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Embodied Business

9 months 1:1 somatic coaching

Are you ready to create sustainable growth and epic financial abundance in your business while honoring your body and staying in alignment with your values?


Embodied Business

is for mystics, visionary leaders and disruptive witchy entrepreneurs wanting to scale their businesses THEIR unique way, centering the inner work and creating the nervous system capacity for prosperity with ease.

Truth | Congruence | Wholeness | Integration | Pleasure

"Isha's work in somatics is not just transformative, it is revolutionary. They reminded me of the intrinsic power that is held deep within my bones and my nervous system; they gifted me with the greatest of guides - myself. Working with Isha brought me into deeper alignment both personally and professionally. It was through our work that I was able to take steps to quit my job, follow my personal passions, and gain more clarity about who I am and where I want to be. In my business and in my life I move now with my body as my guide, feeling stronger and more powerful and am able to model deep attunement for my daughter and all who I connect with."

Imagine running a business where you:

  • Scale with clarity and trust in your creative vision;
  • Get turned on by your Shadow and integrate it into your biz to attract everything you desire;
  • Prioritize joy, rest and play as part of your business design;
  • Magnetize your fuck yes clients by being the most boldly expressed version of yourself;
  • Ground in the reality of what it takes to show up while holding the delusion of what’s possible.
  • Manage your emotional activations with responsiveness;
  • Liberate yourself from the limitations passed down to you through systems and lineage;
  • Receive increasing amounts of abundance (think clients, attention, money, collaborations) with safety;
  • Transform your intimacy wounds into leadership superpowers;
  • Enjoy an unshakable connection to intuition like a sacred GPS that never steers you astray.

Legacy is for you if you:

✔ Feel frustrated with business mentors acknowledging the importance of doing your healing work and “regulating” your nervous system to create a legacy level business without actually providing you with the trauma responsive tools and skills you need to do it.

✔ Are tired of investing so much money in business courses offering strategies that either don’t align with your values or that don’t resolve the deeper internal barriers getting in the way of you creating a sustainable and inclusive social impact business.

✔ Are over feeling like you have to niche down, show up in a specific way, simplify your language or water down your wisdom to appeal to the basic bitches.

✔ Want to create sustainable money just as much as you want to see your clients make epic shifts.

✔ Care deeply about the world and are committed to building a business that creates a world you want to live in.

✔ Have done a shit ton of healing work on your own and are SO ready to play big and bold in your business.

You’ve taken all the business courses and know EXACTLY what’s required to build a successful business, but you’re just not doing it.

Maybe it’s avoiding getting truly REAL with people and letting them see you.

Maybe you get confused about what your specific niche is, because–let’s face it–you can do lots of things for lots of people, but ultimately you KNOW the lack of clarity is costing you clients and money.

Maybe you’re not sure what your signature offer is and you keep putting stuff out there hoping it’ll sell but it feels more like throwing spaghetti at the wall.

Maybe you ‘re really great at working from intuition but don’t have repeatable and sustainable structures set up, which eventually leads to constantly re-inventing the wheel.

Maybe it’s wanting to press the eject button mid-launch when no one’s biting on your offer.

You’ve done the mindset work but shit in your business still feels really uncomfortable.

You’re not doing business wrong, there may be deeper patterns showing up behind the scenes.

Because personal and collective trauma shows up in subtle ways in ALL aspects of our business.

Most business coaches don’t talk about this because it’s easier to sell strategies and frameworks than the deeper healing that’s required to grow your business sustainably.

For example:

Healing intimacy wounds so you can allow yourself to be seen, express in your truth with confidence, and connect to your dream clients;

Building nervous system capacity so you can stay grounded and scrappy when shit inevitably hits the fan (i.e., your launch doesn’t go as planned or clients want refunds on their investment) as well as open your capacity to receive increasing prosperity;

Developing emotional leadership so you can show up congruent, fully owning your wholeness and messy humxnity in a way that transmits safety and trust;

Shedding internalized systems of oppression ( i.e., colonialism, toxic capitalism, white supremacy, and patriarchy) so you can build rest, pleasure, and integration into your business model.

Legacy is an intimate and transformational
coaching experience designed to help you ground and structure your vision so you can show up in your business leadership the way you know you were called to.

You want someone who’s fully tuned into where you are, welcoming and celebrating the forbidden parts of you that tend to hide.

You also want to make sure that your time and energy is efficiently directed towards the work you came to do, because brains and bodies are sometimes at odds with one another, creating confusion, distractions, and derailments.

You want someone who’s going to guide you directly to the source point of that place that feels energetically “off” so you can integrate it and move forward with clarity and convicition.

This container will provide you the space, tools and support to relinquish your attachment to everything that’s NOT YOU so you can build a legacy business that honors your mission, your values and your whole ass humxn self.

The new paradigm of business leadership is intimate, radically honest, energy congruent and humxn AF.

With a heavy focus on mindset work plus one-size-fits-all business strategies, what often gets missed in entrepreneurial conversations are the behind the scenes humxning skills and strategies that actually support sustainable business growth and expansion.

Embodiment is absolutely EVERYTHING in your business, because corrupt and conditioned belief systems don’t just live in your mind, they’re associated with sensations and experiences in your body (nervous system freeze responses, energetic holding patterns, protective relational strategies) that get in the way of you showing up fully in your business.





transforming who you are at the cellular, ancestral level of identity by healing your intimacy wounds and unveiling the full spectrum delights of your Shadow;



Designing a business centered around your joy and desire, but also soothing yourself through growth edges;



Curating your thoughts to reflect empowered narratives while moving aside stories attached to collective and personal intimacy wounds;



Truly embodying self-trust, protect your energy, and meet your bodies emotional, physical and spiritual needs without fawning or apology;



Learning how to trust the medicine of your emotions, working with your activations and deshaming your expression.

"Honestly, I did not want to be doing this work when I started it. I was at a pressure point in my life where I knew I had to shed parts of my identity that were no longer serving me, and the tools I had available weren't supportive enough. I felt intuitively called to work with Isha. It was important for me to work with someone who was and is seeded in what they're preaching. Isha does what they ask others to do. Even then, I was uncomfortable for most of the months we worked together, and Isha patiently held space for my resistance. Isha helped me build self-trust by listening to my own body and understanding what I need. I no longer force my body to arrive on other people's timelines and can support my nervous system to expand at the pace I feel comfortable with. Investing in support and showing up for myself was one of the best decisions I've ever made; I feel like a totally different person. I've learned tools that I will keep forever and carry into all of my relationships."

Embodied safety and trust to BE and DO and RECEIVE everything you want is the “goal” of my somatic leadership coaching.

What I teach is a repeatable process, a streamlined way to come home to yourself, to access truth and internal wisdom so that you can continue to guide your own becoming beyond our time together.

Hi I’m Isha, trauma psychologist, certified somatic practitioner and leadership coach.

As part of my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve taken every business course under the sun, from the toxic bro bullshit to the vanilla, paint-by-number junk and of course the magic and pussy based stuff.

What I learned by being in all of those containers was that the pragmatics of business were actually the simple part, and that it was the back end humxning of business that predicted whether or not you could build and scale a successful business over the long term.

I also learned to structure my business around my unique neurodiversity, physical limitations, emotional needs, life circumstances, and collective vision, etc.

In coaching containers I’ve been part of I’ve watched people try to mindset their way through ancestral trauma, body-deep shame narratives and involuntary nervous system freeze responses, only to get frustrated with themselves and give up because they thought they were doing mindset wrong.

The exponential growth I experienced in my business over the last 2 years was only possible because I had my nervous system skills and emotional leadership ON LOCK. 

And that’s exactly what I teach you to do. 

What to expect from me

As a former psychologist, I help you alchemize fear into your fiercest strengths in your online presence and messaging.

As a somatic coach, I provide you with repeatable tools to release the ancestral muck that will inevitably arise as you step deeper into your business birthright.

As a shadow doula and intuitive channel, I guide you into deeper awareness of what’s TRULY blocking you from creating a thriving business that truly supports your brain, body, and bank account.

As an entrepreneur, I cut through the biz bullshit so you design a business that you feel passionate about and that loves you back just as hard.

As an activist, I infuse liberatory models and systemic frameworks into our work.

Everything you need is already inside you, my job is to guide you back inward and uncover those jewels in service of your mission and vision! 

What you get with Legacy

  1. 21 embodied coaching sessions (50 minutes each);
  2. 9 months of access to me over Voxer;
  3. The Energetics + Embodiment of Entrepreneurship, my course on building and showing up for your bespoke biz featuring my 6 pillars of ethical, sustainable, and humxn centered business:
  • Embodiment
    Mindset, emotional fluency and pleasure
  • Energy
    Congruence, transparency, humanity, inner safety
  • Expression
    Identity, visibility, Shadow work, connection, storytelling
  • Engineering
    Body based business design, bespoke needs and desires
  • Economics
    Intimacy, money and trauma
  • Exchange
    Pleasure-based marketing, consensual sales, intimate sales flow



Full access to any courses or group programs I launched during our time together;

50% off the Sovereign Business Accelerator for additional training, community support and accountability.



The full investment in LEGACY is


Payment options include:

3 monthly installments of $4,940

6 monthly installments of $2,470

12 monthly installments of $1,240

Legacy is not for you if you're:

✘  Not fully committed to your big vision, have not yet coached anyone and haven’t made any money from your coaching business yet.

✘  Not interested in exploring embodied whyte supremacy culture and aren’t ready to REALLY slow down to feel underneath your patterns.

✘ Not cool with having cuss words fly during our calls and moving your body in edgy and uncomfortable ways. 

✘ Wanting quick results and aren’t willing to do the work even when no one’s looking.

✘  Only interested in growing your business for yourself but haven’t really considered social impact and collective money goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

You get to use the coaching calls in whatever way you want. They’re usually a combination between business strategy and getting to the root of where you’re getting stuck or not taking action. When we get to the source of something, it’s an opportunity to integrate it.

You’ll be asked to have a roller, yoga mat, pillow and towel nearby if we need it for more intense body work.

While I don’t sell quick fixes, I wholeheartedly believe that applying these skills and strategies WILL lead you to your financial goals.

Our work will involve alchemizing your money stories and opening up blocks to receiving as well as having a magnetic presence that draws in your F yes clients.

Thanks for asking! I’m going be launching my 6-month Sovereign Business Accelerator around March 2023. Get in my Facebook group and/or on my list to get first notice about early bird offers!

If you’ve read through all of this and still have questions, book your free exploratory call and let’s talk about whether this container is the right fit for you.