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4.8 | Unlocking Your Body's Upper Limits

Isha Vela 0:00
Welcome to Devotional Anarchy, a podcast about intimate embodied leadership that is radically human, honest AF and thereby inherently disruptive to systems of disempowerment and disconnection. I’m Isha Vela, trauma psychologists, certified somatic practitioner, wealth wizard, licensed financial professional leadership coach, and intuitive business mentor. You’re here because you know self intimacy and self knowledge is the source of everything you want to create in your life. And that building safety and trust in your bodies would allows you to fully own and stored your energy in the direction of your desires. This season, get ready for deep dives into wealth building spirituality, emotional leadership, and human centered business with an activist twist. The conversations and tools shared in this podcast are your permission slip to manifest a life and business that lights your soul on fire and supports collective liberation.¬†

Hello and welcome to the second video of this three-part series on money and your nervous system today we’re going to get into how to unlock your bodies so that you can increase your capacity to receive hold and manage larger quantities of money and I’m doing this series to give you a taste and to prepare you for what’s inside next worth which is my 7-week live Journey on embodying Prosperity to become a magnet for money and miracles and I decided to do this particular class the second video for the podcast since it’s going to be teaching you very specific tools I thought it would be super practical and in next worth we’re going to be incorporating somatic practices hypnotic meditation creative exercises ritual magic and the Really practical action steps so that you can feel safer and more confident receiving holding and managing your finances joyfully what joyfully means is that you’re not preoccupied with the worry it’s going to run out you’re not walking around stressed and contracted you’re not feeling like an imposter and that the money that you’re building is a fluke really it works at the identity level right of receiving of being someone becoming the person that can receive larger quantities of money and you know just really looking at the whole body the whole system of a person and that person’s particular your particular ancestry right so this is perfect like I designed this experience for people who are first gen Wealth Builders who are making good money and who are finding themselves that sort of like a little bit of an internal impact with jumping into that next level like shifting into the next gear you know and and just you know even if you are at that next gear I want to feel safe right just feeling like that I just want to feel like I can like let myself just fully take it in you know and if money mindset work has fallen short of your needs and expectations and of course you can reach out to me directly if you have other questions so in the first video I laid the foundation of ancestral money trauma and shared you know how the different four different levels of trauma live in the body and how accessing internal states of safety and prosperity changes your money game so again magnetism to money and opportunity is activated by an internal sense of safety and I want to emphasize again that you have to like you have to understand that the sort of the the granular quality of this in the Nuance that the experience is around a lack of safety are very subtle and we are often unaware of them right they’re unconscious we don’t see or detected it’s been part of our identity way of being right and that’s the reason why body based awareness is so important because if you’re just dealing with the conscious you’re just dealing with it just a small portion of that awareness and it is through the body that we can really access a deeper level so the expansion of your income it mirrors your expanded nervous system right when you’re stressed about money you’re contI just think about being stressed and hunched forward and not being just open like open chested arms stretched out ready to receive right and what’s really important here for you to understand is that when your body is feeling unsafe when there is an activation in your nervous system it moves right from the body to the mind so State the state that your body is in informs the story 80% of your experience is is information moving from body to brain and 20% is from brain to body that is part of the reason why mindset doesn’t work or are you still you’re doing it you’re feeling frustrated and stuck you know it’s not taking into account like it’s it’s doing something but you have to compliment it like ideally you compliment the body work with the mindset work and then you have sort of a full spectrum targeted you know steps to basically change your money identity your level your internalized levels of prosperity so when the nervous system is activated right when there is the most subtle activation of that’s unfamiliar right it leads to having specific emotions right and the Motions all emotions are ra cocktail of Sensations right each emotion has its own blend and mixture and we label some as anxious we label some as fearful but it’s more much more complex than that you can access on my YouTube channel