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precision polyamory

Deepening Intimacy + Maximizing Growth in Your First Foray Into Open Relating

5-week program starting July 7th





Finding non-monogamous relationship structures that work for you is unique and individual.

What’s often overlooked in the first months to years of exploring polyamory are the internal tools needed to support you in navigating with grace and compassion the triggers and activations that inevitably arise.

What TRULY supports intimate partnerships where safety and trust are prioritized is nervous system capacity. This is an integral part of the foundation for both to flourish.

Specifically: trauma-sensitive, attachment-based inner alchemy.

This 5-week, experientially based course is for you if you

  • Are considering consensual non-monogamy (or have begun exploring it) and want to take care of yourself and your relationships
  • Have invested in a ton of talk therapy, understand your patterns and recognize the need to release them through the body
  • Repeatedly find yourself getting activated around the same core wound(s) 
  • Want to deepen your capacity for radical truth and self-responsibility so that you can move through conflicts productively
  • Desire to experience more connection from a place of abundance and fullness (i.e., without losing connection to yourself)

There aren’t many relationship courses specifically focused on the most challenging phases of polyamory, and when they do, they usually focus on communication basics and relationship structures without really addressing 

Intimacy wounds and fears

Spiritual and liberatory dimensions of relationship 

Nervous system calibration 

Practical, embodied tools so you can resolve attachment-based activations 

Your unmet and often unconscious belonging needs pose the greatest challenges to healthy relating. 

Precision Polyamory will provide the embodied communication skills and tools to support you (and your partners) in navigating polyamory with greater self-awareness, embodied connection, and emotional fluency.

Over the 5 weeks you will

  1. Identify the five deepest intimacy fears that contribute to relationship conflict and how to transform them through the body
  2. Learn and practice somatic tools to build your nervous system capacity
  3. Create internal conditions for safety and trust
  4. Navigate jealousy, insecurities, ruptures with more ease and clarity using body wisdom
  5. Identify and communicate boundaries that are aligned with values, needs, and desires

The reality is that trauma, specifically intimacy wounds, are part of ALL of our lives to some degree and affect EVERY aspect of your relationships, from how you fight to how deeply you allow love to penetrate and transform you. 

Knowing what to look out for on the somatic front is going to prepare you SO MUCH MORE than any theory-based polyam book or philosophical guide.

It’s time to get real and super fucking practical about the embodied tools and skills that are going to support clarity and communication as you take your relating to the next level.

Register by June 22nd at midnight and receive an early registration bonus: 

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Why invest in this course with me when I’ve only been actively polyamorous for over a year?

Well, the truth is that I’ve been studying polyamory for MUCH longer than I’ve been practicing it. 

In fact, I almost explored polyamory in my 20s but knew I was too insecure in relationships (unhealed intimacy trauma I wasn’t even aware of) to follow my desire. I chose instead to avoid pain because I didn’t trust I could handle it.  

However, as a therapist I ended up supporting many polyamorous (mostly queer folks) in expressing needs, owning their truth, healing intimacy wounds, and boundary setting in their relationships.   

When I DID finally enter the world of loving more than one, what really helped me wasn’t knowing the structures and styles of polyamory, but having 

Doctoral-level education in personal and systemic trauma from a social justice lens 

Four years of intensive, somatic intimacy healing and nervous system training 

Skills to notice and release uncomfortable emotions through my body

These provided me with the tools to navigate new relational terrain with clarity of communication, radical self-ownership, and a speed of growth I’d never thought possible, saving me YEARS of needless suffering.

And these are the foundational skills and tools I want to pass on to you. 


“Working with Isha has transformed my capacity for intimacy and connection in all forms of relationships. Levels of vulnerability that felt impossible before, now leave me craving for more, even amidst the difficulty of stretching and growth. Isha is a magician and bruja – I’m so grateful to expand in this sacred space that she creates and holds. And doing all this with someone who understands non-monogamy and relationship anarchy is an extra and rare spice, which lets me be more open exploring all of my space for connection. 

E. A.


This is the only time Precision Polyamory will be run as a live course, including a bonus FB community group and Q&A coaching time with me.

Precision Polyamory consists of 5 x 2-hour classes. Each class will consist of 60-90 minutes weekly live lessons, followed by live coaching for the remaining time. Calls will be held Thursdays from 4pm to 6pm ET for 5 weeks.

Module 1: Who and How you Love (Attachment Nervous System)

Understand your Attachment Behavioral System 

Nervous system ninja tracking skills

Nervous system regulation and coregulation

Module 2: Deepening Awareness + Attunement (Intimacy Fears + Strategies)

Illuminate your polyam activations and triggers

Identify protective strategies that contribute to conflict

Learn a simple, effective tool to soothe hurts

Module 3: Staying Connected to Yourself + Others (Safety, Trust + Truth)

Navigate consent, safe sex and trauma with new partners

Communicate radical truth and the power of vulnerability

Move beyond shame into sensual play  

Module 4: Loving from Overflow (Boundaries + Devotion)

Understand what boundaries really are, and what they’re not

Identify needs and desires using body wisdom

Learn a simple technique to cultivate internal sense of fulfillment 

Module 5: Shadow + Radical Self-Ownership

Explore how shadow can block you from experiencing true intimacy

Practice a mindset/energy tool to transform Shadow

Walk your talk with integrity and accountability

frequently asked questions

Can I really integrate these tools and skills in 5 weeks?

Healing intimacy wounds is complex and layered, especially in the context of consensual non-monogamy. However, this course is designed to provide you with repeatable practices that over time support your relationship growth with less suffering and harm, which is good for everyone involved! 

What happens during the live modules?

The live modules are a combination of teaching and experientials designed to offer embodied practice and somatic healing experiences inside a compassionate and consent-based container. 

I can’t attend some of the live modules. Will I have access to the replays?

Yes, replays of the recorded teaching portion (not the Q&A) will be sent out in an email within 48 hours after the live call.

What if after the 5 weeks I want more support? 

If you desire personal mentorship after the course, I will be making a few select spots available after the course ends. Please reach out to me at to express your interest. 

Can couples/throples join?

Yes! You can choose to go through the program solo or with partners. 

How do you incorporate anti-racism and uncolonization?

As a facilitator, I’m committed to anti-racism and to unraveling implicit and unconscious biases through the exploration of how systems of power (including whyteness) are held in all bodies.

I’m priority and passion is to hold space for marginalized bodies and experiences. I do this work imperfectly and am committed to repair conversations and course correction when invited. 

Are trans and non-binary folxs welcome?

ABSOLUTELY YES. People of all gender identities and expressions are welcome. 

I really want to join but have other commitments. Will you be offering this again?

I’m sorry you won’t be able to join us for this round! I’ll be offering this as a self-guided course on my website in 2023.

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