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Revolutionize Your Relationship with Money and Grow Your Stack

1:1 money mentorship

WEALTH is for visionary entrepreneurs and creative rebels wanting to end unhelpful and repetitive money habits to create massively profitable and sustainable businesses. 

Get your finances in order, set yourself up to build wealth easefully, and expand into more joy managing money in your business.

Bring awareness to unconscious patterns secretly running the show behind the scenes so that you stop leaking cash.

Receive foundational financial education and support to feel confident into your money moves and to keep more of the money you make!

Over our time together you will:

Regulate your money nervous system so you can expand your capacity to receive and hold greater amounts of money;

Resolve personal and collective money trauma so that you can feel safer to play and co-create with money.

Remove struggle from your vocabulary so you can stop undercharging, overworking and start stacking; 

Break your ties with social and familial contracts that limit your influence and earning capacity;

Deepen your trust so you can make financial decisions and bolder biz moves;

Increase your confidence managing larger quantities of money as you build the path to the life and business you’ve always wanted. 

Imagine what it would feel like to:

► Uncouple your worth from the amount of money in your bank account;

► Create a world you want to live in with the money you make;

►  Relax into the trust that there’s always enough;

►  Release shame around your rich bitch money desires;

►  Charge confidently and unapologetically for the valuable services you offer.

Most people don’t understand how hyper and hypoarousal are affecting their financial wellness right now.

Constantly feeling anxious about money, not tracking expenses, overspending, not following up on sales calls, riding feast and famine cycles, scaling too fast,  and feeling stuck about where to begin are just SOME of the ways money trauma is showing up in your business.

You’re at the point where you have a solid grasp on your patterns but haven’t been able to shift them.  

You know what needs to change but you feel overwhelmed around taking that next step or knowing where to start.

It’s OK. Most of us don’t learn this stuff in school. Or even in business. 

What you do know is that trying to figure money on your own hasn’t worked.

You still feel overwhelmed and know that every day that passes without facing your money shit is leaving money on the table and wasting time you could be growing the money you have.

WEALTH merges trauma-informed attachment work with with practical finance to accelerate you into your next level income and wealth creation.

An inside look into each week



Learn proprioception and interoception for self-connection downregulation and grounding. Set up your money journal and create a collage of your financial vision.

Week 2


Continue to establish safety and support at your root. Uncover hidden ancestral beliefs and contracts about money and rewrite your new and empowered, rich bitch storyline.

week 3


Connect to ancestral abundance and prosperity to embody your ancestor’s wildest dreams. Begin plugging leaks in your expenses.

week 4


Release unconscious saboteurs and liberate your pleasure so that you can fully own your desires and move towards them unapologetically.

week 5


Expand into limitless possibilities and access increased abundance.  Open to spiritual aspects of money.

week 6


Deepen your relationship with the Spirit of Money and anchor into your power as a steward of your wealth.

week 7


Vision into the future and create the next steps for a prosperous life aligned with your values.

You're going to

Know the EXACT number you need to make per month in order to hit all your life goals and dreams–no more ambiguity and uncertainty;

Capacitate and regulate your system so that you’re able to come back to trust and feel safe even when the money isn’t coming in as you expect; 

Learn how to manage the money you make so that you can feel confident making financial decisions in your business;

Sleep better at night know your money is working for you and that your future is secured;

Integrate the shadows that have been holding you back so you can take the next bold leap in your business and start stacking bills!

Receive highly attuned money mentorship to uncover and enjoy true financial freedom

Investment In Your Wealth

what’s included

Seven 50-minute somatic sessions guiding your through a process of nervous system regulation techniques and money healing so you can expand your capacity for increased income, reclaim joyful money management and open to money magic!

A library of short 42 practices (videos and PDFs) including somatic, meditative, creative, magical and practical to deepen your integration and growth.

A free 90-minute financial needs analysis to shift out of money avoidance, plug money leaks, and budget without restriction.

A free 90-minute comprehensive financial strategy session where you’ll receive vital financial education, a roadmap to your goals and dreams while learning how to keep and grow the money you make.

$2,400 PIF



(All dollar amounts are in United States dollars and include tax.)

If you’re tired of riding the feast and famine rollercoaster and are tired of recycling the same money patterns despite having dedicated countless hours to money mindset and manifestation, it’s time for a deeper dive into the body combined with practical finance.

Don’t waste another year in your business trying to muddle through this alone.

The time to get this sorted is NOW.

Why work with me?

After recognizing how the trauma of neglect and avoidance was running my relationship with money, I ended my marriage, entered entrepreneurship and committed the next 2 years on money healing so I wouldn’t pass on a legacy of money trauma to my children.

I saw how attachment healing and money were intimately connected.

I overcame my fear and avoidance of financial planning to discover that planning was not only a form of self-care, it was also hella sexy!

So sexy, of fact, that I became a financial professional on top of my doctoral degree and somatic certification so I could empower other creative rebels to have a healthier relationship with money AND worth.

Because addressing one without the other is…incomplete. There’s going to be gaps and it’s not going to result in the massive leaps you want and are capable of. 

WEALTH is energetics and frequency grounded in transformative techniques and practical knowledge that’s going to propel you into a more prosperous financial future WAY beyond our time together.

WEALTH is for you if:

You’re someone who cares deeply about the world, are committed to making change, and understand that it starts with YOU;

You’ve exhausted your options for talk therapy or coaching.

You’ve reached a plateau in your earning capacity, feel anxious about money running out even though you have more than enough, spend as much as you make or loop around in some other annoying pattern you’re ready to part with;

You know simply making more money is not going to solve how you feel on the inside;

You’re no stranger to working with your body (maybe doing so yourself) and are practiced at using it as a tool for healing;

You’re committed to leaving a financial legacy but also the legacy of a relaxed and safe money nervous system.

WEALTH is NOT for you if:

You’re not willing to be radically responsible for your own power, pleasure and joy;

You’re looking for quantum codes or to have an “energetic clear” done for you;

You’re in economic survival mode and investing in WEALTH would put you in a precarious financial spot;

You’re in active trauma and struggle with establishing basic grounding;

You’re not open to moving your body or willing to feel uncomfortable;

You’re not open to the occasional “bitch” and “fuck” in our sessions;

You’re only interested in personal growth and not in how your growth is connected to the broader social context.

Healing your money nervous system is the best investment in your financial future. 

Do it fully supported.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, I don’t offer refunds. If after a conversation with me about your purchase you find yourself feeling like it’s not aligned, I can give you the option of working differently with me by upgrading or downgrading to a different container.

We usually begin with movement, grounding or attunement so that you can feel into what’s here right now. I will guide you through a mediation and somtic practice to address what’s “in the room.” We’ll also use self-relating techniques to process and integrate what’s coming up. 

My aim is to help you stay in the moment, with yourself and with sensation, which is an essential skill in helping you uncover what’s at the root of your relationship with money.

Great question! The financial needs analysis and comprehensive strategy sessions can happen at any time between the 7 sessions. Implementation of the plan happens after the 7 sessions are over.