and repeatable somatic tools combined with your own intuitive guidance you can learn to meet yourself with curiosity, attune to your needs and align with your relationship values.

By implementing these tools, you will over time build the necessary safety and trust that allow you to express truth and vulnerability while remaining grounded in your own authority.

Devotion is for you if:

You’re someone who cares deeply about the world, are committed to making change, and understand that it starts with YOU;

You’ve exhausted your options for talk therapy and/or have reached a plateau in your progress;

You completely recognize your patterns and strategies but continue getting caught in the same narratives and behavioral loops;

You can’t seem to receive the deep intimacy and connection you know you’re capable and deserving of;

You are no stranger to working with your body and can appreciate it as a tool for healing.

Devotion is NOT for you if:

You’re not willing to be radically responsible for your own power, pleasure and joy;

You’re in active trauma and struggle with establishing basic grounding;

You’re ambivalent about committing to the inner work required in relationships;

You’re not open to taking risks and trying edgy, new ways of exploring intimacy;

You’re only interested in personal growth and not in how your growth is connected to the broader social context.

The answers are already inside you.

Let’s unveil them together.

Frequently Asked Questions

I call myself a mentor because I was trained in a specific modality that helps people increase their awareness of energy patterns in relationships.

People who are a good fit for my work are folks who have exhausted their options with talk therapy and are ready to go deeper to generate greater fulfillment in love within themselves and their partnerships.

Also, I don’t work with insurance and I gave up my psychotherapy license in 2021, so calling myself a mentor and coach increases transparency and helps folks adjust their expectations about what working with me will be like.

Yes! I love creating tailored packages that fit exactly to your needs. Let’s get on a call and talk about your options.

No. I work exclusively online but will be offering some in-person group experiences in the tri-state area in 2023.

Please sign up to my email list to get the latest updates on upcoming events!

In both individual and couples sessions, we usually begin with some grounding or attunement so that you can feel into what’s here right now. Depending on what’s arising, we might do some breath work, movement practice, or expressive work.

My aim is to help you stay in the moment, with yourself and with me, which is an essential skill in helping you communicate your needs, boundaries, and desires in your relationships.

Great question! Zoom does facilitate long distance relationship mentoring, but it also makes some aspects a little tricky.

What I have folks do is pin themselves and their partner so that they are highlighted on the screen and my screen is smaller. That allows you to focus on your partner and for me to do mentoring from the backseat.