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hi, I’m isha (she/they)

After decades of insecurity, codependency, and denying my needs; somatic-expressive energy alchemy helped me heal my intimacy wounds to create deeply satisfying spiritual partnerships with the people I love.

My devotion to creating conscious partnerships through alignment with authenticity and Truth has emerged from my own evolutionary path of recovering from chronic illness, unraveling codependency, relinquishing self-betrayal, and alchemizing intimacy wounds into purposeful gifts.

I offer intimacy alchemy and sovereignty coaching for people desiring to fully embody their erotic life force.

my story

In 2014, I developed a chronic viral infection that led to a full body breakdown and subsequent enrollment in my 4-year somatic training program.

I knew I needed to heal from the inside out, but despite my training as a trauma psychologist, I didn’t realize how my unconscious wounds were guaranteeing I would never create the life and love I longed for. 

Over those 4 years I learned to attune to all the parts of myself I’d cut off, shamed, exiled, and disowned, cracking open my heart and sacral center to receive love, trust connection, enjoy pleasure, and welcome sexual fulfillment. 

In 2018 I ended my marriage of almost 15 years, married myself, and committed to my emotional sovereignty and energetic authority, which is what I now teach through my events and online community. 

Using humor, playfulness, and deep, loving attunement, I guide curious individuals into embodied self connection so they can show up Grounded, Present, and Open in their partnerships and with Life itself.

The somatic work I offer is trauma responsive and energy based; informed by shamanism, as well as Tantric philosophies and approaches, wherein the humxn body is a bridge connecting the spirit and earth planes, all energy is creative, and the act of sex is a spiritual experience.

the truth

When you feel safe in your body and trust your emotions, you’re able to own your power, truly set boundaries and be radically accountable in ways that open the door to more pleasure, abundance, and depth of connection. 

This is the reunification and alignment of your sexual and spiritual power, a power that is authentic and grounded, based in self-knowledge, and fiercely compassionate.

Sovereignty is where the balance of anima and animus — yin and yang — flows from within you. 

Radical embodied devotion is the pathway that will take you there.

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