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Welcome to Devotional Anarchy, a podcast about intimacy, attachment, sexuality, spirituality, self expression and other relational themes from a trauma responsive somatic energetic lens, and with a queer polyamorous twist, of course. I’m Isha Vela trauma psychologist somatic intimacy Alchemist shadow doula love at our guest, intuitive channel and sovereignty coach. You’re here because you understand that integrating intimacy wounds build safety and trust within your body. And that safety and trust is what allows you to fully own and direct your erotic and creative lifeforce in your relationships and purposeful work. My intention is for the conversations and tools shared in this podcast, to light a fire in your heart and under your magical ass while supporting you on your kinky human journey to owning all of yourself.

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Hello sovereign, I thought I’d end this year with a bit of a bang. A truly special treat by interviewing one of my favorite people in the coaching industry. My former coach and esteemed colleague Leah Ardent. Leah, she/they is a messaging strategist and the founder of the shamelessly successful actualization agency. Her passion is providing high provision creative vision and somatic support for ambitious coaches, consultants and creators. She and Mariah Russell have been partners in this pursuit for five years. And when she’s not working, you can find her walking through rice fields and snorkeling in beautiful Bali with her husband and two kiddos.

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The reason why I wanted to end Season Two with her is because she has her energetic feelers on the collective pulse of the coaching industry, and keeps it so fucking real about what’s required to write out the metaphorical long winters. Of course, being the word witch that she is, she does this with the most visceral and often hilarious metaphors. She’s got a bird’s eye view and is always three steps ahead. So you’ll really want to listen to what she has to say. In this episode, we talk about coaching trends, authenticity, money energetics, and what it really takes to survive as an entrepreneur in the coaching industry. I’ve included links to their website, instagram and facebook group in the show notes. All right, let’s dive in.

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Welcome Leah to the podcast. This is such a huge treat.

Unknown Speaker 2:24
It’s a treat for me, it’s always a treat to get to talk to you. It blows my mind open every time. Hmm. Thank you. Thank you. Same here. And you know, I was

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I was you know, saying before we started recording that, you know, I follow you for lots of different reasons. But one of the the big reasons I follow you is because you always have like your your fingertip on the next thing that’s happening like you, you are able to really feel into what what’s happening in the coaching industry. And you sense like you have a sense of what’s next. What is the next trend? What is developing behind the scenes, you seem to have a knack for really feeling into that. So I want you to share a little bit more about that. It’s almost like I’m a strategist.

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No, but I added stuff on it. I’m an intuitive strategist like yeah, first and foremost, it took me years to be like I don’t feel comfortable, like psychic medium or any of those weird things. But intuitive strategy is definitely what I do. And it’s it’s kind of sticking your toe into the deep waters of the collective consciousness and seeing what, what it comes up and then I have

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a lot of Scorpio in my chart. So exposing the dark places is kind of like the whole reason that I’m here. And I feel like I’ve been warning people in the coaching industry that a reckoning was coming for a while. Mm hmm. You have you have that, you know, I feel like I am somewhere. I was talking to my husband who is I’m a cross between Noah and Harriet Tubman. I feel like that’s like my energy all the time. It’s like, I’m just that crazy guy getting drunk by himself and building a boat talking about it’s gonna fly when it’s fine outside and everyone’s like, whatever bitch

Unknown Speaker 4:21
she’s still building that boat, whatever

Unknown Speaker 4:28
starts screaming and then you’re like, come this way. Yeah, and then it starts writing and people are like, so how’s that? That book? You’ve been working on?

Unknown Speaker 4:39
That spot scoring.

Unknown Speaker 4:41

Unknown Speaker 4:43
Yeah, that’s amazing. That’s amazing. That’s exactly that’s a perfect description and you have a way of using words your word which and you you know when we I was in your coaching container. You really helped me to play with words and get

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Creative with words. And yeah, I really appreciate that about you too. And there’s always this playfulness this like edginess in how you express things that is so delightful, too.

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But yes, like, what is it that you? What are some of the trends that you see that you’ve been talking about this reckoning, for example? Yeah, well, the biggest, the biggest trend is that, you know, it’s not like winter is coming. Like it’s the long winter for the coaching industry. Right now we had this, we had that period of time, like, I’d say, five or six years ago, when people were like, you’re a coach, what is that? And

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people didn’t understand what it was. And then everyone figured out what it was. And then a lot of people realized, Oh, this is a highly unregulated space. And we got saturated with, we got saturated with the bro marketers that came in and told us all of the bro marketing stuff. Yeah. And then we got saturated with the feminine kind of wave, the feminine coaching craze that came after that, that was kind of the balancing energy to the brutal marketing, but but they were both built quite precariously on like a lot of privilege and a lot of access, and quite frankly, a lot of bias and a lot of charisma over substance. Yeah. And it’s just like this house of cards, that is all come crumbling down. We had people captive in their homes for 18 months to write. Right? And they were selling all these, like, inflated success rates, because like, we have a literal captive audience. Yeah. And everybody that had jumped off of social media suddenly found themselves back on it again, and so 2020 2020, late 2020. And 2021 was like a renaissance for financially anyway, for a lot of people. And hopefully,

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well, maybe this will be the Renaissance, maybe it was whatever came right before the Dark Ages. Because I feel like now it’s like the dark ages of coaching where like, everyone’s just dying, you know, like, it’s just like a plague just coaching businesses, boom, boom, boom, like, just dropping lights. Like there’s somebody with a big cart, it’s just a bunch of people’s coaching careers hanging out the back of it.

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You know, we were and I think it’s a good thing, in some ways.

Unknown Speaker 7:39
Why? So? In some ways, it’s a good thing. No, sorry. Go ahead. No, no, in what ways? In what ways? Yeah. In some ways, it’s a good thing, because we are purging the excess. Mm hm. Right. The the people Lucy lip gloss, I call her the girl who just got a blow out and some lip gloss and decided she’s a coach now. And her basic marketing strategy is to not through any necessarily deliberate maliciousness of her own, make everyone feel like if they could just be close to her for an exorbitant amount of money, then maybe they can be as successful as she is. And so this kind of culty career driven

Unknown Speaker 8:25
substance list coaching, a lot of that is losing steam. But unfortunately, it’s losing steam, because all the people who could afford to invest put their money in these very baseless programs that weren’t giving anybody any people aren’t leaving with real skills or tangible results. And sometimes not even with like life changing transformation, because it doesn’t have to be something you can touch. But people are realizing that they just spent

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1020 $40,000 to feel like they’re sitting at the cool kids table right in. And now

Unknown Speaker 9:06
the sad thing is, those charismatics are poised to be the people who survive because they have all the capital left. And the people who had real gifts that they want to get out in the world are now suddenly under resourced to actually get their coaching businesses off the ground. So that’s kind of the that’s the negative so there’s like a top middle and bottom way that it’s impacting the talent is always nine. Right? Yeah, that’s why everybody’s trying to scramble to get up there because they can have they have enough resources to ride out this dry period. Yeah, put all their money into ADS and to try a whole bunch of different funnels and and be the 1% that actually survives. And then the people who never had any real talent or any real motivation to begin with, they’ll fall off because they’re not making enough money to make it worth their while anymore. They’ll move on to another

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scam. Okay, but it’s the people in the middle that I’m really concerned about people who did have talent did have skill did have motivation. And now they just can’t afford to run their coaching businesses anymore. And you know, and what I hear you saying is that people who were buying coaching packages before or entering programs, and got burned, are now much more reluctant. And yeah, they’ve been burned and they don’t want they’re reluctant to put their money down again.

Unknown Speaker 10:31
Yeah, yeah, a lot of there’s a lot of actual trauma, there’s a lot of investment trauma from people who are in the industry. And, you know, I think I try not to be a bitch.

Unknown Speaker 10:45
I don’t really

Unknown Speaker 10:47
I say that, but yeah, I try to try. But it’s, there’s kind of I think, as a black woman in the space, I feel a lot of I told you so.

Unknown Speaker 10:59
Because if we’re really honest, the coaching industry has been a pretty privileged subsidy. Totally.

Unknown Speaker 11:08
Program. Yeah, like all the girls that didn’t want to didn’t have the discipline to or didn’t have the temperament to, you know, finish whatever they were into.

Unknown Speaker 11:20
They kind of got into these charisma based circles, and they just rode on that. And, and a lot of times, they said they were selling strategy and what they’re really their strategy was access. I’m a person who has access to people with money. And I’m someone that makes them feel a certain set of emotions, and this makes them want to give me money. And it gives me money, I will show them how to get access, I will give them access to the, you know, the platform that I’ve created. So I’m creating like it was this weird kind of, there is a play, I guess there’s sort of a fantasy. There’s sort of this fantasy, it’s still feels a little bit like the Yeah, like the cool girls club, as you said, like this, this be in my energy or Yeah, to join the Club. And people are wanting to, in that sense, escape who they are, so that they can be someone else instead of coaching, helping people be exactly who they are, without having to change anything, right? How can you teach what you don’t know? Like, if identity foreclosure is the is the contingency for success? How are you going to teach someone how to be authentic? Like you can’t like if

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you don’t have Yeah, right. You don’t have that to give someone? Yeah. And then it’s like, why are all the coaches so similar? Why are all the programs similar? Why is everything so overpriced, and I’m all for high ticket by the way, like I’m not down on high ticket, I love high ticket, I’ve done high ticket, I actually have plans to do even more high ticket I’m raising my prices in 2023 I’ve been working on accessibility for five years, anybody who didn’t get it done want it. And

Unknown Speaker 13:12

Unknown Speaker 13:15
but I just think that there’s

Unknown Speaker 13:19
the most lovely lie in coaching is that everyone has what it takes to be successful. And

Unknown Speaker 13:27
if that were the case, then everyone would just be successful, you know, is it’s this weird.

Unknown Speaker 13:35
To me, it’s like plantation propaganda.

Unknown Speaker 13:39
And I hate to I always you always get there so much in me that I don’t say to anybody else. I stopped talking to you.

Unknown Speaker 13:47
public forums, um, but there’s this plantation propaganda. And it’s like, it’s like these privileged girls sitting up on a veranda sipping tea and fluffing their dresses, and talking about how what did somebody tell me the other day?

Unknown Speaker 14:07
Oh, God, the divine doesn’t hustle.

Unknown Speaker 14:12
Like, everything is for lazy and everything is for ease, and everything is for flow. And it’s like, no bitch, somebody else is just doing the work. That’s your model is is coaching colonialism. Like you just want to show up. And you know that people will pay you for your privilege, or the philosophy that you are upholding just by existing. And that’s kind of what you’re teaching everyone instead of like, maybe get uncomfortable. Maybe getting into alignment means getting uncomfortable, maybe doing actual work. Maybe it means

Unknown Speaker 14:54
paying the people who do the actual work reasonable rates and wait

Unknown Speaker 15:00
Just for the work that they’re doing, or like at least admitting that they exist, because what I see is a lot of solopreneurs wondering why they’re not expensive. And they’ll say to me some seven figure coach’s name, they’ll say, so and so did it. And she does it all organically. And so like, I don’t understand why it’s not working. And I was like, seeing that someone reached seven figures organically is like saying, Rick James died of natural causes.

Unknown Speaker 15:32
I mean, yeah, it’s a natural causes. If you do cocaine for 30 years that you die at that age, then yes, naturally, that’s what happens. If you need that having a team having messaging, having graphics, having massages, having access to health care, like, if you mean that naturally, the bitch hit seven figures, because she’s got 100 people supporting her enterprise, then organically. Yes, she achieved that. Right? Yeah. And people don’t talk, compare yourself to her and you’re doing all your stuff on Canva and writing all your own copy and filming all your own content and posting your own content. Exactly. Like you’re, you’re a coach, you’re a videographer. You’re a graphic designer, you’re a copywriter, you’re all the things yes. As we all are, I am that person. Like I’m the person who does all the things largely because I even I have a team, I still am looking for it. So

Unknown Speaker 16:27
that’s another episode. But um, yeah, so it’s just I think that people have got to are starting to see like the woman behind the curtain and all of these, and it’s making them realize, oh, the reason you made seven figures is because I was willing to pay you. I was willing to pay you five or six just to be in your space. I mean, that’s the secret. Yes. Right. And so that’s what makes it a little bit, not a little bit a sort of a pyramid scheme, right? Where you’re like, you’re paying this this one person all of this money, and they’re able to outsource all of these tasks, and thereby then make more money.

Unknown Speaker 17:05
Yeah, it’s the what like, looks like a documentary on the tinder when low Tinder swindler? Yes. Like it’s 100%. And that it’s like, taking Katie’s money and using it to impress Tiffany. So you can take Tiffany’s money and use it to impress Lauren, so you can take Lauren’s money like it’s it’s 100% that Yeah, it’s like you don’t have to pay. This is a

Unknown Speaker 17:33
this is where the bias piece comes in. Yeah. And I look at it in raising my own daughter and,

Unknown Speaker 17:41
and son for that matter. When I look at Disney movies, because I love I love it was interesting. When I watched the the tinder swindler the woman talked about this, right? I remember that she mentioned the Disney thing. And I always talked about this with with with building bias. In many ways, we have already been sold a number of different layers of fantasy. Mm hmm. And so when we find a fantasy that aligns with the our pre existing fantasies, it feels like truth. Yes. And we have been sold this image of this beautiful woman who is blonde and magical? And is the answer to whatever is, you know, the story will be fine as long as she’s doing well. And so this makes us predisposed to see her doing well. When she shows up in our inbox and says, I have all the answers. Just give me your money. It’s not even a leap of faith. It feels like the truth. Yes, yes. And it really hits into the part of us that I don’t know what even as you’re as you’re talking, I’m feeling that part of me that has been vulnerable to that, right? The part of me that wants to go, Oh, yes. Like, tell me the answers or show me the way or just like almost like relieve me from this burden I’m carrying from this, like, from the uncertainty or from this part of me that thinks it doesn’t know things or right. There’s a vulnerability there that gets like that gets just like, pinned, and then we’re there buying it.

Unknown Speaker 19:23
Yeah, I mean, I could make so much more money if I would just be a better liar. Like if I just stopped giving a shit about people I would have and I’m not saying that everyone who’s made making money is lying. By the way. There’s a bunch of amazing, authentic, powerful coaches out there. Yeah. But

Unknown Speaker 19:46
you, you have to do the digging and it has to be more than pretty packaging and it has to be more than subtle dog whistles to specific Yes.

Unknown Speaker 20:00
economic levels, you know, the coaching had the wide brim hat mafia that is just like

Unknown Speaker 20:09
the Austin. Yeah, it’s like I get it, like I get it, you have money. And so you’re telling me other people that have money that they shouldn’t be working with you? I don’t know. It just, it’s just humanity. It’s not just the coaching industry. And let’s be fair, it’s yeah, this is like the state of human vulnerability to charisma and our desire to be part of something larger. And sometimes our desire to avoid hard work and the fantasy of our own exceptionalism, and all of those things they just came to bear on the coaching industry. But I think the hope is that now that these now that the flood is occurring, hopefully everything that’s not rooted down will get washed away. And the people that are left will be able to replant. And like, yeah, it’s something new for the rest of us. This is this is what I’m committed to is not just, you know,

Unknown Speaker 21:09
talking shit about the past.

Unknown Speaker 21:13
Creating some inroads to a better industry. No, what I what I hear you talking about, what I hear you addressing is like the the leadership piece around how to show up in as a coach, right, or like how to show up as a leader in the coaching world in your business. And that there has to be like this, this truth. And congruency. Like what you say is how you do and vice versa. And that is just like you just like, like this, you said the flood washing away, that really spoke to me, because a lot of the shutters ungrounded it’s just ungrounded. And so it really is about like planting your feet on the earth, just getting to the unvarnished truth, just saying the fucking thing that needs to be said. And stop playing into people’s fantasies and play into into people’s, like the fantasy of wanting to escape the grittier aspects of just being alive. You know? It’s like, no, no, like, I was talking to, to one of my, one of my friends and, you know, she was like, So what do you do? And I was like, I help people be with their shame and pain and their grief

Unknown Speaker 22:28
is what I do, right? It’s like, yeah, I help people be in the really shitty emotions you don’t want to feel so that you can transmute them and like, you know, turn them into gold or something like turn them into like nuggets.

Unknown Speaker 22:40
But we were just laughing about that because uh, yeah, that’s the truth. You know? And so a lot of times we don’t we don’t say those things because like, ill people don’t want to hear that, you know?

Unknown Speaker 22:50
Yeah, it’s really interesting when I was just I was walking my daughter around this morning before we got on this call because she

Unknown Speaker 22:58
I’m trying to she’s already a Scorpio with a Leo moon so I’m trying to like de Princess defy her. And she’s living a different life than I lived at her age. Like she already has, you know, she’s like a full time nanny. And that’s like, oh, you know kids have nannies but it’s also like she has she has full time staff. Like her nanny interacts those her like, she is like she’s an employee. She’s used to like, I need this go this she is she’s accustomed to being tended to in a certain way. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 23:30
And so this morning, we were walking around and we looked over our I don’t know if like a veranda we have an extended like L shaped veranda. And there is a woman down in the rice field and she had cleared all the flowers and she was digging in the dirt. Older colonies woman she gets up in the morning and she beats this this board to scare the snakes out of the rice field. You know, it’s like this fairy. Yeah, every day like we hear her out there scaring the snakes to get started for the morning. And so you know, we get up and we say hello to the day hello to the elements and the rice field and to our neighbors and to the sky and all the things and I was showing my daughter and I was like Do you see this over here we have the rice field and over here we have someone digging with their feet in the dirt if you want the harvest, you have to do the work and so my daughter is just acquiring language she is one but it’s really important to me that she understands if you want to harvest you got to get your feet in the dirt and do the work. Yeah, because like the world doesn’t need and I’m super all for the Princess Bride like you know me I’m extra A F like to the max many I can put crown into my Google Photo search and I have to scroll through it.

Unknown Speaker 24:44
But like I’m trying to get her past the princess and into her like Ambrus vibes like calm.

Unknown Speaker 24:51
Right and something that I’ve always respected about you is that, you know, is your I mean I entered your container to change

Unknown Speaker 25:00
My relationship with money. And it really worked. And something that I, like I said, something that I really admired about you is how like you, you say you’re extra AF, and the way that you manage that extra ness and like you have staff, the way that you talk about treating your staff, and the way that you build relationships, like it’s still still relationship based, it’s feels very intimate. It feels like this redistribution of wealth. So I would love for you to talk just a little bit about that, because it really shifted for me, the way I relate to money and the way I relate to extra as snus.

Unknown Speaker 25:45
Yes, yeah. That like, oh, I can’t even tell you like,

Unknown Speaker 25:49
do you ever? I’m sure this happens to you, because you change lives all the time? Do you like change lives? Do you just keep going like that didn’t happen, and you forget that you’re actually impacting people. So thank you for even that moment of acknowledgement, my soul needed that those nourishing.

Unknown Speaker 26:05
Yeah, my goal in life is to

Unknown Speaker 26:14
help human society re orient its relationship to wealth. Yes. It’s so funny. I just had this like wealth as a woman, like that’s the words that came into my mind. And I’ll have to sit with that and figure out what the universe fully means. Like, I think I feel like

Unknown Speaker 26:37
and I’m going to take this back to the Bible. And this is just because I’m from the south. So like, I can’t get away from it. I have so many biblical references and myself. And the nature of delusion is to like, the way it works is that it just twist the truth. So like, one of the reasons that

Unknown Speaker 26:57
I talk about like slavery or make raisin like references to it in my work, is not just because like, I’m black, and I’m fixated on slavery, but because our economic systems have been built on exploitation. And so like this is our relationship to wealth, that this is this concept of selling your soul that in order to have enough you will harm another exploit another Yes. Because the scarcity is the basis of exploitation. Yes, location presumes that there is not enough. And so I have to have mine at the expense of you having yours. And so this is such a broken Foundation, and we can’t build our businesses on that foundation, what if we can show that there isn’t enough?

Unknown Speaker 27:46
And then build from there? Yeah, so

Unknown Speaker 27:49
that means that yes, I could charge $20,000 for a 10k program or program that I can easily make profit on it and have it be 5k. Because I’ve got to have, I’ve got to have so so so much more. Or I can offer all of my substance list teachings at the 10k level and say that to the people who have 40k, to tell them the truth of how they need to build their businesses, or like all of these, you know, relationships with like, I love our nanny, like she’s, she’s helping you take care of like, the most precious things I have my family like, she has her own family, we actually just like, gave her a bonus this last week, because my daughter is like up and walking. And she wasn’t expecting that we didn’t tell him we were gonna do that. But it was like we hit a milestone, we wouldn’t have hit that milestone without you being there.

Unknown Speaker 28:40
I know what you want. So I tell her all the time, I’m like, you take care of my children, I take care of yours. I was like, This is not a half down relationship. We need each other. And I will always treat you like I need you because I need you. Right. So they are dependents and reciprocity is key. She’s a businesswoman. She has her own other business. She has like her own children around family, she has her own aspirations, you know, and I asked her for advice on all kinds of things. And I think this is like the relationship with women is very similar to the relationship with with wealth that we’ve been taught, the only way we can have it is to explain it.

Unknown Speaker 29:22
To you, if we would just hold it in, in reverence and wonderment, it would feel safe enough to give us the desires of our heart. Yes. And so yeah, in all ways, and in all things. I’m trying to replicate and change that dynamic. And every, every container I create, and every relationship I’m in and I’m trying to just reaffirm it in my own heart all the time. It’s so interesting. You say you use your hands went out like this, when you said Give, give me the things that I want or something like that, but your hands were going out. And I think that is that exemplifies sort of in an embodied way. What is happening here is

Unknown Speaker 30:00
that you receive, you give and you receive, right there is this flow just like, you and I have talked about the flow of love, right? Like, you give love, you receive love and the person that you give love to you’re not necessarily gonna get it back from them. It’s not tit for tat. But it comes around in a way, right, like, you know, there there as sort of like, looking at the flow of money and the flow of love and the bigger collective, you know, scope or realm or space?

Unknown Speaker 30:29
Yeah, absolutely, absolutely. It’s so funny, because sometimes I feel like,

Unknown Speaker 30:35
you feel powerless in the face of it, all the enormity of all of it. And like I said, I have been kind of building a boat for the last two years.

Unknown Speaker 30:46
I didn’t realize it’s so funny. Like, I’m such a talk therapy person, like, I think sometimes they add, I forget that I’ve done things are like the things are happening. And then like,

Unknown Speaker 30:59
that happens all the time with like our VA, and I’m like, you know, we should do, we should do blah, blah, blah. And she’s like you did that. It’s over here. And I’m like, Oh, fantastic. That’s a good idea.

Unknown Speaker 31:11
So like, we knew this was coming for the coaching industry, we knew that it was going to first off the coaching industry. And all of these online industries are a big threat to the status quo, because it frees people from

Unknown Speaker 31:27

Unknown Speaker 31:29
traditional ways of growing monetarily and with the amount of content that has to be created, you have to have a lot of time, or you have to have a lot of money and who has a lot of time equals a lot of money.

Unknown Speaker 31:41
So it’s it’s very subtle ways. It’s getting harder and harder to be successful. As a solopreneur. As a as a coach, like we’re, if we aren’t careful, we’re gonna get relegated to less and less of the market. Because with what’s happening with the algorithms and organic algorithms, and the decrease in organic visibility, the only way to get ahead on a lot of the platforms is to be there constantly. And you know, if if some of these platforms were a partner, they would be a toxic partner, because it’s like, Where were you today? Three posts four times. Attention to me. Yeah, who are you with? Pay attention to me? And it’s a little it’s a, I mean, it’s real. It’s unhealthy. Like, I’m gonna just come out and say, like, mental health, if

Unknown Speaker 32:31
it’s not okay. For that to be a requirement. When people have families, and the business is like, what if you get all of this visibility? How are you going to serve those people? You got to make content four times a day? Right? Right. Yeah. How the hell’s last historic. Right. So that’s a really subtle way of like stemming the ability of certain types of people who have the power to to create real change. And so the boat that we’ve built is our actualization agency. Yeah, and which is a group of solopreneurs coming together to,

Unknown Speaker 33:08
to create something that’s like greater than the, you know, the sum of our parts. And it’s been really interesting, having the experience of trying to put a bunch of entrepreneurs who let’s be frank, they don’t play well with others. That’s why they work for themselves. Like into a shared space it Yeah, teaching me a lot about human nature, for sure. Wow. And so what is your what is your solution as much as you as much or as little as you want to share about like, how to remedy this mining of attention? That happens on the platforms on the social media platforms? Well, I mean, our solution has been to create a to create community. So I’ve been talking about content creation a lot this year. Yes. Earlier you and I were talking about like, sometimes you just don’t want to show your face. Yeah. A lot of the people who became coaches, they have no background in business they like they don’t people. I mean, I taught rich craft, which was very a woo as a spiritual container. And quite frankly, it was the container that my soul crafted as my body was getting ready to carry and carried my daughter. Yes, it was born out of

Unknown Speaker 34:26
me raising my frequency to bring my daughter into being so sacred container and I’m still so grateful for all of

Unknown Speaker 34:36
all of you that were in there.

Unknown Speaker 34:38
But what I realized is that

Unknown Speaker 34:42
between the attention mining and like the time that’s required, the content that’s required

Unknown Speaker 34:48
we’re gonna lose a lot of good people in this kind of flood if again, if we don’t build a boat, so the boat is like how do people come together and create more agency for each people for each person like you

Unknown Speaker 35:00
Each individual and so our answer has been to be to form this Creative Collective. We have a bunch of non competing coaches, like they all stand very firmly in their complementary but not

Unknown Speaker 35:15
not like competitive niche. Yeah, they all have something that an entrepreneur or an organization can need and benefit from like, like, somewhere. Yeah, like and the journey. So like we have, we say it’s a body, being in business. And so like we have me and like the tech people that are doing all the like, strategy stuff, like get your messaging together, get your tech together, get your content creation together and organized. And now we’re moving very aggressively into SEO, content creation, and those kinds of things. So you aren’t relying on your face for those of us that are

Unknown Speaker 35:58
getting on in years and don’t feel like doing this all the time. Or like for me, I have a new baby. And I don’t want her to not recognize me without having a full face of makeup on. You know, like, I want to just be a bum many days of the week. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 36:12
So it’s really interesting. It’s like, yes, you need to be putting out.

Unknown Speaker 36:17
Possibly, I don’t know, a minimum of four blogs a month. But it’d be better if you were putting out like

Unknown Speaker 36:25
12 big companies are putting out hundreds of pieces of content every day. Yeah, right. So how do you keep up with that is it that you become because a lot of these programs that I find for coaches, they just teach you how to become something else, they’re like, take my program. So you can hit six figures or seven figures and you get in and you realize it’s a digital marketing program. You don’t want to be a digital marketer, you want to be a coach.

Unknown Speaker 36:50
Now you have all this knowledge, I’ve seen so many coaches who become this is my everyone became a business coach.

Unknown Speaker 36:57
Guess like people started off with human design. Now their business coaches, the star of astrology and other business coaches, they were doing Reiki and other business coaches, because they took all these programs that talk business strategy, and they’re so invested that now they don’t know how to teach anything else. So they just have to reteach the stuff that they just spent 20 $40,000

Unknown Speaker 37:19
Just to get their investment back.

Unknown Speaker 37:22
It’s like they’re not but they but they’ve never really run real businesses other than a one. And they hadn’t run brick and mortar. They hadn’t done sales. So we’ve kind of come together and everybody has their own sector. We have a couple of people who work in Cymatics. You know, my business partner Mariah is Yeah, heavy into Cymatics. Yeah. And clearing

Unknown Speaker 37:42
stagnant energies from the body as a way to increase your efficacy. Yes, this person. Yeah. But we have another leaf, we have another woman who’s a Medical Medium, and I work with her as like to keep myself from being a, you know, just a burnt out boss, keep my physical systems. Yes, we’re not and like functioning really optimally and to just be held. We have somebody who teaches people how to create their group programs so that they are in their retreat so that they’re really transformative and powerful, and not just thrown together. Because you want to hold the retreat, and you’ve never done it, and you’re just kind of flying by the seat of your ass. Yeah, um, so it’s just like all of these women coming together. And because we’re together, we can hit all of these milestones.

Unknown Speaker 38:31
We have the agility of a corporation, yes.

Unknown Speaker 38:36
Small business. We have

Unknown Speaker 38:38
a small business, but we’re still individuals. And to me, I think that is the answer. I think the life raft is going to come when the coaches who remain realize, Oh, my mission is more important than my ego, I don’t have to be the belle of the ball, I can share the space, I can share the burden, I can share the hardship, and I can share this whole ease and flow thing if there are other people to help. So I think that’s the move for people who are in the middle. And honestly, I think that’s the move for the middle class period. I think that in all places of life, if the middle class, quote, air quotes, middle class is going to survive. What’s happening, we’re gonna have to reconstitute the village. Hmm. So you’re saying like, like colabs relationships, referral processes, that kind of thing. networking, networking, sort of using a traditional term? Yeah, definitely. But I think with us what, at least in our agency, we’re all under one roof like Yes. You know, we’re in right. So yeah, you’re a wraparound actualization agency as a wraparound service. You could just Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it’s it’s comprehensive support for our clients, but it’s also comprehensive support for us. Nice. Yes. Yeah. So it’s very much like it’s, you know, me

Unknown Speaker 40:00
Integrity is the thing. It should be the same thing on the inside as on the outside, right? Yes, yes. Yes, that is the congruence piece, we’ve learned a lot. It’s taken us 20 years to pull that together. And our hope is really that at some point in the next few years, you will be helping other groups of people figure out how to come together and create

Unknown Speaker 40:18
coaching collectives and consulting collectives like this.

Unknown Speaker 40:23
The people who really are powerful, can not just survive, but thrive. And yes, in this very demanding environment.

Unknown Speaker 40:32
You said earlier, not everyone has what it takes, what do you really feel is sort of at the core of what it takes

Unknown Speaker 40:46
to be an entrepreneur.

Unknown Speaker 40:50
To be a successful entrepreneur.

Unknown Speaker 40:53
You know, being a successful entrepreneur, it’s not like being successful doctor or a successful lawyer. When you are in traditional fields, there is an existing a pre existing mechanism that you get to lean on. Yes, right. A doctor has the support of the pharmaceutical industry and the medical industrial industry, the like the engineering, all the parts that go into these structures? Yeah, they’re part of a mechanism and it’s gonna keep turning it it has every reason to support you. Yes. Because you’re a part of it. Yeah. You decide, you’re like, some kind of transformational person who is already dealing with perhaps a lot of unseen, right, whether that’s feelings, yes. Thoughts or energies? There’s not a structure there to support you. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 41:47
Right. I mean, there is, but it’s in the intangible.

Unknown Speaker 41:52
Yeah, that’s what I tell people, like the structures as support are like, you have to build an internal structure.

Unknown Speaker 41:58
Yeah, very much your development house understood. This is why like Cymatics, for CEOs is really, really important. People asked that I get questioned a lot is like, layer, how are you doing all this? How do you how to hit multi six figures when you are on bed rest? And like in and out of the hospital? You know, like, how did you How have you managed to put together an agency as a side project of business you are already building when you have a special needs teen and an aging parent, and now have, you know, a demanding one year old without losing your mind? And of course, the real answer is I lose my mind periodically. Number one, that definitely happened.

Unknown Speaker 42:43
But if I hadn’t put so much into regulating my nervous system,

Unknown Speaker 42:49
yeah, I wouldn’t be able to do anything. And so

Unknown Speaker 42:53
when I say not everyone has what it takes. I mean, a couple of things. I mean, not everyone has the nervous system that can withstand the stresses of entrepreneurship. Yeah. And if you’re going to invest, you got to invest in infrastructure. And yes, that’s tech, and training and team, right. But it’s also nervous system regulation. Absolutely. So all of that infrastructure if you’re going to be able to stay in this very grueling game of entrepreneurship, and this is why I talk so much endless shit about the programs that overcharge. And they don’t give you any of those things. It’s like, if you have only 25 grand to invest in your business, and you get in a program, and all that program does is tell you what you need to get.

Unknown Speaker 43:45
And what you need to get cost $25,000 your businesses tanked like you’re done. Yeah. Right. I would rather people come to someone who will say, here’s what you need, here’s what I think it’s going to cost. And here’s how long it’ll probably take, do you want to make this investment, and that’s the difference between most coaches is that they don’t want to ask you, they don’t want to give you informed consent. They don’t want to risk you saying no to their program by telling you what it will and won’t do. And so we’d or on the other hand, we try and lay it all out and be like, This is what we’re gonna do. You want to get on board, right? Like what’s actually required, what does the path actually look like? Not just like glittery outcomes. But here’s what the real work is. Here’s where the real work is. Yeah. And then a lot of people just don’t they don’t want a lot of people don’t really want to work and I you know, I was saying before we jumped on that I’m like, I don’t know if I’m the coach for anyone that’s under 35 I just really don’t. Because there’s like a generational expectation. You know, my when I think about our parents, our parents play Do you remember the like sticks like do you adults used to be like dogs

Unknown Speaker 45:00
All it was like a dried out Apple husk and they stuck it on a stick. And then they like put buttons on, they put a sock over his head, and then they put but

Unknown Speaker 45:15
there’s these, this generation of people who’ve been born, everything is so gratifying everything is BBB. And it on a neurological level, they’ve gotten so addicted to reward. Their brain literally hasn’t been bored yet. And so anything that doesn’t lead to a quick BBB, or a flash of light or a vibration that they fall apart in their little hands, and they’re like, this isn’t working. And I’m like, No, it’s work isn’t working, but the rewards are really

Unknown Speaker 45:48
their extended base down. Yes. That’s right. That’s right. So what is it, I think that’s the other thing is that we have to recondition, we have to consciously choose what kind of humans we’re going to be because there are so many super structures in place right now that are designed to make us just one type of human. And some people

Unknown Speaker 46:09
just want to go the path of least resistance and those people should honor that about themselves, they should be honest about it, and they should honor it, and then they should go work for someone else. There’s nothing wrong with working for someone else. Everyone needs good employees, no entrepreneur can accomplish what they accomplish without good employees. Find a mechanism, a movement that you can be a part of and become a part of it. But don’t tell yourself that you want to be an entrepreneur and then beat yourself up when you realize all that that comes with, just because a lot of some of my most successful relationships with clients have ended with them. Not being entrepreneurs.

Unknown Speaker 46:51
has ended with deciding that they’re not going to do it.

Unknown Speaker 46:56
Sometimes they realize, oh shit, this is what it takes. I don’t want to do this. Wow. Amazing, I do this, I want to go back to like, you know, I want to go work for my parents business. Or I want to go back to my nine to five or like, whatever it is, and it’s like, okay, how can we find a beautiful way for you to go back to your nine to five? How can we find a beautiful way for you to be a part of your family business? Like, there’s also this kind of like shame of if you can’t be an entrepreneur, there’s something wrong with you. But entrepreneur is not a it’s not a title, you can just take it’s a personality type. And either you’re going to cultivate those characteristics. Or you should find something else that’s a better fit. Because simply everyone is not meant for this. You have to fucking love it because it comes with a particular shit sandwich.

Unknown Speaker 47:47
Right? It’s like being a parent. I got put on so many times this week, because we’re potty training. Like I got pooped on in a pool. I’m the Dr. Seuss of getting to town this week. I got pooped on in a bus like I get pooped on. I don’t fuss. Like it’s fun. Yes, I do. I get pooped on. How about you?

Unknown Speaker 48:09
Parenting? You know, it’s easy to want the pictures with the kids with the bows. Right? Oh, right.

Unknown Speaker 48:16
teenager who craps on me metaphorically.

Unknown Speaker 48:21
Because it’s just that’s the job. It’s the same thing. Entrepreneurship. Yes, I agree. I agree a layup. This was just magical. Thank you so much for coming on today for making the time out of your very busy work and momming schedule.

Unknown Speaker 48:41
I love ending the year with you this way.

Unknown Speaker 48:44
Thank you for making time you’re burning things up. It’s always a joy to like, watch your beautiful trajectory and all the wonderful work that you do I am

Unknown Speaker 48:55
ever impressed. Hmm.

Unknown Speaker 48:59
Just to like

Unknown Speaker 49:02
Sodra you birth again, I’m ever impressed with, like, the substance that you carry, and that you bring in the work that you do in a field that for the last couple of years has almost ignored substance. Hmm. Thank you for helping me develop that. Yeah, it’s been thank you for sticking in there, man. Like you’re amazing. So I’m like, Look, you can talk to me anytime, like I will make time always to come talk to you because you nourish my soul just every time. So thank you for the work that you do in the world. And thank you for having me. Yay.

Unknown Speaker 49:40
Thank you for listening to today’s episode. Remember to hit the subscribe button to get notified of new episodes dropping on the new and full moons of each month. And if you haven’t already, leave us a five star review on iTunes to make sure that everyone who needs this transmission receives it. Until the next episode I’m sending you fierce fierce love