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Embodied Leadership

9 months 1:1 business mentorship

Are you ready to manifest your big vision and purpose in your business by clarifying your purpose and rising above the noise?


Embodied Leadership

is for creative entrepreneurs and visionary leaders leaders wanting to clarify their message, embody self connection and center thought leadership to build a profitable business with long-lasting social impact.

Truth | Congruence | Wholeness | Integration | Pleasure

"Isha's work in somatics is not just transformative, it is revolutionary. They reminded me of the intrinsic power that is held deep within my bones and my nervous system; they gifted me with the greatest of guides - myself. Working with Isha brought me into deeper alignment both personally and professionally. It was through our work that I was able to take steps to quit my job, follow my personal passions, and gain more clarity about who I am and where I want to be. In my business and in my life I move now with my body as my guide, feeling stronger and more powerful and am able to model deep attunement for my daughter and all who I connect with."

Imagine running a business where you:

  • Scale with clarity and trust in your creative vision;
  • Get turned on by your Shadow and integrate it into your biz to attract everything you desire;
  • Prioritize joy, rest and play as part of your business design;
  • Magnetize your fuck yes clients by being the most boldly expressed version of yourself;
  • Ground in the reality of what it takes to show up while holding the healthy delusion of what’s possible.
  • Manage your emotional activations with responsiveness;
  • Liberate yourself from the limitations passed down to you through systems and lineage;
  • Receive increasing amounts of abundance (think clients, attention, money, collaborations) with safety;
  • Transform your intimacy wounds into leadership superpowers;
  • Enjoy an unshakable connection to intuition like a sacred GPS that never steers you astray.

Legacy is for you if you:

✔ Have been making consistent money in your business but are ready to move past the day to day business activities into what’s next and BEYOND.

✔ Are done playing small, following trends, trying to sound like everyone else when you know you were NEVER about that.

✔ Are over feeling like you have to simplify your language or water down your wisdom to appeal to the basic bitches.

✔ Care deeply about the collective issues and are committed to creating something that leaves a mark on the world.

✔ Have done a shit ton of emotional work to get to where you are and are SO ready to get bold in service of your soul’s mission.

You know exactly what’s required to build a successful business and you’re freaking doing it!

You’re a content creator, strategist, messaging and marketing maven, sales slayer, and task delegator.

You’re business is flowing, but something bigger is calling.

Underneath all of those roles is something more important, and that’s the core (coeur) of your business.

Your WHY, your mission, the passion that gets you up in the morning.

Beyond the everyday business activities, THIS is the fire that fuels your business, and therein lies the deeper level impact of your work.

Amplifying your message, from your unique perspective and in your irreplicable way.

Delivering your truth in your authentic voice, whether it’s on social media, on a stage, or in a book.

You’re in a phase of business where you’ve done so much of the inner alchemy and emotional work that you now have mindset and embodiment practices pretty much on autopilot.

But there’s a next level, and what got you here isn’t what’s going to get you THERE.

It’s not about applying more strategy, but about embodying the vision.

And that can feel…intimidating.

Maybe it’s that you know you’re avoiding getting reaaallly REAL with people and letting them see you ALL the way (and that it’s costing you clients and money).

Maybe you avoid addressing political issues because you’re afraid of alienating the people who’s trust you’ve worked so hard to gain.

You’re thinking you could lose it all if you if people knew what you really think about your industry, the work that you do, etc.

You know that authenticity and humxnity, unlike flashy trends, are timeless leadership skills that’ll ensure your success in a changing business climate.

Stepping into and embodying your leadership is the next level impact you’re being called into.

Legacy is an intimate and transformational
mentorship experience designed to help you ground in your Purpose so you can create the next level of your business.

The big program you keep putting off because it’s so soul-aligned and fucking scary?

The book you’re dying to write but never get around to?

The Ted X talk you’re dreaming about and simultaneously dreading?

I help you hold the fire of your passion while transmuting the terror so you can birth your soul’s calling.

This is the work that changes everything for you and leaves an indelible mark on the world.

Let’s face it, you’re not going to get this longview for your business in a group program or even a mastermind.

You want someone who’s fully tuned into where you are and where you’re going.

You want to make sure that your time and energy is efficiently directed towards the purpose work you came to do, not just tackling what’s next.

You want someone who’s going to guide you directly to the source point of that place that feels energetically “off” so you can integrate it and move forward with confidence, clarity and conviction.

This container will provide you the space, tools and support to move your vision forward with momentum and eyes on the future.

This is the time to focus on what really matters, beyond the next launch or program.

This mentorship is for you if you’re ready to embody a legacy and want the deep holding and support you’ve been seeking to make it happen.

Have the deep, soul-level explorations about what’s in alignment for you instead of trying to hit your next immediate goal.

Slow down and feel into what wants to emerge, tuning into it with presence and executing with integrity.

Receive the 1:1 depth, focus and accountability to receive your most audacious desires.

Legacy level vision rises above cultural trends and fluctuations in the industry to establish you as a leader to look to.

The time to develop you leadership is NOW

not in the future

"Honestly, I did not want to be doing this work when I started it. I was at a pressure point in my life where I knew I had to shed parts of my identity that were no longer serving me, and the tools I had available weren't supportive enough. I felt intuitively called to work with Isha. It was important for me to work with someone who was and is seeded in what they're preaching. Isha does what they ask others to do. Even then, I was uncomfortable for most of the months we worked together, and Isha patiently held space for my resistance. Isha helped me build self-trust by listening to my own body and understanding what I need. I no longer force my body to arrive on other people's timelines and can support my nervous system to expand at the pace I feel comfortable with. Investing in support and showing up for myself was one of the best decisions I've ever made; I feel like a totally different person. I've learned tools that I will keep forever and carry into all of my relationships."

Hi I’m Isha, leadership mentor, intuitive business guide, financial professional and embodiment coach.

As part of my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve taken every business course under the sun, from the toxic bro bullshit to the vanilla, paint-by-number junk and of course the magic and pussy based stuff.

What I learned by being in all of those containers was that the pragmatics of business were actually the simple part, and that it was LEADERSHIP that predicted whether or not you could sustain a successful business over the long term.

I also learned that when I really trusted myself to amplify my voice, my values and my big WHY, people began to take notice.

I make consistent content creation look easy, but it’s that I’ve done (and continue to do) the work to fully embody my leadership.

I trust my voice even when it doesn’t sound like anyone else’s.

I feel safe within myself to handle someone not liking what I have to say and unfollowing me.

I can hold myself through course corrections and criticisms.

The exponential growth I experienced in my business over the last 3 years was only possible because I had my nervous system skills and emotional leadership ON LOCK. 

And that’s exactly what I teach you to do. 

What to expect from me

As a former psychologist, I help you alchemize fear into your fiercest strengths in your online presence and messaging.

As a somatic coach, I provide you with repeatable tools to release the ancestral muck that will inevitably arise as you step deeper into your vision and purpose.

As an intuitive guide, I direct you towards deeper awareness of what’s TRULY blocking you from creating an even bigger impact while supporting your humxnity (and your bank account).

As an activist, I infuse liberatory models and systemic frameworks into our work.

Everything you need is already inside you, my job is to guide you back inward and uncover those jewels in service of your mission and vision! 

What you get with Legacy

18 embodied coaching sessions (50 minutes each) where you connect to and outline the path to your vision.

Access to me over a voice messaging app to maintain momentum and guide your process.

Simple, streamlined and focused mentorship over 9 months!



You also have full access to any courses I’ve created or live group programs I run during our time together!



The full investment in LEGACY is


Payment options include:

3 monthly installments of $4,940

6 monthly installments of $2,470

12 monthly installments of $1,240

Frequently Asked Questions

You get high touch, intimate and body-based support for what you’re wanting to birth in your business. Sessions are designed to clarify your vision and get to the root of where you’re getting stuck or not taking action.

Refunds are not offered. In circumstances where something is truly not a good fit or extreme life events happen, contracts are sometimes ended early. These rare instances happen at my discretion and after there have been several attempts to resolve the source of the issue.

This is the only true leadership coaching I offer but also have a shorter, 3-month 1:1 container that is specifically about revolutionizing your relationship with money.

If you’ve read through all of this and still have questions, book your free exploratory call and let’s talk about whether this container is the right fit for you.