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The full humxning BTS of my SBA launch


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Welcome to Devotional Anarchy, a podcast about intimate embodied leadership that is radically human, honest AF and thereby inherently disruptive to systems of disempowerment and disconnection. I am Isha Vela, trauma psychologist, certified somatic, intimacy Alchemist, wealth wizard, shadow doula, love anarchist, intuitive channel and sovereign business coach. You’re here because you know intimate self connection is the source of everything you want to create in life. And that building safety and trust in your own body is what allows you to fully own and steward your energy and your relationships. Get ready to explore attachments, sexuality, spirituality, self expression and sovereignty and other relational themes from a trauma responsive somatic energetic lens. The conversations and tools shared in this podcast are designed to offer permission to create the abundant life, love and business that lights your soul on fire.

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Hi, and welcome to episode six of the Devotional Anarchy podcast. And this is kind of a exciting episode because I’m going to be getting into the back and behind the scenes of the sovereign business accelerator launch that just finished yesterday at the time of this recording. And by the time this episode drops, it will have been a week. So this is a really important episode because I’m gonna touch on some key pieces around live launching emotional leadership and energetics that a lot of business coaches don’t talk about. And of course, I’m going to be putting my Cymatics spin on it. So I’m going to start by laying out in full transparency, some of the major things that I experienced during this launch. And I’m going to list them out. And then I’m going to come back to them and talk about them in more detail. All right. So and I want you to stay until the end, because I’m going to share a little bit of what’s coming down the pipeline that I’m really, really excited about.

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Alright, so over the six weeks, I was launching, because I like long lazy launches. And because I know shit blows up behind the scenes when you know, the best laid plans, right? So over the six weeks where I was launching, I experienced two stomach viruses. One of which came with like these COVID symptoms like body aches and headaches and that kind of thing. I had

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my kids sick from home three times, which normally never happens, but just you know, it was just a lot this time.

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I had two relationship repair conversations with colleagues, one of which was a result from me being triggered, and then triggering my business partner. More on that later. And then, in the last week of my launch, I experienced a 40 minute trauma release, followed by two days of my face twitching, because you can’t make the Shut up.

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And on the morning my launch ended ie yesterday morning, I fell in my fucking shower. Yes, I fell in my shower. I slipped and fell which has never happened in my life. And I pulled the curtain rod down on my head. So I have like a bruise right here that you can feel but you probably can’t see. All right. Also, during that time, I completed five summer camp applications. I did my taxes. I hosted and organized and overnight birthday party for my 10 year old and eight of her friends.

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I did six weeks of field training and finance. I did my certification training, I got a promotion from agent to associate at vortex financial. I did presentations I showed up for meetings like all that stuff, right? So that’s also what happened. So

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so I’m going to share with you my launch strategy because I feel like it’s important to share that. So I started with a four day free event like a free series that’s hitting some of the major points of what the seven best business accelerator was about. And I promoted that for two weeks prior on social media in my email to my email list and in the Facebook group. So after that four day free event, there was I let one week go by and that was sort of the early bird week and I was offering a bonus my boundaries course as a bonus. And I had somebody come in during that time.

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So then after that week just to kind of

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create momentum and build excitement, and it just kind of like came up intuitively for me, I also did a five day visibility and Power Challenge with a prize for whoever showed up the most and with,

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with sort of the biggest energy or with the most like, I’m right. Clicked spa. And yeah, and it was just to build excitement. And it did build excitement. So I wanted that a little bit, sort of in the middle of the launch. So I gave out a 90 minute, internet business intensive, intimate business intensive for the person who won. So that was exciting. And over the time, basically, from the four day event, all the way to yesterday, I sent out 50 emails to the 38 people who registered for the free event. And that included reminder emails to you know, like, Hey, this is the today’s challenge, or, Hey, we’re going live in a few minutes, right.

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And I repurpose those emails on social media. So I made maybe two pieces of those emails and made short posts, or I just wrote out the whole, I sometimes turn that content into a reel. And sometimes I just had like a long post on social media, or I had like a carousel post on

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Instagram. So what I also did as part of the sales process, and this is something that I like the intimacy piece of sales is that I reached out to people, I reached out personally to people and invited them into the business accelerator, people who I saw liking a lot of my posts, people who have expressed a desire to work with me, but didn’t feel like one on one was for them. Or they had said like, yeah, let me know, the next time you launch something, I reached out to some of them.

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And, yeah, it was really great, had some conversations. Had one, I met one person over video that I hadn’t met before that I had only talked to a couple of times. And most of those people ended up coming into the software business accelerator. And I also, like tapped into who intuitively would be a great fit, like people who I really felt like needed to be in that space, like where the timing felt, right, or where I felt like they were just at the precipice, and I had already a good relationship with them. I reached out to some of those people. So it was really it was really fun to do that. And a lot of people like, like, oh, that’s kind of a cold sales call process. It wasn’t it was really, like, you know, it felt really warm. It felt like an invitation. And I also had no

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you know, I didn’t have any reaction to people saying no to me, in fact, I had somebody say no to me, where I felt their sovereignties. Like, I felt them, like, I felt them really in tune with what they needed. And right now, they didn’t need that. And that felt so good to me. And so there was no rejection. You know, I didn’t get dinged there at all, it just felt really like it felt really good to hear their No, because the know was really genuine. And it was also very loving. So totally worked for me. So

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what also was really cool is that

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I was so absolutely convinced of the value of this offer, that coming up with content wasn’t difficult. And the like the passion behind

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what I knew was like the content and how it was not the not the content of like, the writing content. But

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I knew that the content of the container, like what was going to happen in the container and the results people were going to get, we’re going to be so epic and so different from other containers that that passion fueled the content creation, like,

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you know, sometimes we feel wobbles about like, Oh, does anybody really want this? Does anybody need this? I didn’t have that part at all. And that’s something that happens for me. Sometimes I sometimes like question and wonder. But for this one, it was so clear, like no, this is like this is exactly what people need. They need the nervous system regulation work because I see coaches talking about it all the time and they don’t have half the training that I do in Cymatics to be able to offer that work. So I was very clear, like my my position as an expert that was so clear to me and I

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Um, so I anchored in that value both both in the pricing like the price point was ridiculously good. What I’m going to offer inside of the sovereign business accelerators is ridiculously good. And so that made the mindset piece like a no brainer for me. And I ended up not really needing to do a lot of mindset work. But I’ll share a little bit later, like what I didn’t need to do work around. So

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during the launch, I was also connecting with other friends, other colleagues that do similar work, who I do that I do, that are also embodiment experts, and like Shadow Work experts. And so it helps that helped keep me in alignment with my particular message and focus because I know that, you know, the the mainstream.

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You know, social media, and how people launch things and sell things can feel kind of superficial, and I wanted there to be a little bit more depth and nuance. Like, I know that when people are, you know,

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when people are scrolling, they don’t want, I’m not gonna say they do want nuanced, they do want nuance. And I also recognize that brains that are scrolling, don’t have a lot of capacity for nuance, right, there is a desire for nuance, but not a lot of capacity to fully take it in. So there’s this sort of like,

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middle ground where you address the nuance, but you, you break it down into simpler pieces into more digestible pieces, so that people can take it in, and they can appreciate it. And they don’t get overwhelmed by the writing or the level of language that you’re sharing it in. So um, yeah, so I wanted to balance the the simplicity piece, and not have it be superficial. So

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my system, my nervous system hates those two week, open cards, like hates a short open card, because I know that my life tends to fucking go haywire behind the scenes, when I’m launching like my kids notice. And then they start having more tantrums, like just shit starts happening. And it’s sort of where all my drama comes out, right.

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So yes, I love the lazy launches, my nervous system loves the lazy launches, I get to come up with different ideas, and I get to like, be creative throughout.

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And I also recognize that people need to, they need more time to make a decision, right? We’re all being more careful about how we invest our money, where we invest, we invest it in ourselves. And we are a little bit more discerning a lot more discerning maybe with who we invest into, like, who’s going to be the guide that guides us through a particular process, right.

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And I want to also notice, note, the Ark of the launch, this is something that you really need to know, as someone who does live launching

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the beginning of the launch, right? When you have an early bird bonus, let’s say there are, you know, people who come in during that time, during the middle of the launch, it’s kind of quiet, it’s really quiet. And at the end of the launch, like there’s momentum that gets kicked up again, because people tend to leave things for the last minute, I tend to do that a little bit too, even though I tend to I like I want to keep myself more organized. But the arc of a launch is that there’s like, bonus at the beginning, there’s crickets in the middle, and then there’s momentum at the end. So because I knew that already, I focused on being creative in the middle, right, like having a little bit of that.

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The challenge in the middle to build excitement to keep the excitement going for myself and for the people who were interested.

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And also, I focused the middle of the launch on content creation, I was just like, I’m just gonna write and I’m just gonna create a content bank for the next time that I offer this. And yes, I’ll offer it differently, I will have evolved, but at least I have some foundations, some some foundational content I can pull from and repurpose. Even if I add to it, if I subtract two, it doesn’t matter. The ideas are there. Right? So that was really, really good. And and I knew I had to sustain energy for the end, right? Because you want to finish strong. And because I have a pattern I have a tendency to drop off and in fact, it did happen the day before the lunch ended where I was like buck this shit, but I’ll get into that in a second. So I knew I had this

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Staying energy until the end. So I kept like, I, you know, like when you’re running a marathon, you have to have that that ending that like, Oh, I see the finish line, oh my God, let me like speed up. That is what’s happening here. Lazy launching is marathon in the middle, you are pacing yourself, you are drinking lots of water, right? Like maybe you take some breaks, you know, but you want to like, you want to be slow and steady. And then at the end, you can ramp it up. Okay. So the ways I took care of myself during this lot,

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pretty much every day, with the exception of one or two days a week, I did morning workouts at the gym, and that entails getting on my fucking bike and pedaling for 40 minutes. And sometimes it’s a slope, slower pedal. Sometimes it’s like, Let’s go kind of pedal. And for me that is the place where I listen to music that’s congruent with how I’m feeling this is a place to sort of like do shadow work it’s a place to kind of like just move just metabolize whatever I wake up with through my system. It and then I also combined like mindset with body with weightlifting, I was gonna say body work.

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Yeah, so mindset work with weightlifting. So you know, as I’m lifting, I’m feeling the strength in my body. And I’m, like, finding the strong thoughts that are gonna guide my day, you know, I sort of anchor in how I’m feeling and then let the feeling choose the thoughts that I that I want,

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that I feel are gonna support me. And I, you know, I’m just noting also like, Oh, these are the shitty thoughts. Sometimes I do journaling, but I just have, I really haven’t done a lot of journaling.

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And, you know, and throughout my day, I’m always like, I’m always sort of checking in with like, Okay, what’s, who’s at the wheel? What’s operating right now, and, and staying attuned to what players are in the field, so to speak, you know, who’s on first base, as soon as that you knows the picture here, internally so that I can notice from what place I’m operating from in my operating from a wounded place? Am I operating from an empowered place? Like, how do I see my audience? Do I feel bitterness towards them? Do I feel like I love them? Do I want to empower them? Do I, you know, like just checking in with myself about all of that, because that comes through your messaging and content.

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I spent a lot of time working from bed because I wasn’t feeling well. I was sick twice.

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And I just had like some digestive issues going on Fox.

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I did do some nature walks, which felt really good. It was like on the days where I you know, I didn’t want to get on my bike. Again, I wanted to get myself a rest and I wanted to just be a little slower and gentler.

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I definitely wore the most comfortable, soft, warm clothing as a way of soothing myself as a way of just like being really like gentle with myself. So most of the time I wore like, you know, dressed up at the top and sweat bands at the bottom, just because like, I just wanted to be really fucking comfortable. And I didn’t want anything pinching me pressing me. Like, don’t be up in my space kind of thing.

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I also spent a lot of time alone because I did experience some overwhelm. And I’ll share that in a moment. And I needed to regulate myself through a lot of quiet time. And very little stimulation because the overwhelm is was sort of an overstimulation of a lot of parts of myself. And so my regulation was like, absolute silence, like nothing. And also Netflix, like I was anchored into good girls watching Good girls.

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And really moving my way through the series very slowly, just like, you know, like 10 minutes here, 10 minutes there as a way of like, ah, like pleasure, enjoyment, you know, and giving my giving my mind and body a break. I also anchored in a lot of pleasure with my kids. Like, we went on a little vacation in February.

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We had, you know, we made fun activities over the weekend, I did art projects with them.

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We’re always looking for like, bucket list items to check off right little adventures travel adventures, so that was great and snuggle time, of course, and laughter and silliness. And that is always really like lightning.

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And then I also did 30 days of reasons you want to hire me. This was an edge for me, because I tend not to amplify that part as much. I tend to not I tend not to amplify like just

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Talk about why I’m the best person to hire. And I knew that was an edge for me. And it was an exercise of really communicating my value on a daily basis. And there were times it’s like, Man, I got nothing to say. And then I would come up with something and it didn’t like, okay, whether it was so great or not, it didn’t matter. But I showed up for myself and I showed up for my value. And that felt like that practice felt really important. So the result of the launch, it was six people came in, it was 15k launch, my aim was to have like 10 people would have been like, my, my Wow, amazing 15 People was my max, like 15 people would have been like,

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and I really, like,

Unknown Speaker  20:51  

make space make space for the process for all of them.

Unknown Speaker  20:55  

But six people is like, love it. Love it, love it, love it.

Unknown Speaker  21:01  

And yeah, because like this container was intended to be an intimate space, it was, it’s a space where I really wanted people to get seen met, high value, high touch in a group container at a group price. So it really like,

Unknown Speaker  21:18  

met all of the requirements for me for what I wanted to offer. So now I’m going to go back over some of the emotional leadership and energetic pieces of the launch.

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Unknown Speaker  21:32  

regarding overwhelmed, so because I made some miscalculations with my schedule, and because things just got backed up with my field training and finance.

Unknown Speaker  21:44  

Over the last, the last three weeks of my lunch, I experienced overwhelm in a way that I just don’t experience for most of the time, because I make sure I don’t because my the way that I structure, my work and my family life, I just there’s just no, there’s no overwhelm, right? And yeah, once in a while with parenting, right, that stuff comes up. But I make sure that my work is really low key and manageable, but didn’t do that this time. Other things get in the way, things that were out of control and things that were just like, whoa, you didn’t think your way fully through this one. So part of the reason I was so overwhelmed also is because I’m learning new things in my finance training. I’m dealing with new information, I’m dealing with numbers, which, you know, as someone who has numbers, dyslexia is pretty intense. And I was feeling my capacity stretched to the max.

Unknown Speaker  22:43  

So there was one day,

Unknown Speaker  22:48  

last week or the week before last where I got triggered.

Unknown Speaker  22:52  

And it was the one time where my fear took over and I reacted, I reacted from a place of fear. Like I didn’t, I could feel the fear, but the like, it was, I could feel it there. And it was like, Oh, I just want to come out. I just want to come out I just wanted, I couldn’t hold it. I couldn’t hold it.

Unknown Speaker  23:11  

And there was part of me that didn’t want to I just felt like I wanted to, like, let someone know, and I am

Unknown Speaker  23:19  

I’m sharing this experience because I feel like it’s so important to really understand what overwhelm looks and feels like and that knowing this will help you manage it better. So overwhelmed looks like for me, and I’m sure it’s different for every person. But what I sense is that there’s a lot of similarities here. So you might relate. Overwhelmed, looks like get away, back off. Not one more thing. I want to shut things out. I’m pulling away, I’m withdrawing like I’m out. I’m out. Shutting down. No, no more. I’m out of here. Done. Right so it’s a boundary it feels like a boundary but it’s a defensive boundary doesn’t feel like a loving, compassionate like open hearted boundary. It feels like I’m out of here done sia by back off. Nope. I don’t have room for it. That kind of energy. Right.

Unknown Speaker  24:14  

So in that in that moment, where I felt triggered and I couldn’t hold the couldn’t hold the trigger really. I felt myself really wanting to cut off. And

Unknown Speaker  24:28  

yeah, I reached out to my I reached out, I left a message for my business partner and was like, yeah, like I don’t like this. I don’t want this and that. And that that and that tone of voice. And

Unknown Speaker  24:45  

yeah, and we had to have a repair conversation the next day about like how that went down. So that was important for it was important for us to like get that established, get those norms established and also like we got to share like

Unknown Speaker  25:00  

Yeah, I was really triggered. And, you know, I was feeling like my autonomy threatened and I don’t like it when you know. And so we were able to meet at the place like have in a trauma informed place. So

Unknown Speaker  25:16  

the later the in the last week of my launch, I shared earlier that I had a trauma release experience. So I have a particular trauma that I’ve known I have for a long time around technologies and numbers.

Unknown Speaker  25:33  

Because of the dyslexia because of how my dyslexia was handled as a kid.

Unknown Speaker  25:39  

And I felt myself touching into the overwhelm a couple of times, it would, you know, come up, and then I’d be like, I would feel overwhelmed. I’d be like, I can’t do this right now. No, we’ll leave this for later. And then that happened a couple of times. And finally I was in, I was doing something and I was feeling that overwhelm, come up again, and I said, Fuck it, I’m just gonna surrender to it. This time. I’m not on a video call. I have an hour to spare. And I let myself surrender to it fully. And what happened is I started I let myself cry.

Unknown Speaker  26:14  

And as I let myself cry, like I started to almost like going down an escalator. I got deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and the crying, the tears became sobs. I started gasping my breathing became a regular. I started to scream. I started to speak in a voice that I knew wasn’t mine. I started saying things that I wouldn’t say. And so it just went, it was spiraling and deeper and deeper and deeper. And I went into a 40 minute trauma release, where I was shaking. Yes, there was a conscious, it started with a conscious childhood memory. But then it as it deepened, it went into ancestry, and it went into ancestral memory. And yeah, screaming into the pillow, shaking. And then my face was twitching for the next two days. And I had to, you know, I had been showing up on live videos as part of my launch. And I was like, I don’t want to do that, that just felt like I need to rest and recover and Sue’s and regulate. And that’s what I did for the next three days.

Unknown Speaker  27:29  

Yeah, but that was really big. And I noticed that after I allowed that to happen, like, I went back to the numbers thing, I went back to the thing that had originally triggered me and there was no fucking charge. Like, this is the fucking miracle of trauma release work is like, there was no charge. And I was like, Yep, this is like, nothing. This is not a thing. Whereas before, I mean, for decades, and I’m talking 40 decades, it had been a thing. I mean, math anxiety, fucking like up the wazoo. Okay. So done with that. That’s amazing. But yes, I had to, you know, do a lot of resting I spent a lot of time in bed, I put on the most comfortable clothing. I talked to friends, I listened to music, I soothe myself with like, really yummy food.

Unknown Speaker  28:22  

Yeah, watch more Netflix, you know. So really taking it slowly. And then less than a week later, the day before the doors to the southern business accelerator closed, my oldest was sick and stayed home. And then I was triggered because I have this part of me that’s like, You’re in my way. You’re in my way. And I need to I need to do this, like my will, my will become sort of the way. My way. I’m in control. I’m doing it my way. You’re in my way. So I observed that and I held space for it. And I was able to manage that through breathing and like just noticing that part of me that was really irritable. And like, Why are you home today? Why of all the days and wanting to blame and wanting to be a victim? And I said, No, this is going to be fine. I’m just going to make do and it’s going to be imperfect, it’s fine, right?

Unknown Speaker  29:15  

And then the last day of the launch, the next day after that happened, I fucking fell in the shower. And again, I was feeling some overwhelm, because it’s like, it’s the last day I gotta finish strong, right? I was putting myself under some pressure. I was feeling overwhelmed and when I fell in the shower and the shower rod fucking bonked me on the head. I felt my overwhelm. I started crying. And I just felt my overwhelm in that moment and I felt like a child crying. And I was just like, and I I listened to myself crying. I was like, oh, yeah, that’s a young part of me and I let her cry.

Unknown Speaker  29:51  

And then, you know, I picked myself up but the shower curtain back shirt, kind of shower curtain rod back. And then kind of like I was feeling some tender

Unknown Speaker  30:00  

Gonna surround that, and by the time I took the girls to school, I was driving back I was like, I’m feeling kind of optimistic. Now I’m feeling kind of good.