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3.19 | What Pluto Entering Aquarius Means for the Future of Your Business with Karrie Myers

Welcome to Devotional Anarchy, a podcast about intimate embodied leadership that is radically human, honest AF and thereby inherently disruptive to systems of disempowerment and disconnection. I’m Isha Vela, trauma psychologist certified somatic intimacy Alchemist, wealth wizard shadow doula love anarchist intuitive channel and sovereign business coach. You’re here because you know intimate self connection is the source of everything you want to create in life. And that building safety and trust in your own body is what allows you to fully own and steward your energy and your relationships. Get ready to explore attachments, sexuality, spirituality, self expression and sovereignty and other relational themes from a trauma responsive somatic energetic lens. The conversations and tools shared in this podcast are designed to offer permission to create the abundant life, love and business that lights your soul on fire.

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Welcome to another must listen to episode of the devotional anarchy podcast, where I sit down with Carrie Myers aka self carry, who is an astrological guide feminine frequency coach and soon to be certified financial advisor and wealth asset manager which is how we met. Her story is fascinating. And in her astrology Works uses your birth chart to help you release and resolve ancestral karmic patterns develop energetically matched love relationships and business partnerships, and reset your bodily organs and systems for greater self value prosperity and resources. She’s also provided astrological advisement to companies like Pinterest and Roblox and she has been featured in San Francisco’s gate magazine and Redfin’s real estate blog. So hot shit.

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And in this episode, Carrie makes some predictions about the future of business and investing and the economy that you’re gonna want to hear because it might shift the direction of your business. So let’s get into it.

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Hi, Carrie, I have been so excited to get into this conversation with you. Thank you for agreeing to be here. Absolutely. This is so Kismet. And so fun. And I’m happy to be a part of it. Yeah. Cool, cool. And like I was sharing you just before we jumped on here is that there’s so many so much we could get to on the topic of astrology and finance. But I feel like I just want you to start with like how you got into astrology and how you sort of merged the two together, right? Because everybody has a story, a journey. So I want to hear yours.

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Well, they came in two parts. The first came the astrology and then came the financial stuff. You know, about 10 years ago, I had a huge physical transformation where I lost at this point 150 plus pounds.

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Yes, I had been obese most of my life. And that was mostly the result of trauma experience. So you know, no, we’re going to talk about shadow stuff today. And that was one of the main reasons that I went into astrology was to understand my shadows. I had been obese for most of my life, and then around 36 years old, which if you’re an astrologer, you know, that’s, that’s when the North Node usually starts becoming a thing. In hindsight now, I know Yes, but around 36 years hold, you know, I’ve been struggling with my weight most of my life. And I just said, You know what I this has to go. And I remember looking in the mirror and just saying, I don’t care what my face looks like, I just know this, isn’t it. And it wasn’t like, it wasn’t like, I want to look like Beyonce. Or I want to look like Jennifer Lopez. It was like, I want my face that faces heavy, fine. If that basis, then find that that faces another face altogether. I just want mine.

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And that was the beginning of that awakening. I mean, very, I think two weeks later, a friend of mine introduced me to a program that helped me cut out a lot of flour and sugar. And that was my main addictions. And that is when my weight loss journey began.

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But about a year after that, because I lost most of my weight in the first nine months. I was, you know, going through this kind of physical stripping, but also identity stripping. Like I couldn’t even recognize myself in my walk past years. And they’d be like, That’s me. Whoa, who is that? You know? And so I started seeing a therapist, and at that time I had been the, the creator and founder of my own video production company and I had was was building it up very big here in the San Francisco Bay area where I now live, or I lived them too and

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So I was starting to have all of these Uber’s sensitivity to everything, like losing the weight. I had gained more confidence and got more clients and I had a staff and it was things were booming. And I was also like, everything was louder. Like, sounds were louder, as colors were brighter. And there’s my sensitivity was just on just high. And I was my accent now ex husband and I were living in San Francisco at the time, which, you know, I lived in New York before, you know, like, I didn’t understand why I could not live in the city, you know, and I was crying every time I saw a baby or a puppy or a touched a tree. Like what’s happening.

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So I started seeing a therapist. And the therapist was also an astrologer, and had been for 30 years, she had been a star cartographer. And so she got my birth information. And it was just obsession at first, first try, like, as soon as she told me, she said, I’m going to show you why you’re going through what you’re going through right now. And what’s coming up, and I was sold. after that. I said, like, I was so completely helped and healed. By learning about my own astrology. I knew I had to do it for other people. And that’s how I, yeah, chills, chills and hearing your story. And also like, just feeling you shifting out of like, the numbness of how we learn to be in our bodies, shifting out of that into feeling and sensation, having it be like, oh, like very intense and feeling all that sensitivity. Right. All of the feelings bubbling up. Wow. It’s powerful event. Yeah, all of it. Yeah. It’s, again, in hindsight, at the time, you just think you’re going crazy? Yeah. Like, why can’t I work 80 hours a week, you know, and now I’m like, nobody should know. But not let the time it just use like you don’t fit in. You don’t fit with society? And how are you going to survive? And how are you going to live? You know? Yes, yes. And the identity pieces are so real about like, who you believe yourself to be and what you believed you were capable of is changing as your physical appearance is changing. And you are like, you’re seeing that, that confidence play out in this video production company that you’re building and growing. Right, Greg?

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Yeah. And then and then

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how did how did the shift happen into finance? Like, how did they come together? Okay. Well, what’s interesting, I mean, when you become an astrologer, and especially when you start looking at other people’s charts, so in the beginning, it’s a whole pity party, because you’re just like, Oh, my God, everything’s wrong with my chart, like I’m a mess, and how Chiron is up all over the place, right? Like, how have I made it this far? That’s what I kept thinking. It was just very first year was this pity party. I don’t want to tell anybody about any of my placements or any or astrology at all. I was like, totally underground, because I was just like, I’m on walking mess. And, you know, when you start working with other people’s charts, though, there’s this wonderful, like, is this the word like, equanimity? Or if there’s a spiritual word, I heard a spiritual teacher that I love, Christiane will talk about it, but there is like, you start to go, oh, everybody’s got something. Right. Right. Right. Everybody’s dealing with stuff. And you start to look back at your own life and see how things clicked and see how things came together. And so finances I always figured myself to be not very good at with money. I was horrible at math when I was a kid. And, you know, I just wasn’t, uh, I just thought, oh, I’ll just leave that to my, my husband, right? My, my now ex husband and I, dear, dear friend, great guy. He’s

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his parents passed away one year after another, like two years after we’d started dating. And so we very quickly became executors of an estate, we had to learn how to buy property, we had to learn, you know, and I would think I was 28. He was 30.

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And I was an undergrad. Yeah. NYU, and he was in grad school at Columbia. And we were just like, in New York, and we’re just like, you know, and for even that first year, because his mother passed away before his dad did. His dad was elderly. So we were taking care of his dad and trying to figure out the navigate the home care system, senior citizen, you know, like was this like, what? And so what I, I say all that to say that I was introduced to finance through survival, like high school, right, like it wasn’t a choice. I would have rather just hang out in undergrad and you know, enjoy life but, but it was like, No, I we have to figure out how this goes. And, and I wanted to be a partner I wanted

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To Help You know, so I started studying a lot of things, and then a lot of things would just came intuitively to me. So it would just be like, Okay, we need to learn how to, and this was before I learned astrology. So it was like, How does real estate go? You know, like, time to sell what do you have to do to your home to make it sellable? Like what it you know, like, you one thing leads to another finance, right? When you’re creating wealth, it’s like, you start with this money, but then you’ve got to invest this money, and then you’ve got to, you know, you can’t just leave it here, you got to move it here. It’s currency right?

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There. And a lot of times people think that it will just if I just get a bunch of it, then everything’s okay. And it’s like, no, you don’t learn how to move this money, because it doesn’t stop with you. And actually a friend of mine, my friend Matt, said this yesterday, he said to me, he said, he said, his old boss told him that he doesn’t ever consider money, his until he’s spending it. Oh, I like that. Yeah, I’ve always talked about like, yeah, it’s not my money. I move it around. Right. Right, your Shepherd, shepherd. And so for me being that young and just new to the whole thing, I considered myself a shepherd of my ex husband’s family’s money. Yeah, I was getting wise to help him learn how to take care of what he’s his family wanted him to do what his parents wanted him to do for their boys for their family, you know, and, and that’s what I considered myself in my relationship to money. I didn’t think that I was actually good at money. I just thought, Oh, I’m helping this. You know, I’m helping my family. Right. Yeah. And so it wasn’t strangely enough, until I was getting divorced. That I was like, Oh, I know about money. You know, like, I was just like, I’ve been doing this the whole time. You know. And, of course, when you’re, you know, especially a woman going divorced, getting divorced. She’s like, I don’t know, anything like, This man has been taking care of all of this stuff. Because we like inherited his his family financial planner, like, you know, there was just like, so many things that I was just like, I don’t know. And then that, you know, I absolve myself. But like, I was making a lot of financial decisions. And even though it wasn’t my money, I was shepherding the money, right? I was making decisions. I was doing the research, I was finding out what do we have to do to move this real estate around? And what kind of how do we get through these loopholes and all that we need a tax attorney, we need a we need a real estate attorney like all these things, and

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I was doing it. So if that if anything, I want women to understand that. Especially if you’re in that situation I was in Where are you thinking you’re not the main breadwinner, you’re not contributing? You know, you are? Absolutely you’re literally your energy and your intuition, I would say more than anything, a woman’s intuition about knowing just a knowing that shows up when you’re right, this is the need to do Yeah. And even when it’s not your money, like let’s say, you know, somebody listening to this is sort of in a sort of traditional setup where the man is making more money, the husband, let’s say, heteros heteronormative relationship, husband is making more money. She’s making less, and she’s still making so many financial decisions, she’s still contributing to the shepherding of that money, right? Like, and yes, it’s their money and everything. And like to trust that, right, because you, you’re, what you’re sharing right now is saying, like, I didn’t really like fully,

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like, trust or understand that I was good. I was like, making all these decisions that was really giving myself credit for that. No, I mean, which, you know, is a program. So it’s a society where like, you’re literally have evidence that you were doing something that like.

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But you know, I also have to say that even if you’re not contributing in terms of like financial know how a feminine energy contributes to that, man, if we’re talking about hetero heteronormative relationship, you know, just knowing that he has a feminine source of energy allows him to work harder to get that promotion to move in those spaces, that he may not have had the competence to do before. So I always want to remind women that do not undermine the value of your presence, and your care and your nurturing and your willingness to uphold this person, your partner because all of it contributes to, to him and that contributes to the entire household. Right? And it’s like, I know that when I’m backed, right, like by a partner, by a friend, right, by my family, let’s say like, I’m going to show up differently than if I feel like I have to back myself. Totally 100 Right. I mean, it’s like we can talk masculine, feminine, we can just talk like, energetics, just plain and simple, right of just like, when I feel like there’s somebody

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just kind of like who has my back was like willing to sort of take on certain tasks or roles, then I feel I can really excel in these other ones. Right. And I can jump into a different space. Yeah, yeah. When you have a partner, period. Yeah, you are better. And so, you know, do not underestimate your value of simply being a partner. Yeah. Yeah. And that doesn’t necessarily mean, you know, a romantic partner. But like, just someone in your life, right? It could be a friend, it can be a business partner, it can just be like, right, right. Well, you know what, like, as an astrologer, you know, we’re heading into you know, we’re in the Age of Aquarius, but we’re heading into Pluto and Aquarius, which is kind of feels like the real beginning. Yeah, where are you? Synergy is all about community I foresee. And many astrologers do, you know, partnerships, what we consider to be partnerships, taking a huge change, it’s like, not necessarily just one on one, like, it’s like this kind of it takes a village to raise this child, really, to race this person, you know, you’re not going to be able to get all of your needs met through one person anymore. Friends, in your community now become,

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take over, you could be partners, with your friends and community, you know, like, so yeah, it’s going to look very differently. So yes, I feel so it’s so much excitement Hearing you say that, because that’s like what I’m all about, like, I’m, like, not getting married. Again. I’m not living with a partner. But I’m so yes to the village. Right.

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Right. And you can see it everywhere. Like you can start showing up and you know, as an astrologer, our job is to put it to be the detectives and put it together. Yeah, like homes, that stuff but, but to make it make sense. Especially Yes. And Aquarius, which is the energy is, is so futuristic. It’s never been done before. So yeah. Wow. I love that. I love that. And so, you know,

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before before getting into finance work, I didn’t understand, like, how much people in finance use astrology.

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So can you speak to that? Because I don’t think people know that. I feel like we need to let that cat out of the bag.

Unknown Speaker 17:20
I think you know, people, when I tell people what I do, it’s always just like,

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you like, Did she just say she goes to Hogwarts? Like, what is it that just happened here? You know, like, I’m taking them out of a comfort zone. But it’s also this like, I’m they’re opening up to? Ah, you know, Oh, I see. I see. Right. Yeah, you know, presidents use astrologers, you know, heads of state and royalty. And this is again, the situation of like, rich people get the goods do you know, like, rich people? Know, right, you know? But like, yeah, astrologers have been used. I mean, how do you think people got to the new worlds, you know, it’s just like, astrologers have been used at every point of every point of evolution of civilization. And so of course, with money, of course with and also just understanding that the stock market is a cyclical being, and it was created by cyclical beings, us humans here on Earth, who were, by the way, part of this planet, but why, you know, I consider us the flowers of the earth. So if we run on the cycle, which we do with the seasons, and so does the soda, all the things we’ve created, our children included, and our stock market, our economy.

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So you know, astrologers know everything about that stuff. Because we study the cycles. That’s literally what we do. We study math and degrees. And when these planets were here, before, what happened on this, on this planet, when these you know, Jupiter was in this sign at this time, what was happening? And then we use that to predict what will be happening in the future on this planet when Jupiter is in that sign again, in the future.

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So can you do you have a sense of like, where we are now, as a nation, maybe like globally, economically, and sort of what we’re shifting into maybe in business, like maybe just I don’t know how, what perspective you take on it, but just to kind of like, give us a snapshot of where we are? Well, where we are, is we’re right on time, by the way, we’re always right on time.

Unknown Speaker 19:31
And so where we are and I use I like to I work with the US economy, mostly because the US economy affects every other economy. Yeah, it is right now. It won’t be that way. Always though. We have a newer superpower coming in.

Unknown Speaker 19:48
Right, yeah. So that would be very interesting for us who have you know, been living with the old superpower person and be like, what?

Unknown Speaker 19:57
But um, but yeah, where we are right now.

Unknown Speaker 20:00
is that we are ending the regime of capitalism.

Unknown Speaker 20:04
You know, Capricorn, which is derived from the word capitalism, by the way, or, or rather, capitalism is derived from Capricorn. Capricorn represents our institutions, it represents everything we created in a society to, you know, get along, right to run smoothly, you know, our medical system education system, or religious institutions. Even the institution of marriage, yeah, these things are coming to a close. So, so that what that means, though, is that a new age is coming in, it’s not that, oh, these things are over. And as chaos, it means that ran its course, it no longer works. Because, again, evolution that was the point of being here, I often say to people, you know, I know you think being here is about reproducing. And using other resources, it’s not it is literally every other species has evolved. So must we, okay, and we’re here to have the experience of evolving. So we are simply just evolving to our next stage. And, you know, we might be growing some gills in order to do that. The other species has adapted and so, to be honest, human beings are the most resilient of all the species, you know, we are the only species that’s able to, you know, we lose a food source, we create another one, you know, that rivers not working, we make another river, you know, we, we know how to make alternatives. And so we will survive, don’t worry about us, it’s the the pain is in our resistance to adapting. And so where we are right now is simply the adapting phase, we’re seeing our institutions to go away, we saw the, we weren’t catching up quick enough. So this is why COVID happened, and 2020, where we literally every person on the planet was doing the same thing, which was sitting in the locked down, letting the planet recuperate from what we had done to it, right. And now, we and then kind of fast forwarding us, basically to this period, where we’re not in our jobs in this headspace in this thinking all the time, we’re starting to explore the possibilities of something else. And we’re also looking at watching our institutions break down one by one, right, and starting to go like I can’t rely on this medical system, I’m going to have to find out their autonomy alternatives. I can’t rely on this government, you’re gonna have to make my own, you know, so everybody starts becoming a part creating their own systems as what we see right now. And so this is where we’re headed.

Unknown Speaker 22:38
This is the last gasp You know, Pluto went direct in Capricorn, October 11. So we will be seeing like the last little bit of this holding on to the dinosaur era, which is what I’m calling it, and the dinosaurs, you know, the people who only know that way. And so we are going to see a lot more chaos, a lot more strife. It’s not a mistake that we’re literally looking at two wars. Right now. And and there’s another one coming as from what I’m from what I’m seeing. So it’s not a mistake that we’re having that last grasp at capitalism, right, that last, like, you know, how did we make money in the past? War? Okay, so it’s like, this, gasp that like, what are the old ways of doing these things right, before Pluto officially moves into the sign of Aquarius in March 2024. And it will be there for until 2044 2021. And it’s going to be there until 2044. Correct? Wow. Oh, my gosh.

Unknown Speaker 23:44
So, you know, in terms of like, just thinking about

Unknown Speaker 23:48
investing in the current money system, what, what do you suggest for people or what do you what are? What do you say to people who are nervous about investing in the current money system? Okay, so the current money system, and remember, again, investing in stock market is cyclical beings. So it’s not going anywhere. It’s we created this thing. What, what, what makes it what corrupts it? Is the party like the people who move their money into it, and then hold it. Do you know what I’m saying? So or the companies that move into a space and then try to overtake it wasn’t meant to it was, you know, everything that comes to you must flow out? Yeah. So that’s, you know, we’ve have some holes. We have some folks who’ve been messing with the system, but the system Yes. Right. So, you know, we’re having a stock market downturn this month, October 2023.

Unknown Speaker 24:48
I predict that we will be moving into a bear market and a brief recession.

Unknown Speaker 24:53
But, you know, people always think recessions are so bad and stock markets are bad. It’s like stock markets are you know,

Unknown Speaker 25:00
Like, this is actually a great time to get into the stock market, all of the prices are going to be down, you know, like you can actually afford to get into it when when it’s down like this. Also,

Unknown Speaker 25:12
you, you have to realize that it allows more people to get into it. Now, I always try to say, for people, if you’re living paycheck to paycheck to paycheck, this is not the game for you. Right, you know, like, this is, you need to get some, you know, surplus emergency fund, you know, that kind of thing going on, and start playing in here, right. But the point is to get your money in there, and then let it move, you know, let it move. And this is a long game, this is a long game, it’s not a short game. So day trading and all that business, that is not what we’re talking about here. We’re talking about contributing to a system that helps everybody out in the long term.

Unknown Speaker 25:52
We’re sharing resources, that’s originally what the stock market was about the sharing resources. Okay. So when you are, say, an astrologer, like I work with my clients, I do this all the time, where, and that was one of your questions, I think, was like, how did you get into financial astrology? My I am a serial entrepreneur in the sense that I’ve created many businesses. And so I’ve made many business contacts. And when I was those, those are my people. And that’s my speak. That’s the way that I, that I go, you know, so I’m not a woowoo astrologer, I always tried to tell people like,

Unknown Speaker 26:28
no, like, there are plenty of other people that do that, you know, like, but I’ve had some people get upset with me about the way how direct I can be with things. And I’m just like, That is That is me, that is my type. I have three planets in Virgo. So there you go. But but having access to business people, right, because that was my my thing. They watched me evolve, right? Yes, some of these clients I’ve had since I was obese over 10 years. So they literally watched me change in front of their eyes. No, what are you doing what’s going on? So every new thing I was doing was they wanted to know about and when I started doing astrology, they wanted to know about that, too. You know, and they will, they were like, I want you to do this for me, I want you to figure out like what’s going on with my company, what’s going on with my people, my workplace. During 2020, I had, I started working with companies entire instead of just their CEOs and their their heads, because everyone was on lockdown. And people you know, some of these some of my long term clients came to me and said, all my all my people are scattered around the world working, we’re having some problems staying together, can you look into their charts and figure out how we can work together well, and so that’s what I did. So I didn’t even come up with that idea. They figured out how they could use me. And because they had seen how I was able to, you know forecast things about their company, when to launch products, when not to you know, when they would could expect some downturn when they could expect to make some employee hires, things like that. So I looked at their, their workplace, the people in the workplace, and I did their charts, and I did presentations for them to say okay, so this person is working with this sign and this energy so don’t approach them like this approach them like this, you’ll get what you want a lot quicker, you know, or this person is not a good at presenting this person is a workhorse, this person likes to do research and details, you know, this person over here, they are your, they’re your leader, you know, they’re the one that can do presentations, but you may not want to get them during lunchtime, because they’re a Pisces, and

Unknown Speaker 28:28
time away to read their, you know, Lord of the Rings or whatever, you know, so it was like, you know, so it’s like these little nuances that people don’t even think about. But if you think about it, your workplace is your family. These are people you spend most of your time with. So you really do need to understand how they how they work so that all of you can get along and work better together. So we’re doing things for that companies are products of activity increased things like that, people were a lot happier, and they had more meaning they felt like they had more meaning and insight into other people, there was less strife at work, because they weren’t having to figure out how to get that person to work with them, you know. So it works really well. But anyway, that’s the side note. What I was getting into is how to choose like, if you’re in the stock market or investing how to choose where to go next, right? So you as an astrologer, I look at global astrology, what’s happening, right, so for sure, we’re talking about Aquarius, energy, we’re talking about AI, you know, that’s

Unknown Speaker 29:31
Aquarius is the future represents all things regarding the future. That’s a prophetic sign. It also represents it is Aquarius is a bit of an androgynous sign, meaning it has no gender. So it’s very interested in it’s also an Air sign, meaning it’s not emotional, right? And it’s only interested in evolution and progression of the collective, which that’s what AI is. It’s just a tool, right? So you know, it’s our job to keep it just a tool

Unknown Speaker 30:00
and not let it take us over. Have seen Terminator. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 30:05
Come on now didn’t know that nobody knows, like,

Unknown Speaker 30:09
you know what, come on, we all got a preview anyway.

Unknown Speaker 30:13
But yeah, that so obviously AI is something but you know, be ethical with your AI, please write like anything that has to do with the earth and progressing the earth. So I just saw a company this morning because I’m constantly looking about new companies and be looking for my clients like what’s going on, there was a new company and the name escapes me, names always escaped me. But the company was doing like electric car sharing, electric sharing an electric car. So it was, I think they’re still in their VC thing. They just got VC money. But

Unknown Speaker 30:52
that was basically a model for sharing an electric car. That’s absolutely an Aquarian investment model, right? That you’re sharing with your community. And it’s progressing the, the, the evolution of the planet by using electric technology, right. And it’s a it ends AI, because pretty much it is AI, you know, yeah. So you start to look at things like that, that are not only just AI, like need robots, and blah, blah, blah, but like actually progressing the collective because you will find AI that’s not progressing the collective so you have to make sure that that’s how it’s hitting these things. Aquarius is, again, it represents evolution, it represents humanity, it represents the environment, right. And it also represents the motionless like doing it. It Aquarius, I always say is for the people, but not of the people.

Unknown Speaker 31:54
And so it’s like the, it’s kind of like that,

Unknown Speaker 31:59
you know, a lot of our,

Unknown Speaker 32:01
like, a lot of our leaders, you know, our activists weren’t like hanging out with folks, you know, what I’m saying they couldn’t, they couldn’t be in the streets all the time, because they had to be creating the vision for so Aquarius energy, again, isn’t emotional. I know, my cancers are going to be like, Oh, no, you know, but like, Ah, there you go. i Okay.

Unknown Speaker 32:23
You know, this like, but it isn’t. So it’s making decisions that that are best for the collective without emotion without attachment. Without that romance or that old but it was like this, it’s like no, of evolution by any means necessary. Right? Right. Right, right. So you want to go look at school, stuff like that, also, you want to look at are entrepreneurs, the Age of Aquarius is an entrepreneurial age hands down, right, because all these institutions are breaking down, people are not even people are leaving them, let alone not returning to them. I remember back when I was doing predictions, during 2020. And I was like, none of these people are going to want to come back to work. Just are leaving, but you know, they coming back, you know, like, so, you know, it’s like, we need to be looking at that, like, get rid of these brick and mortar because you nobody’s gonna be coming back, okay, need to be investing in things that allow you to work remotely like zoom, hello, Zoom took off, okay, or any type of virtual reality type of AI or,

Unknown Speaker 33:29
you know, company, that’s a great thing to invest in anything like

Unknown Speaker 33:35
nano technologies, or some of these, like, companies that are literally creating hearts, from, you know, like from plastic, you know, just like crazy stuff, right? But biodegradable plastic, of course, and then you know, so it’s like anything, again, that forwards humanity, but also has that very ethical, kind of lien to it. And entrepreneurs, you’re not going to want to go with the old establishment people, because they are not going to be around. You know, there was a bank that I was suggesting back a couple of years ago in 2020 Hit called good wallets. I don’t know, I haven’t researched them lately and updated myself on where they are. But they’re basically a digital wallet bank. So they’re not a brick and mortar. You never walk in the doors there. But like, that’s where we’re going no more buildings, you know, so we’re not we’re not You never were able to touch your money anyway.

Unknown Speaker 34:32
Exactly. You had the presence of a bank and tellers, right? Yeah. You never saw it like your actual cash. We’re all shepherds moving numbers around, right. And we’re allowing it to affect our self esteem as if the number that we can’t even touch says anything about us. Right. Yeah. And so also what you’re going to see and what you might want to invest in our barter economies, so any sort of businesses that are set up to you know, sharing like a

Unknown Speaker 35:00
Um, there are businesses where, you know, if you live in the suburbs or something, you you have a warehouse where you all share your, you know, your landscaping materials, like, you know, one lawnmower that everybody has, yes, things like that, like, and you need technology to set up those systems. Why? Because you need it technology to run, who’s got the who’s got the lawnmower today, you know, like that kind of thing. So you see how technology is having to merge with the evolution, but the ethical, ethical evolution of humanity. So, like, you’d have to look for companies that have those monikers. And then, of course, you also minerals, you know, because we’re talking about the evolution of the Earth, silver, gold, those things.

Unknown Speaker 35:45
And, of course, ethically mining those things, or an ways of using those things that are in ethical ways that don’t hurt the earth.

Unknown Speaker 35:55
So new companies that are coming out with how to use those, some companies are using minerals as conductors, you know, nowadays, so crystal energy, we might be even be doing like, you know, wind power, Crystal power, you know, yeah, you know, so. And,

Unknown Speaker 36:12
you know, Aquarius is also a spiritual sign in the sense of Ascendance ascending. So we will be seeing more coaches and people that are meant to help people make that transition from the capitalist way of thinking to this, this way of meaningful work, which is a form of ascending. Yeah. And so those businesses are going to continue to go through the roof. Mm hmm. Yeah. Because a lot of people, you know, because we are sort of, in this what feels like a recession, you’re saying, like, that’s where we’re going right? For me, I don’t know for how long

Unknown Speaker 36:52
but yeah, a lot of coaches are struggling now to to sell their services, because people are feeling like, you know, they have those more immediate needs that need attending to have like food and shelter and clothing, right, which is totally natural. But what suggestions do you have for the people who are like, ascendant, guided, you know,

Unknown Speaker 37:17
people who, who guide the, the ascendant process or the development process. This is where I suggest that people get a reading of their personal astrology. And the reason why is that global astrology is just a overview, right? But we’re all have our own astrology charts, which tells us, we’re how we’re meant to experience in each of these things globally, personally. So even while I say that, you know, some people, you know, like, get into the stock market, you know, like, it’s a good time, you know, you got to look at your chart and see like, Hey, is it good for you?

Unknown Speaker 37:57
You are a separate entity also, right. And so, I always like to disclaim for people, you know, I just had a client, a long term client, I’ve worked with him for four years now, very successful coach, but he’s starting to, he knows himself that he was feeling a change. And he was like, oh, but you know, I’m losing money. Because I’m coaching, the coaching that I was doing is not doing as well as it was before.

Unknown Speaker 38:22
So we had to look at his chart and show him how he’s meant to pivot, right hand placement to pivot. So he’s still going to be a coach. It’s just he’s moving into another area. He’s moving into another cycle. Yeah. So I for coaches, I have to, I have to suggest that you all think of yourselves as umbrellas, like you are the umbrella people are attracted to working with you, your service is not you. So you’re going to change many times the theme, the topic, you know, that you talk about, that you coach people on.

Unknown Speaker 38:54
I personally, I always make cater my services to what’s happening. Astrologically it’s like, okay, so people are going to be needing this. This is what I’m gonna be offering now. Right? So I look at my own chart, and I see what’s up, you know, so the same thing with finances, it was like, Okay, we were going to be interested in, I just happen to really be interested in it as well. Fantastic, right? So what I like what I what I suggest to people is have a reading, look at your own chart, see where you’re supposed to be moving into, and get prepared to move in that direction. That’s what astrology readings are for to prepare you before the next cycle. And also know that when Pluto moves into Aquarius, and March, now you’ll have the information to be ready to move on. You know, you’ll you know, when you look at your astrology chart, you can literally see who your audience is going to be. How to market to that audience, you know,

Unknown Speaker 39:47
I mean, I’m a Business astrologer, so I know those things, probably any woowoo astrologer will just be like, Oh, this is a spiritual thing. And you’re just like, that’s not what I asked for. But like, but like if you are if you have that kind of mind, which I do. It’s like

Unknown Speaker 40:00
it, okay, this is what they’re going to have to be doing. Here’s their audience, and here’s how they’re going to market to that audience. What’s that going to look like? What are they going to have to change psychologically? Because I’m also looking at their shadows, as I’m looking at this too, like, what are they afraid of? So we’re going to have to work through in order for them to get to this next level. Yeah. By this time, okay. Yes. You know, astrology is also about timing. Yeah, yeah. And, you know, that I’ve been, you know, just when you talk about sensitivity,

Unknown Speaker 40:32
I, you know, I’m somebody who’s, like, become even more sensitive than I was before. And I’m also like, very sensitive to those shifts in the astrology, you know, and I can feel when things move, right. And it’s like, you know, I, of course, I do my, I have my calendar here to the left of me with all the things that are happening in October and sort of directions I should go in, but it’s like, it’s incredible how accurate it is. And it’s incredible how, even if I didn’t have those things written down, I would sense them. Right. So I feel like astrology is as much like, you know, it’s a map, but it’s a map that we have in our bodies, like, it’s mapped onto our bodies already. And if we get really good at listening, we can feel it. You know, so it’s like, yes, to all of it, like yes to getting readings. But I think that, you know, sometimes people can get like, over reliant on, like, give me the answers, right. So I like I always want to invite people into like, a little bit of self reliance and self trust that you can feel these shifts as well, right? Just like you can feel when you’re going to start bleeding, for example, right? You feel those changes in your body, you know, so to, to also trust, the intuitive hunches that come in, you know, like, like, you know, in December of last year, when I was just like, I’m going to become a financial professional, like, I mean, I have had moments since that time, where I’ve been, like, the fact that I just feel like, how did I get here, right? But at the moment, it was a yes, for me. And like, it’s where intuition was saying, Go, and I’m like, what? And intuition is like, go.

Unknown Speaker 42:17
So to also like, be listening, and even if there’s like, the fear that’s coming up to like, inch towards those intuitive hunches. Right, right. Ah, I love that you man. I love that. You mentioned that because I’m telling you, I’m hard headed in this.

Unknown Speaker 42:35
So I just takes the cancer. I’m a Leo. I think I know everything used to take the cancer to be like, Oh, listen.

Unknown Speaker 42:44
Because I literally like we had an solar eclipse.

Unknown Speaker 42:48
On Saturday. Yeah. Hello, Eclipse in Libra. Libra. I’m a Libra rising. I think nothing’s going to happen to me. I’m just like, Oh, I’m here for the people. Yeah, I was out on Saturday. I was like Dizzy vertigo.

Unknown Speaker 43:02
Walking around.

Unknown Speaker 43:04
I’m thinking, wow, carry. So yeah, that’s me, you know, arrogant, you know, Leo. And so there’s so I’m glad that you mentioned like, yes. Also Listen, like you can feel when these things are shifting. When I’m doing readings with people, nine times out of 10 They’re like, I knew that. I’m like, I know, I’m telling them all the time. I’m telling you stuff you already know your permission. Right? It’s, you want permission? And when you were talking about that, you know that kind of like I’m being called here, I don’t know why what’s going on? Right? It’s because you know, the soul. There’s we have a soul and we have a body. Right? And the body is interested in survival. So it’s like how do I eat? How do I drink? How do I how do I have sex? Where do I not die? Exactly? How do I keep this vessel going? Right? For as long as possible. That’s where we’re like reproduce seven things just make more of you, you know, like that’s how I keep going. Right? And then that but so you make decisions based on that but then your soul has no body so he doesn’t have that baggage. So it’s just like, ah that this will make you feel amazing. This is where you belong. This is fulfillment Yes. Right. And so our job is no bodied you know meat suits is to you know is to be able to listen and you know, don’t throw yourself off a cliff like you still right but like be able to go okay my soul is calling me towards here how can I navigate this with this body right you know still take care of his body still feed this body but like this I must go in this direction. You know? Even though I’m scared what realize that it’s the body that scared it’s not you. Exam. Oh, I like that.

Unknown Speaker 44:54
It’s the body that scared. It’s not you. It’s not the core of you. It’s not the soul of you.

Unknown Speaker 45:00
Oh, ah, oh, that was the nugget. Ah, I’m feeling that Yes. Just being able to discern, like, just tease those apart because we often say, I am scared, right? And there’s power in saying that but to recognize that there is a nervous system that is having a response and there is a soul that is having, like that is guiding you or steering you towards a specific, right, like, desire or right outcome that is about that. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely.

Unknown Speaker 45:33
I think that whole idea of like, the body being like that, you’re you’re actually not scared. Like, when you think about it, you know, like, when you when I think oh my god, that’s gonna suck. I’m like, No, it’s not gonna I’m gonna be fine. Are you kidding? I excel in those situations. Do you?

Unknown Speaker 45:53
Talk to yourself for a minute and be like,

Unknown Speaker 45:57
Yeah, usually, my response is like, Oh, I’m gonna feel a lot of things.

Unknown Speaker 46:04
And you’re like, I’m a cancer. I’ve never felt anything before.

Unknown Speaker 46:09
Cancer, and I have my I have emotional authority and my human design. Whoa. Oh, it’s just right. Oh, feeling.

Unknown Speaker 46:20
I know. I remember reflector and human design. Oh, wow. Discovering that has changed every Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I think we need both. We need astrology. We need all the things we need. Yeah, we need are you being that? And but what’s interesting is that I always say as cancer is the most emotionally intelligent sign in the zodiac, meaning they actually know how to deal with their emotions.

Unknown Speaker 46:48
We think they’re emotional. It’s because we don’t know how to deal with ours. We want we’re like, why are you emotional? Stop it, you know, because I can’t handle it. Right? You know? And yeah, you were actually equipped you to deal with it. So you’re like, let’s do this. Let’s do this. You know? So yeah, you You’re, you’re built to feel because you can.

Unknown Speaker 47:10
Yeah, I guess I’ll take that on a good day. Like

Unknown Speaker 47:15
it’s a conditioning. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 47:19
Oh, my God, Carrie, this is like I could we could go on for like, another hour. But we’ll keep it. We’ll keep it here. And I’ll probably invite you back to have another conversation, like, you know, down the line to see like, what’s happening now, you know, let’s get a, let’s get a temperature check, you know, on on the economy, but this was just so incredible. And I think that what I feel coming out of this conversation is just a sense of hope. Like, you know, feeling like you people can feel the economics kind of like, oh, yeah, sure. It’s crumbling. And this conversation has given me so much like, oh, yeah, like, let’s invest here. And let’s do this. And let’s innovate in this direction. Like, we’re not sort of dumping everything in the trash. We’re picking up pieces and being like, Oh, this can be used in this direction, right in this collective, the progressive collective, as you call it, right, like, so. It’s not, we’re not burning it all down. And we’re just like, there’s parts that are falling off that we’re not going to be using anymore. But there are like pieces of the rubble that we’re picking up. It’s like, oh, this wasn’t this wasn’t bad. It was just like, the way we’re using it. Was this really off? Let’s use it this way. I love that. That’s fantastic. It’s a tool. Use it a different way. Yeah. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 48:39
Exactly. So it’s like, it’s energy, right. It’s energy stewardship. Shepherding, right. It’s always the intention. And that’s why the inner work continues to be important, because we have to get really clean and clear within ourselves about how we’re doing that. Right. Yeah. And that’s an ongoing thing. Yes, exactly. I love that. Like, the way that really helps me. And what I also teach my clients about is that it’s always an inside job. So if you have a desire for something, it starts with you in the current frequency that you’re running.

Unknown Speaker 49:11
And then it’s also about realizing that you’re just a shepherd, you don’t own anything. Yes, you know, and then there it takes away this fear of losing something when you realize that you’re just shepherding it anyway. Exactly, exactly. Oh my god. Yes. Carrie, how can people book an appointment with you? How can they find you? How can they follow you?

Unknown Speaker 49:36
Thank you, I I love what I do. So I’m always happy to share how to get a hold of me and you can book a reading with me. I have a number of different types of readings on my website, some that are just general but some of their specific business owners. I also do synastry readings between partners, business partners and lovers, family. I work a lot with parents and their children who there have experienced some issues especially after 2020 There was a

Unknown Speaker 50:00
lot going on. And, and, and being able to help them. So you can go to my website, self And book readings from there I also work with, I have coaching packages for people that want to work with me on a bi weekly and monthly basis. This is usually when you’re going through a transit where there’s directions that you need guidance on a regular basis because there’s lots of decisions that have to be made. Right. So I have clients I’ve worked with for, you know, some of them over three or four years at this point on helping them build their businesses. And, you know, I just had one client recently tell me, you know, like, tell me like, I have made so much money

Unknown Speaker 50:38
from you, and thank you so much. And he was so grateful, because he was able to, you know, get through this period in his life that he really was down in in a place. And so I really suggest that for people if they feel called to it to me that kind of guidance. I also do remember treat astrologer so people add me to their retreats I just did over the summer, I did a wonderful women’s retreat in New York, US Spain. And that was spin to

Unknown Speaker 51:04
have a more I’m getting booked up for 2024. So excited about that. And then of course I’m a I call it a workplace harmony, astrologer. And that’s where I work with companies to look at the charts of all of their employees and help them with their productivity and working together.

Unknown Speaker 51:21
Yeah, I do all that. Amazing, amazing. And I just want to note for the listeners self carry carry is spelt with a K. Yes, that was a C so self And on Instagram, how can people follow you because you’ve got some nice reels going on? Oh, yeah. Follow me on Instagram because I put I have a weekly video newsletter also. So if you want to get like weekly updates on what’s going on in strategy weekly, a sign up for my weekly video newsletter. On Instagram, I put a lot of little things there. Usually it’s stuff that’s like I’ve noticed or happening in the zeitgeist that’s kind of following what I’ve talked about in astrology. So if you want like further proof that things are going on, you can go to my Instagram and sign up there. It’s also self carry. And then I also have a podcast that I have two podcasts coming out one that’s already out once called the melanated mistakes i co hosted with a wonderful tarot reader named Pelican, Hana, it’s all about helping black women, black and brown women reclaim our magic through the tools of astrology and tarot. Wow, we are absolutely, you know, this is information that anybody could use. But a lot of the subjects are pertaining to the experience of black and brown women who have, you know, who are, you know, notorious for using our power for other people’s game and not for our own. So that’s kind of helping us use these tools for that. And then I have another podcast coming out. It’s about relationships, astrology, it is called you and me and Orbitz.

Unknown Speaker 52:49
And that’s coming out in December. Oh, I love that. I love that so juicy. Oh my gosh, thank you again so much for for this conversation for sitting here with me. I’ve just like I feel like I learned so much today. Thank you, thank you for you know how much I respect you and love you and love your work. So this has been an honor. Thank you. Awesome. Okay, bye. Bye.

Unknown Speaker 53:16
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