Revolutionize Your Relationship with Money and Grow Your Stack

3 month 1:1 money mentorship

Working on your money beliefs only gets you so far.

Mindset or conscious belief work won’t significantly shift your relationship with money if you’re not also moving the discomfort around expanding past your conditioned (embodied) limitations.

You can’t jump into an expanded, future version of yourself without embracing the stories that keep you safe and small in the present.

You have to move the charge of the parts inside you that up to now have been unable or unwilling to RECEIVE.

WEALTH is for rebellious spiritual entrepreneurs wanting to break through repetitive money cycles and unblock themselves from the wealth that is seeking them. 

Clear the path to more prosperity, get your finances in order and finally uncover more ease, enjoyment and passion in your business!

The 3-month mentorship uses intuitively-guided, somatic-expressive techniques to bring awareness to unconscious patterns secretly running the show behind the scenes.

On the practical side, you’ll also receive foundational financial education and support to keep and grow the money you make!

Over the 3 months you will:

Align your Self with the impact and change you’ve been dying to make with your business;

Integrate your shadow attachments blocking the path to intimate communion with your cash;

Remove struggle from your vocabulary so you can stop undercharging and start stacking; 

Break your ties with social and familial contracts that limit your influence and earning capacity;

Deepen your trust so you can make financial decisions and bolder biz moves with a regulated system;

Increase your confidence managing larger quantities of money as you build the path to the life you’ve imagined for yourself. 

Imagine what it would feel like to:

► Uncouple your worth from the amount of money in your bank account;

► Create a world you want to live in with the money you make;

►  Relax into the trust that there’s always enough;

►  Release shame around your rich bitch money desires;

►  Charge confidently and unapologetically for the valuable services you offer.

Your relationship with money is often not about money at all, but about your conditioning around deserving, having, and belonging. 

Undercharging for your services and feeling burned out, neglecting to take full responsibility for stewarding your cash, and not organizing the financial backing your business with your incredible value are just SOME of the ways money trauma is showing up in your business.

You know your patterns, you know what needs to change but there’s a freeze around taking that next step.

Instead of trying to barrel through it, it’s important to honor the ways scarcity survival strategies kept you (and your ancestors) safe in moments of fear, vulnerability and overwhelm.

There was a time for that.

Now it’s time to usher in the next level of your money healing in service of your big mission.

Our work together is a body-centered uncolonization process focused on 5 pillars:


Grounding in what feels good and appreciating what’s working is often much edgier than moving towards what’s painful. Pleasure expands your capacity to receive attention, connection, love, money and support. And…sometimes pleasure lurks and patterns that don’t serve our expansion. This is where we transform your tender and vibrant Shadow.


Transforming who you are at the cellular, ancestral level of identity by healing your intimacy wounds and unveiling the social contracts that are limiting your true potential in your business.


Meeting your body’s emotional, physical and spiritual needs is essential in developing boundaries with yourself around money habits and pricing so that you and your business can flourish.

emotional fluency

Increasing your capacity to feel is integral to deepening your capacity for intimacy with the energy of money. Trusting your emotions and knowing how to move them through the body builds self-trust and inner safety.


Separating old stories from the sensations in your body and systematically inputing new information that helps break down outdated and unhelpful patterns of thinking so that you can release the past and create a new reality of what’s possible for you.

You're going to

Know the EXACT number you need to make per month in order to hit all your life goals and dreams–no more ambiguity and uncertainty;

Capacitate and regulate your system so that you’re able to come back to trust and feel safe even when the money isn’t coming in as you expect; 

Learn how to manage the money you make so that you can feel confident making financial decisions in your business;

Sleep better at night know your money is working for you and that your future is secured;

Integrate the shadows that have been holding you back so you can take the next bold leap in your business and start stacking bills!

Investment In Your Wealth

3 month mentorship

what’s included

50-minute somatic sessions (2x a month)

A free 90-minute financial needs analysis

A free 90-minute comprehensive financial strategy session

My free, trauma-informed mini-course, FLEX: The 5 Pillars of Nervous System Resilience and Capacitation

$1,800 PIF​

$600/MO for 3 Months

$300/MO for 6 Months

(All dollar amounts are in United States dollars and include tax.)

If you’re tired of recycling the same money patterns, are done rehashing your issues in therapy, and still can’t break through to the next level, it’s time for a deeper, body-based approach.

Don’t waste another year in your business trying to figure this out.

Your time is NOW.

Why work with me?

I became a financial professional on top of my doctoral level psychology training and somatic certification after recognizing how the trauma of neglect and avoidance was running my relationship with money.

After years of healing generational scarcity, I empowered myself to become financially literate so that I could help other witches and healers have a healthier relationship with money and worth.

Who else do you know that brings together trauma informed biz coaching, somatics, and financial organization into one, complete package?

This isn’t just the woo woo pu$$y magic about energetics and frequency (which I totally believe in), this is grounded in  transformative and practical knowledge you’re going to build on beyond our 3 months together.

With simple somatic practices combined with your own intuitive guidance, you can learn to track the parts of you that are resisting prosperity

Build the internal safety and trust to calibrate your system to true WEALTH.

WEALTH is for you if:

You’re someone who cares deeply about the world, are committed to making change, and understand that it starts with YOU;

You’ve exhausted your options for talk therapy and/or have reached a plateau in your earning capacity;

You completely recognize your patterns and strategies but continue getting caught in the same money stories and habits;

You are no stranger to working with your body and can appreciate it as a tool for healing.

You are ready to commit to change and take action!

WEALTH is NOT for you if:

You’re not willing to be radically responsible for your own power, pleasure and joy;

You’re in active trauma and struggle with establishing basic grounding;

You’re ambivalent about committing to the inner work required for identity shifts;

You’re not open to taking risks and feeling uncomfortable;

You’re only interested in personal growth and not in how your growth is connected to the broader social context.

Prosperity already exists all around you and inside you.

Let’s uncover it together.

Frequently Asked Questions

I love creating tailored packages that fit exactly to your needs, but this one is designed for you to have homework and practices between the biweekly sessions. 

No. I work exclusively online but will be offering some in-person group experiences in the tri-state area in 2023.

Please sign up to my email list to get the latest updates on upcoming events!

We usually begin with some grounding or attunement so that you can feel into what’s here right now. Depending on what’s arising, we might do some breath work, movement practice, or expressive work.

My aim is to help you stay in the moment, with yourself and with sensation, which is an essential skill in helping you uncover what’s at the root of your relationship with money.

Great question! Our first meeting is a 50-minute somatic session, followed by the financial needs analysis, which is a 90-minute session. From there we book 2 more somatic sessions, then the comprehensive strategy (also a 90-minute session), and finally, the last 3 somatic sessions.