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Our family recently approached Isha for help and guidance navigating thorny conversations around money. The situation was enormously complex, including issues of chronic illness, cultural differences, and touchy relationships. Not only did Isha create a safe, loving space in which to hold these challenging talks, but they sensed when to approach topics with tenderness and when to ask the hard questions. I never imagined their support would be so transformative and generate so much understanding and clarity about each of us as individuals and our roles in the web of familial connection. Thanks to Isha’s wisdom, skill, and deep compassion, we are all moving forward on new, more solid ground, and I am endlessly grateful.

Jenny A. - Science writer and New York Times best selling author

I would like to acknowledge the benefits of this incubator, as we are nearing the end. From the first moment I heard about the offering, I was very intrigued by it. I resonated completely with all the material covered. As far as the weekly calls, I was petrified to speak in the group in the beginning, I felt like I was put on the spot! I was hoping we would be talking more about the material from the home work instead of openly sharing and communicating our fears and insights, but by discovering the collective trauma that was holding me back from taking a spotlight, and few other intimacy wounds appearing, I was able to shed the light on the shadows and increase my awareness, which is so appreciated! I learned more than I even imagined I would. Isha and Pame are authentic, real people each offering their special gifts such as compassion/emotional support and business strategies for moving forward, what a team! Well done, guys!”


When I began my work with Isha, I was at a place where I felt a strong need to revisit the past in order to unlock old, reoccurring patterns that were keeping me stuck at work. In my process I realized I didn’t have to go through these experiences to heal them, and so much joy opened up in that space. I now have a felt sense of solidity and rootedness that allows me to be the leader I know I can be. To those considering working with Isha, do it, jump in. You won’t find a more trustworthy guide.


Isha held a space that felt expansive and brimming with potential, yet grounded and impeccably focused. I felt very comfortable to show up in my full spectrum of messiness, brilliance, terror, and hope. It’s clear that Isha has walked the path of somatic integration over and over, until she knows the map and can translate it, illuminate it, and hold loving presence for all its wends and turns. I’m very grateful that I was guided to work with Isha and would recommend her to anyone desiring to come home to their bodies with less struggle and more affirmation amidst an overculture that tells us it doesn’t really matter what our bodies know.​


During the work, she creates such a space of safety and authenticity that you feel you can make no mistakes and it invites you to take the risks you truly are dying to take. And even though the sessions were focused on my challenges showing up professionally, the shift permeates all domains of my life. In moments of fear and insecurity, I can now more easily and readily reconnect to trust and feel my courage to move beyond those and show up more as who I am.​​


In case it was all unclear, I wouldn’t have been able to make it through the pandemic lockdowns without your (confident but gentle) guidance and holding of space and time for me…

I feel unbound, unhinged, and freed. I’m feeling (and tapping into) ALL of this energy that I feel had been blocked in me for so long. I want to thank you because all of the work we did together is not only felt (but I know without a “Shadow” of a doubt) that you helped lay the groundwork for this Yellow Brick Road I’m currently cavorting down.


When I work with Isha, I am encouraged to go to the depths of my expression. She is capable of holding space for my biggest rage, my grief, my whore, my brat, my child, all of me. Our work has been that of accepting all of who I am + breathing life into all the dark corners. She meets my deepest darkness with a healing unflinching gaze. She speaks to + celebrates my highest self, recognizing my gifts. She reminds me of my power, my hunger, my purpose, my humanity, my divinity. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to work with her, and I highly recommend her to anyone who is resonant with her work.


Working with Isha has been a deeply powerful and transformative experience. She held me with expertise and was soft and gentle during the whole process, which is the sign of a masterful trauma release process. She was fiercely loving and understanding when I needed that energy.


Since I started working with Isha, I have gained incredible awareness of what it means to be “embodied” and to live with presence. She has taught me how to identify feelings present in my body and how to stay with and move through those feelings with curiosity, rather than fear or negation. Through working with Isha, I have found myself moving into more honest alignment with my needs, desires and feelings. As an empathetic, earnest and loyal desi queer woman who is trying to learn how to be free and how to support others in their journeys towards liberation, working with Isha has been beyond affirming. She is able to name and help me process how racism, sexism and white supremacy operate in my life and impact my wellbeing. She understands, without me having to explain, the cultural and political context in which I am rooted, and she respects my background while also challenging me not to be constrained by it.


Working with Isha 1:1 was one of the greatest gifts I have ever offered myself. Through a body-centric approach, she lovingly encouraged me to meet my edge and continuously expanded what I thought I was capable of. In just a few weeks, I noticed a dramatic improvement in my nervous system’s resilience, in my capacity to welcome pleasure and abundance into my life, and in my ability to own and harness my power. After years of talk therapy, adding a somatic approach to my healing process has been a game-changer. I can’t recommend Isha highly enough.


When I first reached out to Isha, I was honestly just looking for someone to talk to. What I got was so much more. Working with Isha has taught me to listen to my body, trust my intuition, and heal myself. Isha’s warmth and wisdom has changed my life. She doesn’t tell me what I want to hear. Instead, she asks what I need and intuitively guides each session in whatever direction it needs to go. She empowers me to move, breathe, cry, and shake through my trauma. I never knew how much my body was trying to tell me and how much it needed to heal from everything I was holding onto. Life is still messy and ever-changing, but when I find myself stuck, I can now reach into my metaphorical tool box, ask myself what I need, and release what needs to be let go. I’m able to focus my energy on moving forward and continuing to grow as a woman, as a partner, as an artist, healer, and friend.