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Penumbra of pleasure

Do you find yourself stuck in the same relationship dynamics with your multiple partners? 

Are you frustrated by not getting in relationships what you long to receive? 

Your Shadow (the forbidden, hidden, and unconscious desires stemming from young wounds) is often what’s running the show in the backdrop of your relationships until you make it conscious and integrate it.

In this 45-minute workshop, you’ll obtain a clear definition of Shadow, how it forms, and explore somatic-expressive techniques that can support the integration of young wounds to open you up for more play, sexuality, pleasure, and creativity in your relationships.

Fun and Creative Ways to Bring Shadow consciously into your partnerships!

In addition to exploring the 5 common unconscious/Shadow strategies, you’ll also learn some fun and creative ways to bring Shadow consciously into your partnerships!

Identify what Shadow is and how it’s formed

Explore why movement is important in expressing deeper aspects of the Shadow

Learn the 5 shadow strategies/patterns that correspond loosely to chakra system

Experience how to release Shadow with radical approval

Uncover sexy and kinky ways to bring Shadow into relationship