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3.21| The Link Between Self-Intimacy and Wealth with Sinead Cracknell

Isha Vela 0:00
Welcome to Devotional Anarchy, a podcast about intimate embodied leadership that is radically human, honest AF and thereby inherently disruptive to systems of disempowerment and disconnection. I am Isha Vela, trauma psychologist certified somatic intimacy Alchemist, wealth wizard shadow doula love anarchist intuitive channel and sovereign business coach. You’re here because you know intimate self connection is the source of everything you want to create in life. And that building safety and trust in your own body is what allows you to fully own and steward your energy and your relationships. Get ready to explore attachments, sexuality, spirituality, self expression and sovereignty and other relational themes from a trauma responsive somatic energetic lens. The conversations and tools shared in this podcast are designed to offer permission to create the abundant life love and business that lights your soul on fire. Hey, sovereign, this is a really sweet interview I did with Diane Bell was a Scottish filmmaker and the creator of aim from the heart, her business on the art of manifesting the life of your dreams. And I met Diane through the wealthy woman vault where she saw my talk and invited me to teach a class inside her online community. And it was an unexpectedly powerful class. And it led me to invite her to share her incredible story on this podcast, you don’t want to miss it. And before teaching manifestation, Diane won awards at the Sundance Film Festival, ashlan Independent Film Festival, Edinburg International Film Festival. And she also won an Independent Spirit Award in 2011. So a really, really powerful conversation where she touches into some specifics about the art of manifestation that took me by surprise, and really had me vibrating through the whole through the whole episode. Yeah, you won’t want to miss it. Let’s get into it. All right, awesome. I’m so glad that you’re here, Diane, and that we get to sit down together and have a conversation about manifestation. And you know, I don’t really know where this conversation is going. So I’m always excited to be in the curious unfolding of it. Hmm, I love that. I’m here for that. Thank you. So yeah, yeah, I would love for you to share. You know, your journey with money. Yeah, I know, that’s a big, big.

Diane Bell 2:48
Let’s just start with the most challenging part of my life, probably for most of my life. So my money journey, basically can be summed up as best when I was a teenager, I just decided that money was the most horrible thing on earth. I think like a lot of people who are artists, and who are creatives and who consider themselves to be spiritual. I just felt like I was above money. Yes, money was something that was something that shallow people wanted that greedy people wanted that people who are not like me, like, I just wanted nothing to do with the kind of people who wanted money. You know, my people were the spiritual people were the artists were the creatives, like, we care about art and an authenticity and being real and all that much more than we care about money. So that’s how I was and that, as I say, started in my teenage years. Now in later years, I have traced that and so why was like, where did that come from? You know, and it’s so interesting, like, why did that occur? And I realized that in my own family story from when I was a child to when I became a teenager. So I was born into a very working class, Scottish family. And when my grandparents were all blue collar workers, you know, my grandmother’s were cleaning lady things like that, right? Yeah. And my parents were, they got married when my mom was 17. And my dad was 20. So you can imagine they were poor as anything. Yeah, you know, and my dad worked in this factory. And my mom was like, you know, at home having the first baby when she was 17. The second one me when she was 21. And they were like, you know, they, they had no money. But you know, what I remember my early childhood is we were really happy. Now, what happened was that my dad is he’s a really smart guy, right, and a really hardworking person. And so, in the factory, he got like, he started to work for the lab in the factory. And then he got, you know, he really advanced quickly in this as a rubber company that makes higher belts for car engines. And so he started climbing the ladder. And we started traveling and we moved from Scotland to Japan, you know, car industry, so you know, he got an offer to go do something with this Japanese company over there, etc. And so they started to make more money. And as I grew up, you know, my parents had more Honey, but what I saw and what I internalized and saw firsthand was that they were less happy. Right? That there was more stress, there was more anxiety, there was less freedom that my dad went from being the kind of person who was always available and always so much fun and like really fun to being somebody who was just like, oh, stressed and tired. And so I, you know, and it wasn’t until years later that did the money work and really, like, discerned, like, why by the time I was a teenager, I’m just like, I don’t care about money. I thought there was a choice you had to make in life, you could either be free, or you could have money. And that was like, freedom is my highest value. Freedom is it all the way. And so that’s how I live my life. And you know, I went into my 20s. And I taught yoga, and you know, I had great time, you know, it was like, I opened a yoga school in Barcelona, I went to India and studied yoga, and there was just like, totally into yoga. And during that time, that was while I was really like, all my life. I wanted to be an artist, like, all my life, I wanted to write, being a writer was like, my highest and best. But I was so deeply conditioned into thinking that that was impossible. You know, I was so deeply conditioned and thinking that my voice didn’t count that I would never do anything good. All that kind of thing. Yeah, I mean, as I’ve said, my parents are working class scholars, people were not artists, the people, you know, is like, Oh, no. Work in the library. That was like, I actually got told that, you know, you like books, you should get a job in the library. It was not like, you could go Bill, you know, you’ll be a writer now. And so I was like, you know, I really wanted to write, but I was so blocked. And so I spent a lot of my 20s and going into my 30s, like, unblocking myself as a creative, you know, and finding the courage to actually be a writer. And it was screenplays because I was obsessed with movies. I just like, such a cinephile. And so through that, I just, you know, I opened that channel and wrote my first screenplay, and I started to have success, I sold my first screenplay, I moved to LA and all kinds of things unfolded. But the truth was that it really didn’t matter what kinds of successes I had creatively, financially, I was always pretty much a disaster, because my attitude was still, I hate money. Like, I don’t want money, right? I’m the free spirit of Bohemian. Like, I can even remember the very first time that I met the man who became my manager, as a screenwriter, filmmaker, and actually saying to him, I don’t care about money, I just want you to know this upfront, like, money will never motivate me, what I care about is creativity. What I care about was doing the work that I love, right? And that’s like, that’s who I was. And so, you know, no surprise at all to in my 20s and 30s. Like, it was just like hand to mouth all the time. Like, will I be able to pay my rent? Usually not having any health insurance, you know, all that kind of stuff. Yes. But, but also living truly an abundant life. Because to be honest, like, even though I had no money, I was so abundant in so many other ways. And so like, turned on by life and having such a great time, that it was really only money that was like, blocked off. Yeah, and I really didn’t care about that, you know, like, for most of the time, it really didn’t actually upset me, because I was just like, not something that I actually desire is not something I care about. It started to upset me though, when I had my first child. And that’s definitely like a thing that sort of shifts you and I was 40 years old when I had my first child. Oh, wow. Okay. And, yeah, he came along completely naturally. And complete surprise, and so beautiful. And I wanted to have a baby for Asia, the marriage, my husband for like, six years, we’ve been trying for years. And now it is somebody like I was like, if it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t, and we had sort of gone, it’s not, you know, it’s probably not gonna happen, it’s fine. And then suddenly, I was pregnant. And after having my first baby, you know, it’s that thing, like, there’s certain things you just want to be able to do. And like, suddenly, being not having financial resources, it didn’t feel so free anymore. You know, it still made you feel like I’m not being able to actually live the life that I really want to live or give the life that I wanted to give to my child. And it started to feel not so bohemian, and wild and free anymore, but just like actually frustrating and constrained. And I still didn’t know start to do the money work. I still just like, you know, was the long of my own sort of normal way. After he was born. I made two more films after he was born. And then by the time that it was when my second one came along, which was I was 45 when I got pregnant for the second time. Oh, my friends, I was like, Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I’m pregnant. I was bit shocked. I was colicky, like up, like a little upset. Okay, I feel like I was just getting my life back. You know, my first one was five, easier and suddenly I was like, and my friends were like, You do understand how this works, don’t you? Like that was like You do understand I’m 45 years old and it’s not meant to happen is you’re meant to be like on the pill if you’re 45. So, anyway, so then we were and I was 45 minutes pregnant. And that’s when I really you know, there was a lot of things in my life at that moment. It just felt like they weren’t really working. And I was just feeling deep. pleaded, frustrated. And like I wasn’t where I wanted to be at all in life. And I remember it was like, probably after he was born, because I really see the turning point. I’m 50 years old now. So this will this will tell you it was only four years ago, I had, like a real turning point was right around my 46th birthday. And I was thinking, okay, for years now I’m gonna be 50. And when I turned 50, I want to be happier, healthier, wealthier and wiser than I’ve ever been in my life. Right? Like, that’s what I’m doing. I am not like, this is not it. And I’m gonna go all in. And I knew from the past, like I knew from unblocking myself as an artist, and creating these miraculous results in my creative life, you know, like, I made a movie that got to Sundance and won awards. So multiple scripts got hired for dream jobs, like all kinds of things that, you know, like, our miraculous in our film world, right. And I was like, there’s like, there’s things that I know that I can make these shifts. I’ve done it before, like, I’ve gone from being a block creative to winning an award at Sundance. I

Speaker 1 11:07
mean, I can do this. Diane, you are like, I’m feeling chills all over my body. And I feel like I want to cry just because it’s just, I can just feel like the way that you’re just create like the creation magic. You’re just like, yeah, I talking made this happen here. And I’m just gonna do it here now. Like just that decision. Yeah, it where you’re just like, I’m so done. Or I’m so ready. Right, whichever one it is for you. Where you just say like, this, is it? This is my moment.

Speaker 2 11:37
Yeah. And that was totally, and it was just like, I’m going to do whatever it takes, like, I’m going all in like, I’m not leaving anything like I’m going all in. And so it was right there around like for like, I feel like it was like 45 leading up to my 46th birthday. Yeah. And I just went, Okay, this is this is I’m gonna do this. And I started to do I started, like, first thing, just like looking at the patterns in my own life. And I was like, let’s see if I can notice any patterns, like what led up to me creating incredible results, right? Because I have crazy results in my life that are impossible and crazy, right? And I’m like, How is like, Who Was I being? What was I believing? What was I doing? What were my habits? Like? What was the energy? What was going on? Can I see a pattern in this? Immediately I can see patterns, you know, let’s say, you know, I was like, when things didn’t work, what are the patterns? Right? Like, let us look at that. And I could immediately see his parents. And then I just started studying it to like, I just started reading every frickin book I could about manifestation about the law of attraction, I started to listen to podcasts non stop all the time, like, my life depended upon it. You know, I just like, I mean, there was no more just like sitting watching Netflix in the evening. It was completely like, if I’ve got a free moment, I’m like, I’m studying, I’m learning. I’m like, I’m figuring this out. And I just started doing all the things. You know, like, I’m gonna throw everything at this. I’m gonna be doing affirmations. I’m gonna be doing chatting. And we’re doing like an hour yoga every day. I’m doing like everything, right? I’m just going all in. And you know, it. Like, I can’t say like, it was instant, you know that the change happened overnight. But, I mean, it is kind of crazy that within four years, my life has completely transformed. You know, and for the first time in my life, I mean, we bought a house, we were living in Denver at the time when this when that part of the story kicked off, I was living in Denver, Colorado, and we had always rented had never owned a home, and we bought a home in Denver, you know, like, about a year, year and a half after we do it Start this like really seriously, and starting my online business, and just opening opening channels of abundance and finding like, oh my god, I can make money. Like I’d never made money before. I would say never prioritize it, like I would make money, but it’s faster that will come in and we’ll go out this thing. And it was like, oh, and so we bought a house and and that was incredible. And then, you know, a couple years later, we decided that we wanted to move to Spain, which is where I lived before. And I just you know, so there’s a whole bunch. That’s a whole story. But, you know, here I am now sitting in we bought like, basically my dream home in Spain. I just pinch myself like I like wake up looking at the Mediterranean Sea. I can watch the sunrise and the sunset from my bed, right with the sea. And I’m like, This is the life that I dreamed of when I was 25. But I actually thought was impossible for a year. Yes. And all it really took was me really deciding to do the work deciding that it was possible for me deciding that I was willing to do the work deciding that I was willing to see things differently and to do things differently. Decide deciding that I was going to listen to every nudge and every intuition. Even the really hard ones because actually one of the first things that came through for me when I made the decision to change my life One of the first things that came through was, you have to stop drinking alcohol. Right? And I remember like, you know, like, this voice coming through, and I was just like, No, not that, like, I’ll do anything but not that right. And, you know, and that, that that intuition kept coming back to me, Dan, if you’re going to create this dream life, you’re gonna have to stop drinking alcohol, you’re losing integrity over, you’re just like you’re losing your power not. And you know, it’s not, it’s just again, looking at the patterns, I can see the patterns with times that I was not drinking or drinking less, you know, and at that point, I was like, I would enjoy a glass of wine every evening. I don’t consider myself an alcoholic. I don’t consider myself in recovery. But it was, you know, but I did, you know, I did enjoy your drink. And, and it was like, Okay, finally, I was like, okay, the day after my 46th birthday, if that’s what’s gonna take, I’m gonna do it. And I haven’t drank since it’s been nearly

Speaker 1 15:51
nearly five years, and seemingly, seemingly random things, right, that when you know, as you describe it now are about power. You’re about not diluting your power? Completely.

Speaker 2 16:04
Yeah. Wow. So the money is, I mean, I can’t believe it, I’ve completely transformed my life completely transformed my money story in the sense of like, how much money I have, you know, and how much money like, the resources that are available to me and but I’ve, I’ve completely changed all my beliefs around money. I mean, I don’t think one single belief like all that all that false dichotomies that I had around money, all those false dichotomies that you know, it was like some sort of choice, you know, that you had it was either this or that. Right? Yes. I just don’t see that as a choice. Now. I’m like, you can have everything like, why would you make that choice? Why would you say you can be free? Are you going to have money? Like, I really had that so deeply ingrained in my brain, and just just the idea that everybody who’s wealthy is horrible. Yeah. That was, like, somewhere deeply ingrained in me too, you know,

Speaker 1 16:55
and very common. You know, you and I are of the same generation very common for our generation. Yeah, very common Money Story.

Speaker 2 17:03
Okay. Yeah. Yeah, I think so. I mean, I feel like, especially for people, and this is one of my passions now is working with artists, creative people, women, people who, you know, have internalized some sort of story that, like, money is something that they don’t really want to be part of. Yes, you know, and I’m still on the journey. I’m not like, I definitely do not feel like I’ve completed it. There’s still like, a long way for me to go. Yeah, sure. You know,

Speaker 1 17:32
do you have like, can you share, do you feel open to share a moment where it was just like, where something was illuminated, let’s say a shadow. Right? Shadow, something that was like, shocking to you that you didn’t know was? Was sort of hidden in your consciousness?

Unknown Speaker 17:52
Hmm, okay. around money, particularly

Speaker 1 17:55
around money in particular. Yeah. Cuz I feel like, you know, a lot of people that that I work with, you know, they’ve, they’ve done a lot of money mindset work, they’ve done a lot of, you know, embodiment work around money. And, and there’s still stuff that is like, is sort of like deeper, maybe ancestral or, oh, yeah, that’ll like, kind of come up, bubble up suddenly. And then you’re like, oh, yeah, that’s how I’ve been blocking myself. Thank you for illuminating that,

Speaker 2 18:25
you know? Well, to be honest, I have this thing. Like with manifestation, I think the hardest part of manifestation is actually receiving. You know, I don’t think it’s that difficult to create, like the opportunities to receive what we want, you know, that’s the hard part, right? It’s like, Oh, my God, I really want the money, I really want the job, I really want the opportunity, whatever it is, I don’t like it will come to you so damn fast, you won’t believe it. But I think the hardest part is in the receiving and in believing that we’re worthy of receiving. And then that identity shift. And to be honest, when you were speaking, what came to mind for me was actually like in this past year. So we moved into and I say this, like my dream house. Now, when we first when I first saw this online, right in Denver, it was like my husband, I were basically like checking these real estate sites all the time, you know, in this town in Spain that we wanted to move to. And I saw this house and it was the view I went, Oh, you know, my whole heart went up flutter. And I was just like, oh my god, I looked at this house. I was like, oh my god, it’s perfect. Like, it’s got all the things you know, it’s got the right number of bedrooms on the same floor, and it’s got a guest apartment. So my parents would come to see it’s got an elevator. So my parents have mobility issues can go you know, can get around that. Oh, my guy like it’s got everything. It’s a swimming pool. It’s got yo he’s got this, like, Oh my God, and but I look at the price. I’m like, Okay, it’s way outside of our budget range. You know, it’s like, no, there’s never gonna happen. But nonetheless, I like you know, I, I took a screenshot of this view, and I made it my my, my wallpaper on my phone. So I Regina, I opened my phone I looked at the view, right. And and I was just looking at Vienna go oh, so beautiful. And I put a picture of it up above my like the elliptical machine at home in Denver. You know what I’ve just gave up? Yeah. And but it was like out of reach. But it just seemed to symbolize somehow what I was working towards anyway. Well, anyway, all these magical things aligned, we, when we sold our house in Denver, it was like in this crazy bubble of prices. I mean, it did not make sense how much we sold our house for, like, we made such a huge profit on it. And then also, when we were actually then moving our money from USA to Euro, it was like, the exchange rate was the best that could have been in like, 30 years. Yeah, like, since the Euro started, people were like, it’s never been like this. It’s like, what is happening, you know, and all these things aligned. So we ended up buying this house. Now I have to be honest. So moving into the house, and this was like, the most intense thing, you think you would just be overjoyed and happier, like, Yay, my dream came true. Actually, I was just in a state of anxiety and sort of panic for months. I kid you not. And, you know, as I started to really explore that, you know, and just, like, go into that, like, what is this? You know, and I realized how deep the feeling was, of like, actually not being worthy of certain things. Yeah. Actually, like, yeah, it was fine to be the person who wanted that thing. You know, to have it on your board. Right? You know, it’s right. It was like desiring it and going after it. And that, like, that identity feels comfortable for me, right? Like the go getters, like, you know, I’m gonna hope that thing. But then when it actually comes, it’s like, Oh, what am I doing here? What am I doing here? Right? And, you know, all kinds of sort of, like self sabotaging behaviors were kicking in, just in like, I mean, just in the way that I was showing up to my business, mostly, you know, I was like, really going to like a crisis of like, what am I like, what am I doing? Like, who am I? You know, yeah, I think this is like, for me, like, just such a big thing for me my lineage. As I said, I come from very working class background in Scotland, and, you know, the women and I like a big part of what I work with. Now, I work with women, and we really go into our Maitree lineage. And as a Scottish woman, you know, we had 300 years of the witch trials, right? Yes. Wow, more than, and I grew up with always, like, you know, like, there’s the see that cliff over there, like, that’s where they used to push women off the cliff. And if they die, then they were witches. And if they, if they sort of, I mean, if they survived, they were witches, and they would get burned at the stake. And if they, like, survived, if they died, and they were dead, you know, they could be buried in the church. And, you know, like, actually, this summer when I was back in Scotland, you know, the town where my parents live, they had the, this sort of commemoration of the women, the witches who had been killed and witches, you know, like, 78 women, and this town is like today, it’s a small town. And I imagine, like, you know, today, it’s like, 15,000 people if you murdered 78 women, right today in that town, the huge, like, the trauma, tire town, right? Be immense, right. But back then it was probably like 1000 people or something. You probably, and I really have this thing that like, as women is we sort of like, expand and grow and embody our fullness and, you know, grow into increasing levels of abundance and into our dream lives. You really test your, like, DNA structure, I feel like you know, like, everything that you’ve been conditioned for centuries has been, here’s how you stay safe. stay small, keep your head low. Don’t stand out. Don’t hope for too much. My grandmother, you say this to me all the time. She say, don’t hope for too much. And you’ll never be disappointed, right? I mean, that was like one of her like catchphrases, right? And she was a lovely, lovely woman like the sweetest lady. Do you say all the time, she’s just don’t wish for too much. This is how you how you create a happy life. And then as you’re creating it, it’s like, okay, like, everything goes into panic mode,

Speaker 1 24:22
you’re breaking all of the rules. You’re breaking all of the contract all of the contracts. And

Unknown Speaker 24:28
it’s that you feel like you’re in danger. You feel like yeah,

Speaker 1 24:31
I’m gonna be ostracism. Annihilation. Yeah, yeah. Elimination.

Speaker 2 24:38
Yes. But then it’s like, okay, no, we can do this. We can do this. So, you know, as I said, for me, I feel like there’s just always layers and the work is never going to be done done. Because as you grow, there’s always going to be another layer of that fear. And, like, Am I really worthy of this and Is this too much and all that kind of? Yeah.

Speaker 1 24:59
Yeah, there’s always the deepening of that, right? Like, I love what you said about the difference between being someone who could go for something and want something which I think a lot of people are comfortable with, right? Especially like the tenacious entrepreneur, and then having it and then having to just kind of like, be with it. Like, okay, so now you have it. So now what do you do? You continue, but it’s not the same energy as going for something or striving for something.

Speaker 2 25:33
I noticed something too. With that, I realized that one of my big mistakes with this particular manifestation was that I hadn’t really ever given thought about what would come after it. So I had spent perhaps three years of my life totally focused on manifesting this move to Spain, you know, my dream vision for it. And then it’s like, I’m here. And it’s like, I think my subconscious just thought we were dead. You know, because it was like, we’ve done it. Do you know what I mean? And it’s like, now what? Like, night? No, okay. You’ve just like, you’ve just nailed the vision board. What’s next? Right? And it just felt like, I don’t know. Like, I just like, and I think that was part of the thing. Like, what got me out of that feeling. Really was starting to have a new vision board have a new set of vision. Yes. The future. Yes. was interesting to me. But I would just say a big tip for anybody who’s manifesting everything, anything. Make sure you have a vision beyond the vision.

Speaker 1 26:34
Oh, my God, yes. I’m putting a pin in that right now.

Speaker 2 26:38
Don’t just have the vision, like make sure you think about like the next step or the bigger thing beyond that. Yeah.

Speaker 1 26:43
Yeah. Such a good. That’s such a good point. Yeah. And so the, the money that you you know, besides the the money you made from the home you sold in Colorado, the your income was coming from from your new business. Correct? Right in manifestation, right, your aim business.

Speaker 2 27:09
So initially, though, it was my online business started with me teaching filmmaking and screenwriting got it? Okay. So I, you know, from 2014, I started to teach filmmaking in the room. And I think, like I was born to be a teacher, that’s always been part of, as I say, I spent, like most of my 20s Being a yoga teacher. Yeah. 2525 to 33. That was my full time job was I was a yoga teacher. Yeah. And I think I’m just somebody, like, if I discover something, and I’m like, I done something that I think was impossible. And for me, yoga was like that, because I was like, the least flexible person in the world. When I started yoga, like I was, I always been stiff all my life. I was stiff, right? And so when I started to yoga, I was like, the worst. Like, I was, like, you know, just awful right in the room, sweating so hard, like just in misery and pain, trying to do the things. But I was also like, there’s just I knew in my heart like, this is for me, this is meant to do this. And it was so hard. So when I actually then got to the point, like, within a year, I could do the splits. And I was like, what? Wow, possible. Like, all my life, I’ve been walking around with this story that I’m stiff, you know. And now I can do this. I’m like, quite who knew? Like it was it was just a story, like, all I had to do was change what I was doing, and I got a different result. I’m a different person. Yeah. So I then, like, I immediately wanted to teach yoga. And so I feel like when I do something that I think is impossible, then I want to help other people do it. So when I, you know, I had made movies, I got my movie, in Sundance at one awards, I made another movie that was a much more sort of like, conventional path. And it was a much bigger budget. But it was actually not a great experience. And it was after that, that was like, I want to teach people how to make movies, like how I made my first movie, because that’s a path of like freedom as a filmmaker, and I want to teach filmmakers how to do it in this way, so that they are free, and they can make whatever they want, whenever they want for the rest of their lives. And so I started teaching these workshops, and that was like my initial passion with that. And I always was like, this would make a good online course and wrote a book about it was very successful book filmmaking book. The one of my students came to me and was like, this would be a good online course. How about I’ll do the tech I was so like non tech, tech, tech, you could do the course right. And so and that’s how I started with my online business. So we started out with, you know, the filmmaking course. And then I did a screenwriting course and for quite for that first year online that like I was completely just screenwriting and filmmaking. But then I had this epiphany. So I was suddenly like, you know what, I have been teaching people how to make films and how to write screenplays now for a few years, like in person as well, as well as online. And by now I’ve taught hundreds of people and very few of them are really creating epic results, right like and I was like, why is this and I was thinking about it. And I was like, Well, of course, the epic results do not come from knowing how to do the damn thing, do they? You’re being right. And I was like, then you know. So that was the point at which I was like, I have got to start teaching these people how to be the magnet for the miracles. Because to be honest, if you want to have like, you want to make films, for instance, you’re not looking for a predictable result, a predictable result is you write a script, and it never sells that’s predictable, because like 99% of movies don’t set up, right. Like the year my movie got into Sundance, it was 1.4% of movies that were submitted going 1.4%, right. So you can see the statistics like you’re looking to be in that like 1.4%, for you’re looking for a miracle. So it doesn’t come from predictable behavior. It doesn’t come from following rules or following formulas. It comes from energetics. It comes from tapping into the magic. And so I was like, Okay, I’ve got to start teaching people this because I’m actually not doing them a service. Like I’m teaching them how to do the thing. Like if you do this, and then you go there, and then you do it this and then you do that. But it’s like they can’t do they’re not getting results, because they’re not in the vibe they’re not. They’re not in the faith. They’re not in the magic. So that’s when I started to teach the magic. And slowly I realized, you know what, that’s really what I want to teach. Now. I want to teach the manifestation I want to teach like how to be in your power, I want to teach people how to create epic results. And so that’s how I sort of ended up pivoting more into that space rather than teaching straight up screenwriting filmmaking, but my online business totally started with screenwriting and filmmaking.

Speaker 1 31:39
Yeah. And I’m just like, I’m sitting here, and I don’t know what to do with myself, my body is just having all all sorts of reactions right now. I feel like I’m no wonder like cough. And just like, there’s so much shifting for me, as you’re talking. I’m taking copious notes. Be the magnet for the miracle. Right? Don’t do the predictable behavior. So how does one be the magnet for the miracle? What is your what is your path? What is your formula? What is your way of doing that?

Speaker 2 32:18
Yeah, the most simple way that I can say it, there’s like there’s a one step answer. And then there’s like, a more complicated and one step answer is let yourself feel good. Just enjoy yourself, like stop taking everything so seriously, and just let yourself feel good. You know, like, when you feel good, good things come your way, when you’re relaxed, when you’re like receptive when you’re open to life, right? When you’re at ease. When we’re stressing, and we’re forcing, and we’re striving and we’re pushing, and we’re like anxious. We’re blocking all the goodness, yes. When I saw my first script, I mean, that was like a series of miracles that made no sense, except I was just having the best time of my life. And I tell people, the story, anything, you know, like, there’s different parts of me, I was a yoga teacher living in Barcelona, I didn’t know anyone in the film industry, right? So you know, people would go and people said to me, you’re not gonna be able to sell your script, I wrote a script. And I was like, I’m gonna sell this script. And it was about it. This was like, 2005, it was about make you work. This is kind of weird, because that make you work. And a voiceover actor, a Mexican voiceover actor who had dubbed his movies into Spanish, right girls living in Spain time. And it was kind of about make you work, you know, like quitting acting to be a boxer. And this Mexican voiceover actor goes to LA to try to find Mickey and get back into acting because he’s not getting any jobs, you know. And so I’d written the script, and I was like, I’m gonna sell the script. And I found out that Mickey worked was going to be in con, this is a true story. And this was 2005. And I was like, right, I’m going to con. So I got my credit card, and I rented a car and I, you know, I printed out copies of my script, this was still actually do print copies. And, you know, it’s like, got a hotel, and I went to the Cannes Film Festival, right, like, I’m gonna sell my script. But you know, the funny thing is, like, I was not in an energy of like, desperation or needing to, I was just in the energy of like, I’m having the time of my life, like, this is the most fun that I could possibly be having. And, you know, I went there, and I didn’t actually sell my script, and I didn’t meet Mickey Rourke, right? But I met a producer, who, like a few months later called me and said, Hey, I just had dinner with somebody who’s working with Mickey Rourke right now, and I love the idea of your script. And I told them about it, and you know, he’s interested and, you know, can he get in touch with you? And I was like, of course, you know, so I have that. This is that thing, right? I went from when I remember when I went to college and stuff my friends all thought I was not an EVO people. A couple people I managed to get to read the script, like in the film, she and they were like, you’re never gonna sell this because you’ll never get make your work. It’s not it’s not gonna happen, you know? And I was just like, I don’t know. I just don’t believe them. Like, they have every reason to know what they’re talking about because they actually work in the film industry. And I’m a yoga teacher, but a screw I just don’t believe them. Like why Wouldn’t the script sell? Why would he want to do this? And you know, like, I held that vision to so strong, but I had so much fun on the journey. And I just didn’t go into the negativity. And so like, literally within six months, the scripts sold. I was invited to come to LA to have meetings, and I’m sitting there having lunch with Mickey Rourke, taking notes on my script, right? Where he’s telling me, you know, I think my character should be more like this, that, do you want this to happen? And it’s like, it doesn’t make sense. Except it makes perfect sense. Well, it’s fine, right? And it’s like, we’re not, like, I just knew, I knew in my heart that I was gonna sell that script, like, I just knew it. And I, you know, I was just like, I’m not going to rest until he himself, like, says no, like, I’m just like, gonna rest, but I’m not gonna give up. And I’m just gonna have fun. And I think like, the having fun. The enjoying it, the not putting pressure and stress and making your own mean, so much, is really one of the biggest key as to I think, for women in particular, because I don’t know about men I can’t speak from. I just know that women, our way of creating epic results is through magic, like we are magical beings. Yeah. And our magic is in our receptive energy. And it’s also in our pleasure. Yeah. And the more that we are in pleasure, and the more that we’re enjoying ourselves, and the more that we’re turned on, and the more that we’re happy, and the more that we’re like just feeling all alive, the more that we’re attracting good things. That’s how it works. Yeah. And so if we, like if we have the vision, and if you go what’s the process? Know, you want know exactly what it is what you want, have the vision for it really clear, like, this is what I desire. Now that I know what I want, I can relax, right? Because it’s gonna calm. Right? And the thing is that the curious thing is, even if it doesn’t, I’m gonna be fine. Right? Like, that, like true, like surrender about this, like, I’m not like, this is not This is about our dreams. This isn’t about being able to put food on my table tonight, right? Like, this is about, you know, that level of Yeah. And so it’s like, okay, you know, let’s now just enjoy, let’s, let’s just enjoy this. Let me look at whatever. Like, it’s telling me that I couldn’t have that. Let me process the shadow side, you know, the things that come up, they’re like, You can’t do this because bla bla bla bla bla, okay, let’s process that. But let’s really keep the focus on just just being excited and enjoying it and enjoying the journey, because that’s what will always create the magic.

Speaker 1 37:35
Yeah, I love that the duality between knowing exactly what you want, and being very clear, and also the surrender. Yes,

Speaker 2 37:46
is essential. The surrender is absolutely essential. I think surrender. You hear people talk about a lot. And I was always like, what does surrender mean? Does that mean like that I don’t really want it. And I think with manifestation, it’s like surrender does not mean that you don’t care if it happens or not, you know, you’re surrendering. Like, I don’t care if this happens. It’s not that right. Because for me, when I’m trying to manifest something, when I’ve like decided, I really want that, I want it, right. Like, I really want that, right. Like I want, I want to have like, I want to sell my script, or I want to have that house in Spain, or whatever it is, I want to get my movie into Sundance, right? Like, I want that thing. I want it with all my heart. And it’s not surrendering the desire for it. But surrendering the attachment is the surrendering of the like, controlling how it’s going to happen. Yeah, like, our trust into the fact that if it’s meant for us is going to come to us. You know, and I can remember a moment like, in buying this house where I was really like, it seemed like it wasn’t gonna happen. And I remember having a walk on the beach and just going, you know, God goddess universe source, I just, I’m handing it over to you, if it’s meant to be is meant to be. And if it’s not, I totally trust that there’s something else for me that there’s something that’s better, there’s something that I’m being led to that’s different, and I trust it, and it’s fine, and it’s all good. And in that moment, I just went whoosh. And of course, within an hour found out that we you know, that we were that are offered being accepted and all that, you know, but I feel like it wouldn’t have had AIDS is that thing like actually really just going? I trust? You know, like, I just trust that, that it’s going to be fine.

Speaker 1 39:20
Yeah, the trust is so you know, the knowing beyond logic. That is that is an exercise and faith and trust. Yes, right, like faith that it will happen trusting, trusting your intuition, beyond like the audacious belief that is still grounded in the doing and the acting and like not just sort of like praying over your crystals but actually like, doing the things and listening to the podcast as you were doing and going to Khan and you know, actually like putting yourself in situations where it could happen. Right now. Not just wishing

Speaker 2 40:02
know, the aligned action is a big piece of it for sure. You know, and it’s definitely not the case, in my experience that, you know, you just get to sit on the couch, or we’re just gonna like, like, come to you, you know, you get these downloads, and I think that’s the thing with your intuition, your intuition will suddenly have a little like cake for you and do this or, you know, call that person or go there or whatever. And then your logical brain will try to talk you out of it. You’re like, why? Right? That makes no sense. That’s ridiculous. That’s a really stupid idea, you know? How are you gonna afford that? Or what’s that? You know, no, no, no, no. But the key is to like, listen to those intuitions, and absolutely, just act on them. And if you do that, the intuitions will never lead you astray. Never. They are spot on 100% of the time, and I go, like, if we could just like trust, like I just go follow Sol is one of my models follow. So like whatever Sol says, Just do it. Just trust it, it never lead you astray. And of course, it makes perfect sense, because your highest self is pumped into the quantum field of everything. Like he knows all the possible paths to your dream outcome and knows what you want, right? And it also has, like all the possible paths. So it’s like, Here, take this shortcut, you know, and you’re like, No, no, no, that doesn’t make sense. We gotta go. This is the conventional way. This way. Everyone’s told me do this. We’re the experts say this, but that books, you know, like, gotta do it this way? No, you’re ISF, like your intuition, and you hear those little nudges, just lock it in and do it, even if it’s like the craziest thing you’ve ever heard.

Speaker 1 41:37
Right? And then also like, surrounding yourself with people who will support that audacious belief, and that and the knowing beyond logic, right? Because there’s gonna be so many people who will match that part of your brain, or that part of your consciousness that is like, oh, that doesn’t make sense. That seems weird. Or I’m not gonna do that. Like, what don’t people think? To have people that are like, Go Diane, do it? Like, whatever, like, Yeah, listen, who are so excited for you? And who can who add to the joy? I know, I will add to the, to the expansion or the the possibility of all the things that can happen?

Speaker 2 42:18
Absolutely. I will say too, because I have a lot of students and clients who say, you know, like, they don’t have that sort of support around them, they, you know, maybe their partner or their families, like don’t believe and sometimes I just go like, you don’t owe anybody your dreams, you don’t have to tell them. Like, I’ve learned I learned pretty early on I think the screenwriting thing, like most people thought I was just like, totally nuts. And I learned pretty early on, just don’t tell them about it. Like, just don’t tell them because they don’t get it and they will just like talk you down and make you feel like an idiot, you know, for even daring to dream. So if anyone doesn’t feel like they’re wildly supportive of your crazy dreams, just just zip it, don’t talk to them about it. You know, all the other things. You can love them, you can hang out with them. You can have lots of fun with them all these things, but just don’t tell them about like your crazy dreams because you don’t. It’s really dangerous. And

Speaker 1 43:16
people poopoo your Yeah, they come in and sort of yeah, they poop all over the place. Yeah, they poop on it. And Diane, I feel like I totally fell in love with you. And this. Like, I can really, really feel your magic. And I’m so grateful that you know, any witches that were that were castigated, burned, killed, were not in your family, and that you were spared and that you got to bring your gifts to this, you know, time in history now. Because it’s like, wow, that’s a very, very, such a powerful conversation to me. I’ve really felt like something. Something shifted in me something I had a I had a movement. So I had shifts happening as you were speaking so yes. Very, very powerful.

Speaker 2 44:07
Well, we’re here for high school. Like, I feel it’s interesting. Is it like this time in history? I feel so acutely, like, this is a moment, right? Yes, the moment this is the transition. This is what our ancestors have been praying for. And they are cheering us on. And this is the moment where we make this transition into a new earth and it’s really happening. And it is this. The old paradigm, the old world is crumbling before our eyes. I mean, literally, it’s crumbling before our eyes. And we can either be terrified and depressed about that, or we can be like, Ha, this is the opportunity to birth something new. And I just like as women, this is our time. It’s absolutely our time to anchor into our feminine nature to bring that back to the fore and really bring that balance into humanity again, and I really do feel like that’s that’s the transformation that needs to happen to heal our world. Women coming in to their power. after century, well, millennia of the past 5000 years of patriarchy. You know, it’s our time. So I love having this conversation. I’m so grateful to you.

Speaker 1 45:14
Yeah. And let people know that the listeners know how they can find you. How are they? Like, are you running any programs right now? Where can they follow you on social media? Yeah, so

Speaker 2 45:25
my number one place is Instagram. And I just started a new Instagram account not so long ago called aim from the heart one. So from the heart one. And I’m so excited about so had my other Instagram account that you know, had, you know, over like, I don’t know, 13,000 followers or something. But it was, it was screenwriting and filmmaking. So this one is my new one, which is all energetics and it just feels so good. And I’m so excited about it. So come and see me and from the heart one. And I have like a few different programs. I have one coming up soon, which is the aim Academy. Aim for me is the art of intentional manifestation. So this is like learning how to manifest your dreams through energetics, not through hard work and hustle. But really understanding the energetics of it so that you can create the results that you desire in your life. So that is coming up soon. But the best way is like come to the Instagram. I’m also just launching my podcast. I’ve just launched it last week. Yes. About so that’s the aim from the heart podcast, so you can check out him from the heart. And you’ll find it there. So yeah, that’s the best places.

Speaker 1 46:32
Yes. Thank you so much, Dan, for being here. This was such a gift. And I know that whoever’s gonna listen to this is gonna have like, an energy blast. Like I did. Like it’s just this conversation.

Speaker 2 46:47
Well, this is it like I just go with this is we’re here to like, lift each other up and to remind you know, girl, like everything you dream up as possible, you know, and let’s have fun while we make it possible.

Speaker 1 46:58
Yeah, exactly. Let’s just have fun. I love what you said. Like this is freakin fun. Like, enjoy yourself. Yeah, don’t take it so seriously. Absolutely. Yes. Thank you so much, Diane.

Unknown Speaker 47:12
Thank you so much. Thank you for having me.

Speaker 1 47:14
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