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4.5 | Demystifying Crypto with Ombiya Ra

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Welcome to Devotional Anarchy, a podcast about intimate embodied leadership that is radically human, honest AF and thereby inherently disruptive to systems of disempowerment and disconnection. I’m Isha Vela, trauma psychologists, certified somatic practitioner, wealth wizard, licensed financial professional leadership coach, and intuitive business mentor. You’re here because you know, self intimacy and self knowledge is the source of everything you want to create in your life. And that building safety and trust in your bodies would allows you to fully own and stored your energy in the direction of your desires. This season, get ready for deep dives into wealth building spirituality, emotional leadership, and human centered business with an activist twist. The conversations and tools shared in this podcast are your permission slip to manifest a life and business that lights your soul on fire and supports collective liberation?

Isha Vela
I keep saying it, and I’m gonna say it again, this is the year to invest in crypto, you may be afraid of it or think of it as a scam. But you can’t argue with the fact that it’s the best performing asset in the last decade. And we’re in a really, really unique window right now, which is why I brought one of my crypto mentors on via raw to the podcast to talk about her journey in crypto. And she gets into crypto, what crypto actually is, she demystify some of the concepts and terms and explains all the novella drama going on behind the scenes with the FCC, and their attempts to centralize and shut aspects of crypto down. So if you have a mission to live free, if you’ve been crypto curious and wanting to dip your toe into it, but don’t know where to start, you’re gonna want to listen to this.

Hi, Ombiya, welcome to the podcast.

Ombiya Ra

Hi, thanks for having me. Yeah, I think this is gonna be a really

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helpful and helpful and productive conversation for a lot of people in my community who may be hesitant to invest in the money system, or who would just feel sort of turned off about investing in the money system and, you know, crypto offers them an alternative. And so I just maybe start by sharing. We’ll get into sort of the details of crypto but I really want people to get to know you first. And so maybe share your journey into getting to know crypto and familiarizing yourself, and then being a teacher. Yeah, for sure. We’d love to.

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So, yeah, I became a nomad. When I was 27, I had a spiritual awakening. And I had Arnie, the year prior, got fired from my nine to five sales job. The- I was one of the only women in an all Mormon man company.

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And I was not Mormon and I it’s funny because I showed up at that job, like one character, you know, with like padded bra, high heels already for sale. And then as my journey went on through the year, I, you know, I went to my first Burning Man, which brought me through a big awakening.

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But then I also started to stop drinking and just kind of become more spiritual. I had a therapist that was a kundalini yoga instructor, he had the big turban and the big beard, and I would sit in his therapy office, and we would just meditate together and I’m like, I’ve no idea what’s going on.

Unknown Speaker 3:53
Beard and different.

Unknown Speaker 3:56
Yeah, and so, I started you know, not I started, I used to straighten my hair and I stopped straightening my hair. I started growing my armpit hair out my leg hair, you know, I just like, started becoming a hippie incenting palo santo doing the the work room and you know, they don’t really liked us so much.

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So I slowly ended up getting on the list of, yeah, they wanted to lay me off and so whatever they could find they did finally, and it was it was just what I had manifested. I was like, what if they actually laid me off and I got under unemployment and I got a severance package and I could buy a van, you know, and I was just, it all happened. It just all happened perfectly. And yeah, I ended up bringing me to Hawaii, which ended up bringing me to Bali and as I was in Bali, and I was traveling and I was a broke traveler and I was just getting deep into yoga and meditation, detox, fasting.

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I eventually came across you know,

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Pete a lot of people who were, you know, my age and they didn’t they had money and I’m like, how are you? How are you living in tropical paradise, you know, with, with, with so much money? How did you do it and I kept seeing crypto crypto crypto crypto, everyone was just like, you know, that’s how they were living out there. They had done well in the last crypto bull market. And so they were just traveling and living free. And so that sparked my interest. And I created my first wallet with a guy that I’ve met on the beach. And yeah, within like six months, that wallet was hacked it I did end up doing like maybe like a 5x on my money, I think I’d only put like $120 in but it went up to like 750 at one point. And at that point, I got completely hacked and all the money taken out. And then I was like, You know what, I don’t like crypto so much. So it’s and I have no idea, you and how the bye body I didn’t you know, he just did it all for me.

Unknown Speaker 5:59

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so I just kind of went on with my life. And then when I got another big chunk of money.

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I was like, I really want to invest. Like I feel like, if I just I’ve gotten money before and I usually will get money and within like a few months, it’s just gone. It’s just like poof, like, I can’t hold the energy in this time. Martyr like, I’m like, What can I do with this to make it, you know, last me longer. And so crypto came in my mind again. So I started talking to one of my best friends who he had had invested a little bit and he, you know, got me investing in one of his coins that he liked. And I was putting money in there through just an app on my phone. And and then I was like, You know what, I actually really want to learn this. Like if I’m going to be doing it. I don’t want to just like buy what he’s telling me to do off of like this little app, and I don’t really understand I need to get a deeper education around this. Yeah. Oh, yeah. At the time I was I was back in Bali at that time. And someone had posted a group for a crypto class. And yeah, I went on Facebook to look up the teacher because I just wanted to see like, who the teacher was before I showed up at the class. And it ended up being the sexy hot man. And I was just like, holy shit.

Unknown Speaker 7:30
I don’t even care about crypto anymore. I just

Unknown Speaker 7:33
I’m like, I want to marry that dude. You know, who is he?

Unknown Speaker 7:39
And, and I ended up going into a restaurant the next day, and lo and behold, he’s sitting there in front of me.

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And I go up to him. And I was like, Are you the crypto guy? And yeah, I was thinking about maybe going to one of your classes at one point. We talked a little bit. And long story short, you know, that’s my husband. Now for briefs. We’ve been together three years. And yeah, he taught me everything I knew about crypto, the timing was beautiful. The timing that I got in is actually the timing of right now. Yeah. Like, go or, you know, so crypto every four years that has a bull market, or every three years and the fourth year ends up being a bull market. And so that’s the timing now back then. And he got me in He taught me everything I knew. And I was just so into it. And we just did so well. I was just shocked. I mean, I didn’t even know how well how well

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I had no idea. I was like, amazing money was just coming out of my ears. I was just like, all right. Because you said I think in one of your posts you wrote like you invested $1,000 It was three grand three grand. Okay. And then yeah, what how much? How high? Yeah, I made it to 180k Wow. Three months. Amazing, amazing. Four months and then it we had another dip and then we had another run. So we actually do bull market runs in a short period of time, which had never happened before. Which also screwed a lot of people because the second run everyone was like we’re going to 100 Pay Bitcoin this is gonna be the explosion, El Salvador’s like now taking as you know, legal tender, there’s like all of these, like big news is happening and then it just crashed and it’s been dead for three years. Okay, so luckily, we were smart enough and our money combined, we’ve taken some out and did some other investments and things like that. But you know, it was just so much energy. And so short amount of time. It was amazing to see that that exists. And so I was just obviously very curious. And my friends were like, curious as well because now they see me, you know,

Unknown Speaker 9:56
living in Bali for many years not having to work

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And, you know, people start asking, like, how are you doing it? And, you know, I’m like, Well, I’m in crypto, and let me teach you how to set up a wallet. And this is a good time to buy, the prices are low, you know, and it just not, not continue to take place. And I actually got to a point where I was like, you know, I don’t even really have to teach people anymore. Like, I don’t need a coach. I don’t, because I was I was trying, I wanted to be like an online, which I wanted to, you know, just have a passion and a hobby, and, you know, help people and it just wasn’t working. Nobody was seeing the vision of crypto nobody was really caring. Yeah, some people were but it was, it was kind of like, you know, people were like, Oh, that’s a scam or you got lucky or whatever, you know, all of the all these things you hear and

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yeah, then. So I saw I slipped, I actually took down all my links, I wasn’t going to teach, I was like, that’s fine. Like, I was just doing it. I don’t I don’t need to I was just doing it. Because I want to help people. And if people aren’t aren’t wanting it, then that’s, that’s okay. You know, so I had a crypto Queens group with about 65 Women in it. And I just the group was free. They paid $99 to come in, I taught them and then the group was just an ongoing free group. And, and I was like, that’s fine. I’m happy with that. I’ll just serve them and together as a team, and the next bull market will do well. And then yeah, I got invited right after it took off. All my links was like, I’m done with this, the universe was like, No, you’re not.

Unknown Speaker 11:34
Oh, I needed you to surrender. And then we’ll give it to you. You know. So literally, I remember Katya, who brought me into the wealthy women’s vaults, which kind of took off crypto queens.

Unknown Speaker 11:45
She’s like, you don’t have any website or anything. I’m like, I just took all of that now.

Unknown Speaker 11:52
Literally yesterday,

Unknown Speaker 11:55
but I am into crypto. And yes, I will I can do a presentation. So yeah, you know, obviously that was amazing. Because that I was able to teach a class and people were able to feel into my energy and who I am and what I’m teaching. They started getting it, you know, the the women were getting it and what was really synchronistic and interesting about the whole situation too was you know,

Unknown Speaker 12:19
we specialize there’s so many different Kryptos out there, you have to realize there’s like so many different ecosystems, so many different Kryptos most people and listening maybe only hear of Aetherium and Bitcoin but there’s so many. And there’s one new blockchain that we specialize in that we feel like is just, you know, next level. And, and we had been waiting two years for it to launch. And it launched on the same day as a wealthy woman’s vault. Oh my gosh, yeah. So it was just like these little those little, you know, it’s like what, like, I don’t wait years for this, I have the launch of the vault, it all happens at the same time. And so all of the women were able to get into these projects, so low, lower than me even.

Unknown Speaker 13:11
And it was just perfect timing, because it’s funny, like some of my students right now are doing better than me, because they got in at lower prices. And I was still stuck from the last bull market, you know, when things crashing bolts for the next couple years until it goes up again. So, you know, now we have like a community of like 400 women a membership of 130 that we kept, we don’t even take any more people into there. And we’ve just been getting so many thank yous and testimonials because people are seeing their money grow for free. I mean, they’re even at a point where they can take out their seed money and all the money extra is just growing as free money and they’re amazed it’s shaking their whole paradigm around making money and abundance and how we can land in our laps. And I think we have a short window, I don’t think crypto is going to be something where we’re going to be able to see these big of gains for forever. But we still have a few maybe years of that. Also regulations are coming in, you know, it’s changing a lot. The government and

Unknown Speaker 14:18
and, you know, they’re trying to centralize crypto get their hands in it kind of make it all more legitimate, which is good. We also want that because, you know, that’s, that’s good. We want people to be like, Oh, this is legitimate instead of just pushing it off as a scam. But um, yeah, things are just changing. But um, yeah, you know, we’re really in this for the mission, which is, you know, let’s buy land together. Let’s create community. Let’s homeschool our kids. Let’s grow food. We haven’t. We have, like at this point. Many of us who are awake to that we see like, that’s the only way we can really move forward unless we want to quit

Unknown Speaker 15:00

Unknown Speaker 15:01
to, you know, just be down with the system and what the system wants and how the government wants us to run our lives. And you know, just,

Unknown Speaker 15:10
I have always been a very divergent individual, I’ve always been on my own path. And so I’m not surprised this is all happen. But what’s been so beautiful is it seems the people we have attracted, have that same mission, they feel that they want a different world for their kids, they want to be in the garden, they don’t want to slave away working nine to five jobs, you know, they want the freedom. And so because this is what has brought it to me, then I feel like okay, I want to teach others how they can do the same. So that’s been my mission, the last year just been super busy helping many, many, many people. Me and my husband have just been Yeah, we’re blasting it. And it’s been fun. Yeah, I mean, I’m part of your community, and part of the group and I just see, like the, you know, posts coming at all hours of the night, you know, because it’s global, right there. You know, Germany, crypto queens, there’s, like, you know, people from all over the world that are in your community. Yeah, no, it’s amazing. And,

Unknown Speaker 16:20
and I just love that it’s these strong like minded women who have a mission of, you know, living free. And they see that this is, I feel like the tool for that, because this is the best performing asset. In the last decade, nothing moves like crypto, nothing moves, like, oh, and it’s technology. This is the next layer of the internet. This is we have, you know, it’s like a little bubble of decentralization, instead of everything being, you know, in store in warehouses, you know, with all the servers like Google has a huge warehouse with all these servers. And that’s where all the information is coming from. And then we’re using our computers, me and you peer to peer. And that’s what’s connecting us. And so amazing about Kryptos, there’s no middleman, I can send you and you can send me money in an instant from around the world in two seconds without any approval from the bank, any amount you want. And nobody’s taking fees in between. Nobody’s telling you all you can’t do that. Or you need to wait seven business days. No, it’s this instant, quick, fast, you and me because we don’t need someone in between us telling No, or Yes, or what we can do and not doing centralization can be good in some senses, you know, for ease and customer service and different things like this, but to have a choice. And to be able to pick is what’s so exciting about crypto is that it does create more sovereignty, because we actually get to own our own coins, our own money, and there’s nobody else that can get in there and take that from us. Yeah. And just like, I mean, you know, I am, I’ve just been, you know, in crypto for about a year now. And I’m still very new even to the concept of crypto like, like, how do you develop a coin? Right? You call these projects? Like, how does one even do that?

Unknown Speaker 18:30
Yeah, so

Unknown Speaker 18:33
I mean, it’s technology. So you need developers and things like this, right? But there’s there’s Bitcoin, which is a store of value, right? So that’s just like, basically storing your money. So it could be just like the US dollar or it’s another asset. And then there’s the Aetherium, blockchain and Aetherium, which is smart contracts, which are apps. So people are creating companies running off of the blockchain.

Unknown Speaker 19:06
And then they’re letting you buy into the company just like a stock. But you get a coin, a decentralized coin

Unknown Speaker 19:17
change. Instead of you know, US dollar stocks or whatever bonds like it’s, instead you’re getting a crypto got crypto, you can change into other Kryptos you can send to people you know, and they and you can convert it into the US dollar or another currency as well.

Unknown Speaker 19:39
So, people are when I say like, projects, coins, it’s basically just a company, but you’re getting change. That’s, that’s sort of what I would I hadn’t grasped, I’m just like, Who’s behind these projects, how do they develop but this is that’s a really helpful explanation. And just for people who are listening

Unknown Speaker 20:00
are new to crypto. You know, centralization is basically when the government begins to put some,

Unknown Speaker 20:07
you know, when they start to get their hands and things and they start to organize it, and the money flowing through their channels versus decentralized where the money is flowing through people like ordinary people channels. Yeah. Yeah. And isolation is like,

Unknown Speaker 20:25
yeah, it’s like,

Unknown Speaker 20:27
one the technologies is this is the thing that’s like centralized, it’s like going through one filter. Instead of now. It’s like, dispersed. And all of the computers and all of our we bring together the picture. Yes. So

Unknown Speaker 20:46
and you were saying that, you know, this is a really prime time to get in at, obviously, low rates, but that it was also unique for the the levels or the, you know, the levels of return the rates of return that you can get on your investments? And you don’t think that that’s going to last? Because of centralization? Yeah, yeah, I’m already

Unknown Speaker 21:13
there was one platform that we use called Metamask. Yeah, any swap, they’ve always been like, the decentralized way of doing crypto. And we found out that JP Morgan is buying into them now, when they’re gonna start introducing KYC, which is know your customer because now if you create a wallet on meta mask, you don’t have to put in your Social Security, your name, nothing, you just get a wallet, and you can buy right to that wallet. So no one can actually officially like, I mean, track whose wallet that is like, because there’s no ID or anything attached to it. Now, if you used a centralized exchange, like uphold by Nance, Coinbase, all of these apps that you would just download on your phone that most people use, you are still not owning your coins, because that centralized exchange is actually holding the coins for you. And if they go down, if anything happens, which this happens so much in crypto, we’ve had, I just had a friend who had her for her funds locked recently, because yeah, the US is no longer I think it was bitchu, or something that exchanged you know, they’re no longer supporting us anymore. So now her money stuck in there and she can’t get it. Same with for Bruce, he had an exchange where there was lots of money, something some shady person was doing something that own the company, they shut down the exchange. And now there have been in lawsuit for three years with millions and millions of people to return money to and like, Who knows if those people will get paid out or ever see that again. So, you know, when you’re using a centralized exchange, it’s still being controlled by someone else. There’s still a middleman between you and your coins. And so the only decentralization that we had really with crypto still was, you know, this meta mask. I mean, there’s other now there’s like Rabiei wallet, and there’s many other wallets now, but the main ones you can see like, oh, JP Morgan now owns some of that. Oh, interesting, interesting. Oh, they’re going to introduce KYC because I want to see, you know, who’s investing and where the money is, and who’s connected out, you know, so these things are starting to pop up, which we didn’t have in the past. So that’s why crypto was still this kind of like gray area and people were making crazy money and you know, having it on the side and now they want to track all of that of course they do.

Unknown Speaker 23:46
And and so we’re more moving more into into their game now.

Unknown Speaker 23:54
And they’re the US is suing you know, so many exchanges, so many coins right now. They’re trying to sec us trying to, you know, get their hands in there and see if there’s ways they can, they’re losing they’ve been losing every case. But

Unknown Speaker 24:11
But still, it’s gonna move that way inevitably. And so we have to just be grateful that we’re in this pocket still where there’s still wiggle room. And at the same time, the ecosystem that we teach and we specialize in, they actually are keeping that technology that has been made. It is actually decentralized and they will never be changed. But it’s on a different blockchain so it gets a bit confusing but but there are people in the world who are like no, we love decentralization, we’re going to keep it this way. And we’re going to make technology that can’t be changed can’t be taken down. And we’re gonna fight this

Unknown Speaker 24:52
and that’s what they’re doing. But um, but yeah, the window. You know, As things get older, as technology gets old

Unknown Speaker 25:00
Learn more people buy in, obviously, the returns become less and less than less. So if you have a big amount of money 100 grand or something

Unknown Speaker 25:11
million dollars, feels good to put it in Bitcoin and Aetherium, because you still are going to see a two or 3x on that money, it’s still going to be an amazing return compared to a 6% a year, you know, but you may have to hold it for, you know, four years, eight years ride some up and down, have some heart attacks, you know, but eventually it will just continue to grow. But then if you’re someone like most of us in the world, you know, we don’t really have a million dollars, or even half a million dollars to just put down into a risky investment, but we have a few 1000. And with that, you know, you can make that growth, just like I experienced.

Unknown Speaker 25:52
And you can make it grow fast. And, you know, my husband’s been living off of only crypto for eight years now. So, you know, there, there are ways that you can really start to make your money work for you, instead of you always having to make, you know, money for exchange of your time. So, yes, just take of, you know, few $1,000 and have that be working for us in the background, and put it into projects that we know are solid, that are low cost that are you know, just new, because everyone likes new, usually the better in their first cycle there for, they usually do the best, that’s when you see the highest return. So it takes a lot of research on our end. Most people, you know, we’ve done probably, you know, the 10,000 hours of research.

Unknown Speaker 26:43
And, and we are just allowing everyone to leverage off of our research and make their own decisions. And we don’t, you know, obviously never financial advice. Like, we don’t teach anything like that. But we just educate people on like, yeah, if you this is this is the information, do what you want with it. And so, you know, in our membership and our Queens group, that’s basically what people are getting is just leveraging off of our experience our expertise, make sure you stay away from scams, and showing you you know, the projects that you know, we think could do the best, and then you can make your decision from there. And so, yeah, this is our life. We love it. And, and we’re happy to bring people this time along with us on that ride, and they seem to be down.

Unknown Speaker 27:26
No, it’s fantastic. And I mean, you said that thing about the heart attacks, and I, you know, it’s so true, like sometimes just reading through,

Unknown Speaker 27:35
you know, the chat and, and seeing like, all the ups and downs and it just feels like a novella sometimes. And it really is something that that you teach that I that I also teach and sort of that comes together is really like regular nervous system regulation and making exchanges or sending money or doing transactions when you feel like you are in a calm state and not from a place of FOMO not from a place of like, oh, like I need to do this right not contracted in any way but really like, you know, as chill as possible in the swirl of all of what is going on. And the one time that I did make a transaction, you know, as you know, my money got stuck somewhere because I didn’t have enough gas fees to process the request. But But yeah, like I was very, very nervous going, you know, entering crypto and entering this like pulse chain network and this sort of new

Unknown Speaker 28:38
new arena just crypto in general but then also this this newer

Unknown Speaker 28:44
blockchain Yeah. Blockchain Thank you. And, like I have like a real sort of like, almost like a trauma response just because of how much fear was coming up in my body around sending money into like, what felt like a big dark void.

Unknown Speaker 29:02
You know, and so I just want to like normalize that for people like normalize the level of fear because it is unknown because we’ve lived inside of the money system for such a long time. Like it’s it’s sort of the the devil you know, and this thing that is unknown can seem so threatening and that’s why sort of people dismiss it as a scam, but it’s like, wow, there’s, there’s so much, there’s so much potential in here.

Unknown Speaker 29:27
And also from the perspective of sovereignty, like just going through the process of feeling the fear, calming myself, learning, you know, getting information from you and some from some other people who guided me through the process, and then making that first transaction that just felt like I felt like a different person afterwards, just having done that because I had to face some an unknown unspoken unnamed fee.

Unknown Speaker 30:00
Fear, you know, so I feel like on on that. And also there is like, the sovereignty piece has many different levels to it.

Unknown Speaker 30:10
Yeah, I mean,

Unknown Speaker 30:13
yeah, you get to see what your fears are going through these processes. Yeah, watch, markets go up and down, putting your money, like you said in weird feeling unknown places. But um, you know, sometimes we have to take risks and life and we have to do different actions to get, you know, different results. And so it’s like, what, you know, what is

Unknown Speaker 30:37
kind of what is more important to you? And I do sometimes sit there and think like, wow, I have so many friends who you know, are I see struggling? And they don’t even they don’t even call me and ask, you know, like, what are you doing or find any, you know, their, their attention isn’t even going on the on the issue on the problem. And for me, when I really had my awakening around money, and I was like, oh, like, it’s infinite.

Unknown Speaker 31:09
And it’s everywhere. And if I focus on it, and creating it in my life, it will be created. And it’s actually not because that person is special, or that person special, it’s actually a formula. And it’s actually just showing up every day with the intention of like, that’s how I want, I thought, I want my money to grow, or I want to focus on money, or I want to bring it into my life. That focus is what creates it. And so what’s interesting with crypto is that it really is, it really is just feels like money just coming out of thin air.

Unknown Speaker 31:45
When it’s when it’s created in front of you because of because if you’ve never experienced, you know, getting money in that way, it’s gonna feel weird, you know, it’s gonna feel not real. No, I mean, on via we’re so trained to work hard for money. Yeah, we’re so trained that that we will look at crypto and we will look at the gift that is crypto, and we will be repulsed. Because it doesn’t match the that story of we need to work hard for like, yeah, like this just comes out of thin air. Like what the fuck is that? And right, people become suspicious immediately, because we’re so trained to work hard for it, for sure.

Unknown Speaker 32:23
Yeah, but it’s here. And the thing is, the more that you understand what it is, and why it’s here, and the different coins and the different projects and who’s behind them and what their mission is. And, you know, once you just kind of like start to get into that world, it also brings you so much more confidence because you know, what this is going towards, and you see the vision of the future, and the future is technology. And the future is having, you know, having the money go directly to us, for example, like you know, there’s a coin called obvious and obvious, makes it so every time some somebody plays an artist song, this, the money actually goes directly to the artist, instead of going to a distributor, and then this and then that. So it’s like these ways that are just created, like basically taking out the middleman. And replacing people with machine

Unknown Speaker 33:23
that people don’t have to do, again, the redundant things again, and again. But also they have you know, some of them have bad intentions, some of them don’t want the best, some of them are in a bad mood that day, they make mistakes, you know, so what crypto in this technology is really doing is kind of creating more automation on the things that can be automatized. And also creating more of a peer to peer connection than, you know having to work through someone. So it’s

Unknown Speaker 33:55
I don’t think we can fight this technology. It’s it’s what’s coming. It’s what’s been building and it’s not going away. And so how can we blend with it and see it as an opportunity and then create with it instead of fearing it and pushing it away and saying it’s bad.

Unknown Speaker 34:13
And yeah, I really, I really see this though as like this beautiful window of opportunity to

Unknown Speaker 34:22
make a little chunk of money and to and to give you time like I can’t say that crypto is going to retire anyone or it’s going to like save, create save the world from its problems or an individual from their problems, you know, but it can at least create some kind of time. Absolutely. Give time so you know, someone can just spend a year like I did, I spent two years just healing and meditating and living in Bali and getting massages every day and just like connecting to myself and grounding in and that was so priceless for my life and priceless for so many people. That’s all they need. Maybe

Unknown Speaker 35:00
is just a year to like get back on their feet and just a breath and not be in the hustle and bustle and to travel and to live life. And if it can give you that, I think it’s worth it. Absolutely, absolutely. So I’m going to shift, we don’t have a lot of time left, but I want to shift a little bit to something like more practical to like the practical pieces as well.

Unknown Speaker 35:22
Thinking about like, cashing out taxes, like, if it’s decentralized, right, of course, you can just cash out nobody’s looking right? And nobody sees how much you’ve made and how much you’re taking out. But

Unknown Speaker 35:37
how was how was that now with taking out like, let’s say, in the next Bull Run bull market, you start to pull money from from what you’ve made, how does that work now?

Unknown Speaker 35:49
So on your country, I mean, still, like you will have to pay taxes? I mean, of course, you know, like, if you pull money out of crypto, how do you pull it out? Well, you usually have to pull it out through a centralized exchange that’s connected to your, therefore it’s connected in the centralized

Unknown Speaker 36:09
you know, or I’m sure there’s people out there that are giving money to their friends and exchanges crypto, and yeah, nobody can really stop that. I don’t push that or promote that.

Unknown Speaker 36:22
Or you can open, you can open bank accounts in other countries. You can live in other countries, there’s different ways you can go about your taxes, if you’re living in Legally, you know, if you’re living in different countries, or you have companies and other countries. Yeah, there’s always a creative way.

Unknown Speaker 36:43
But yeah, I mean, if you’re gonna make $100,000, like what for, you know, what is paying 25 grand, like, just pay your taxes, you know, and keep them always, you know, so we’re definitely

Unknown Speaker 36:57
coming up, we’re going to be coming up in our, our membership, you know, with more options for people. Because, again, you can open bank accounts in other countries and bring money through there, especially if you’re, you know, contributing to their economy and stuff like that.

Unknown Speaker 37:13
But if not, then yeah, you do just have to pay your taxes. But I mean, if you make good money, then you’re not going to complain. When that happens? Yeah. I mean, you know, because I asked, because some people you know, you know, with the with the US, you know, our taxes are going towards specific things that we don’t want it to go towards, like such as, you know, funding wars and things like that. And so, yeah, there are people who are like, if I can possibly get around that, then I would like to know how, you know, we’re paying fewer taxes, right? Maybe not as much. Yeah, bank accounts in other countries and moving to the other countries. That’s gonna

Unknown Speaker 37:56
do it. Unfortunately, the US especially is it’s a crackdown here, you know, it’s,

Unknown Speaker 38:02
you have to you can get you can get in more trouble. You can get as in as much trouble as murdering someone for not paying your taxes. Hello, yeah. I believe. Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 38:17
Yeah, but you know, also, you know, like Wyoming or El Salvador, Costa Rica, I mean, again, you can buy property with crypto. So if you’re buying crypto, you do not have to pay taxes on that. If you go to Wyoming and somebody is okay, with taking Bitcoin, you know, for their property, then there you go. That’s a direct, that’s a direct sale. Yeah. And you I mean, if you’re, if as long as you’re not bringing it in to your bank, or the fiat system, you can send that to people as an exchange, it’s up, it’s up to the person. So I think more and more, you know, more and more regulations are so many gray areas, and that’s why the SEC had been taking some of these, like Coinbase and some of these exchanges,

Unknown Speaker 39:07
you know, to court because

Unknown Speaker 39:09
and, and I lost because these exchanges like the the guy in Coinbase that owns Coinbase, he’s been three years going to the SEC being like, give us regulations give us regulations, give us regulations, and then they take them to court. And he’s like, look at all of these three years of proof that I’ve been trying to get regulations around this, because people are doing it, it’s here, it’s not going anywhere. So how do we make this legal? You know, and that’s why like, we just need more clarity because right now people still don’t have that clarity

Unknown Speaker 39:41
of how do you go about this? So there’s people who are willing to sort of like create structure around crypto but but with limits right like where there’s sort of this happy medium where yes, we can you know, we can have some regulations but we don’t want the government all

Unknown Speaker 40:00
Up in it. Yeah, which they will no matter what, this is their game.

Unknown Speaker 40:05
For now, for now, we’re playing in the matrix in their game until we create our own and then you know, we’re just living on our own land and I just want to give you hex and you want to give me hex and then we exchange I don’t know, I don’t know how it’s gonna look in the future. But, guys, but at the moment, you know, we’re still in their game. So we have to play by their rules. But yeah, but honestly, crypto has definitely shaken up everything for them. Yeah. Because the deal ever rules. The money rules the world really? Yeah. And yeah, I really believe though, that crypto was made for the people to actually shift us out of this paradigm. Yeah. And mazing I’m so grateful for that soul. Who created it?

Unknown Speaker 40:53
Yeah, like who created it?

Unknown Speaker 40:56
So they just have this. Satoshi Satoshi this this Japanese guy. That’s the name that’s put on it. Nobody knows who it is. But I think it’s John McAfee.

Unknown Speaker 41:08
If you know who John McAfee is I think it was John McAfee. That’s my that is you made a McAfee anti software. Yes, I remember that. That’s sort of the first thing I went to that the anti viral software. Yeah, he’s the best hacker in the world. He’s apparently dead. Now. I don’t think he’s dead.

Unknown Speaker 41:29
He’s the best hacker in the world. An amazing man. Many people would probably not agree with that statement that I just made. But um, because he’s a wild one, for sure. Lots of drugs, maybe kill the man or two, you know, but when it comes to, you know, living sovereign and free and against the government, and at the same time, he knew all the secrets, he was hacking in all their computers. He saw everything. He was on the run for so long. And nobody could find him because he was one step ahead of them at every time every turn. Because he can. He’s amazing. And he was using crypto for a while. But if I were to think of anyone that was smart enough to create something like this, I don’t think

Unknown Speaker 42:11
when I watch it on him, I just look at him like, I know. I know.

Unknown Speaker 42:19
So, so yeah, he was apparently you know, he’s in his 70s living somewhere on some island hiding or he’s apparently dead is what they, but that yeah, I really think there are some people that really saw the game for what it is. And they’re working for the people and they want to turn it upside down on a test. And here we are in the Great Awakening baby. like nothing’s gonna slow it down. It’s just gonna keep keep coming at us. So it’s a movie. It’s all a movie every day. I feel like

Unknown Speaker 42:51
mazing amazing. And so yeah, for the people who are for those listening, and for those interested in getting mentorship with you, I want to include the links in the show notes to all of the different offerings. So like, yeah, let us know what you’ve got going on right now. Yeah, so we have our crypto Queens course beginner course it can be for men or women. It started for women, but men can buy it too. I’m I’m open for it all.

Unknown Speaker 43:20
It’s crypto Kingdom dot love, crypto kingdom that love. So we have our online courses. We have a waitlist for our membership at the moment. But the online courses are good. And we also Yeah, do one on ones and you can book one there too, to crypto kingdom that love is the same.

Unknown Speaker 43:41
All right, awesome. We will include that in the show notes. Thank you so much Kumbaya, for sharing your story and for your insights on what crypto is and what it is meant to do. And part of our awakening our money journey, whatever it happens to be, you know, wherever you are in that in that journey, but I I love crypto I’m still new and learning and feel like this is I think this was a really helpful conversation for a lot of football. Yeah, I’ll be Yeah. Thank you for having me. I appreciate and

Unknown Speaker 44:20
thank you for listening to today’s episode. Remember to hit the subscribe button to get notified of new episodes dropping on the new and full moons and each month. And if you haven’t already, leave us a five star review on iTunes to make sure that everyone who needs this transmission receives it. Until the next episode I’m sending you fierce fierce love